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Jaco Costa Rica

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If you want to spend a few days surfing, Jaco is a good place. Jaco, Costa Rica has a lot of Jaco Vacation Condos which are safe and good for families. You can spend a few days enjoying the beach, the restaurants and the sun.

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September 28th, 2008 at 6:39 pm

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Vera Wang’s Knows Her Wedding Fashion

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Vera Wang is the name of an influential fashion designer, as well as the name of the company, which she started in 1990. An editor of Vogue magazine for many, many years Vera Wang knows her fashion, and it shows in her unique bridal gowns. From its humble beginnings as a simple bridal boutique in New York, located in the prestigious Carlyle Hotel on Madison Avenue, the Vera Wang Company has grown significantly. Not only has their product line expanded to cover ready-to-wear fashion clothing, fragrances and even home fashions, but the Vera Wang name has also grown in stature.

Today, Vera Wang is still well known for its bridal fashion. The Vera Wang wedding gowns offered by the company are some of the most unique and exciting that a bride-to-be will find anywhere. They represent the highest end of luxury bridal wear. The Vera Wang catalog also features bridal accessories, including veils and shoes. Vera Wang also offers several great options for bridesmaids, including cocktail and full length dresses in many different colors and styles.

There are some other items that you’ll find in the Vera Wang catalog. There are a number of fragrances for different occasions that are available from the company. For intimate evenings or simple bedroom dressing, consider the Vera Wang line of lingerie. You’ll also find simply exquisite shawls and wraps in the Vera Wang product line.

Most recently, Vera Wang branched out into the market of home fashions and tableware. First launched in 2002, these collections bring the same unique, elegant style that clothing in the Vera Wang line is known for. Her tableware collections include both fine and casual china, flatware, stemware (both glassware and crystal), barware including martini shakers and wine buckets, and giftware.

Her home fashions collection includes many items to add a hint of that signature Vera Wang style to your home. Fine linens, blankets and throw pillows and decorative pillows are some of the options available. Vera Wang has teamed up with Serta to produce a unique line of stylish mattresses, as well. You can also purchase designer accessories, such as coasters and vases to spice up a living or dining area.

I also recommend wholesale beads as a nice extra accessory to give this some style.

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September 18th, 2008 at 5:45 pm

New Homes and Home Builders – Important to U.S. economy

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Home builders are an important part of our economy in the United States; their success is vital to our country’s economic success. Home sales, new home construction, and the many industries that support the creation of new homes, help economically fuel many regions throughout the U.S. and provide jobs for millions of Americans.

Home builders, and the industries involved in new home construction are needed for a robust economy. In the past, these industries were a major reason why our nation’s economy experienced the growth that it did, and because these industries are suffering, they are the reason our economy has weakened. Real Estate has helped Americans gain more wealth than any other form of investment and home builders make buying a new home easier.

Should our government and able citizens help home builders, or should we let the market play out and see what happens –

Possible Ways to Help Home Builders

If you’re qualified, and interested in buying new, do so, but don’t buy a home if you’re not qualified.

More tax breaks for home builders

Creation of programs that help promote healthy home buyers and sellers

  • Credit Counseling

What are some other ways we can help home builders?

We are not talking about Condos in Maui or new homes in Costa Rica, but mainly domestic.

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September 3rd, 2008 at 12:57 am