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How to Build a Bar

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It’s not difficult to make a bar. You will increase the potential for success by ensuring that you pay attention to the proceeding tips and by being precise when performing your measurements. A bar can be a wonderful addition to any home especially if you like to entertain fairly often.

Required Tools

1)Tape measure


3)Skill saw




Required Materials


2)2”x4” pine boards

3)Stain finish

4)Facing board

5)Counter top made from your choice of material

6)1.5” screws

7)Plumbing materials if accessories are intended

8)Wainscoting to taste

9)Nails – cut & finish


1)You will first have to measure your bar area. When taking measurements you should make certain that there is enough space for someone to walk behind the bar with an additional few inches or feet to enable the user to manoeuvre in the bar area quite easily. You should make certain that the overall height of the bar does not extend beyond 45 inches. Also the total width at the base should be able to support your counter top. You will also need to make sure that there is overhang on either side to make room for both the bartender and your guests. A good rule of thumb is 11 inches at the bartender’s area and 1 foot for your guest’s area.

2)Now you will have to construct the box to act as a support for the bar top and additional accessories that will be used in the bar. You should have already allowed 45 inches of height for the length of the bar. If your bar will have a sink or a cooler you should at this point indicate that in your floor plan. At each corner of the box you will need to install 45 degree triangular blocks using a drill. These pieces will as extra support for your box. For a bar that is much longer in length joists and studs should be put in place. Make certain that these are evenly spaced apart during the installation period.

3)You can now begin to “dress the box” or in other words install all the extra features that will make it a bar. You should install the support fixtures that will be put in to house the shelves, cooler and sink. You have the option of using 2X4 stock or a thinner cheaper one can be substituted if you are attempting to reduce cost. Once you have completed this process you can begin assesing the work completed thus far to determine where the holes will be drilled for the faucets, electrical cords and drain lines. You would likely have had general ideas of where these should be put once you began doing the layout. Go ahead and drill the holes once you are okay with your final decision.

4)The final step will be finished once you install your counter. If you are using wood then all you will need to do is cut it to fit and then stain it to a nice finish before installing it. If you will be using a pre-fabricated stone top then you should have it assessed professionally to ensure that the base will be able to hold the additional weight.

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Live in Royal Style – Build Your Own Castle

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Castles have always been historically linked to the monarchy that ruled a specific region. They were from their inception an expression of wealth and power. In modern times they are not instantly associated with monarchs but still do hold a similar sense of veneration. In fact, people from all over still glorify the beauty and stateliness that may be found with a well built castle. If you would like to construct your own castle there are a few things you will be required to do to make this dream a reality.

Required Tools and Materials


Heavy machinery


Stone cutters






1)Before you can proceed you will need to obtain the required paper work. To do this you will need to contact your local government or state building agency to find out what the exact requirements are. These will usually vary by state. In general you will be expected to meet safety standards, get environmental clearances and so forth. Do not begin building your castle until you have obtained the essential documentation and permits. Begining without proper clearance may lead to fines and certain penalties, which could include the destruction of the newly erected structure.

2)You will need to figure out how much you will be spending on the castle. This amount will best be calculated by the professionals including the engineer and contractors. Basically you will receive a breakdown of the amount of material you will need to finish the structure. You should always make allowances for additional material. It is not abnormal for the pre-determined amount to surpass expectation.

3)You should choose a site that has a large acreage of land and good vegetation. The best place for a castle is subsequently the countryside. The more attractive the area the more appealing the castle. This simply means the castle will seem even more inviting and prominent amidst bountiful fields and meadows. However, you should still choose a location that is near enough to present day conveniences.

4)You will need to make a moat. No castle could be complete without this notable feature. Once you have dug the moat combine the cement, gravel and sand to form concrete and place around the edges to hold its completed structure in place. You can add fish and stones to your moat to make it more visually interesting.

5)You can start to build your castle by creating a solid foundation. A large cement mixer can be used to lay down the concrete at the core of the structure. If you would like a courtyard place a bit of dirt in an appropriate area, preferably in the centre of the foundation.

6)Based on the blueprints, the stones can be arranged using mortar or cement to secure them. The stones you choose should be very large and uneven. Once the stone walls are completed you can install the doors, guard towers, windows and so on. Your castle should now be complete.

Tips and Warnings

1)Look at castle designs from many different locations. You can incorporate specific features and create a look that involves many stylistic features. There are older modeled castles that used only holes for doors and windows, however if you would like the extra privacy that windows will provide then indicate this in your plan.

2)You should determine where you will install the water and electrical conveniences before proceeding. When the castle is completed the wiring can be installed. Be certain to check that the wiring is working properly before you begin using the electricity in the castle. It is best that you use a professional to perform the installation of all electrical wires.

3)Get the highest quality materials available to increase the lifespan of your castle. Employ the best people to help you build your dream home as this will save you money in the long term.

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Have a Dream Vacation in Switzerland

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Switzerland is a relatively small country situated in the Central region of Europe, and comprised of the Alps, the Central Plateau and the Jura. Switzerland is bordered by four countries France, Austria, Liechtenstein and Germany. Outside of its large list of world class attractions, Switzerland has a very rich and diverse heritage and traditional customs. The country uses about three different languages including, French, Italian and German. Switzerland is a great place to visit that has a number of great vacation spots. Once you have all obtained all the right information, then getting to Switzerland will be quite easy.

The first thing you need to acquire before travelling to Switzerland will be a valid passport. Based on the country you are coming from you may need a Visa and if the flight requires that you connect at different locations then you may be asked to get a Visa for each State. get in contactwith your local Swizz embassy to receive all the necessary details for travel. Getting this information will explain to you all the documents you will need in order to travel to Switzerland.

Surf the internet and check out all the websites that are able to provide information about travel packages being offered to enter into Switzerland. Once you visit any of these websites you will be able to get lots of information on price of flights, hotel accommodations. Be sure to check out multiple website so you will be able to compare all the different airfare and hotel prices and deals being offered. The only way to increase your chances of tapping into the best deals is to visit different sites so you can get a number of quotes to choose from. Most of the websites write articles that give details about all the spots, and provide pictures of the locations that you may be interested in visiting. This will help to give you a better idea of what you can expect when you visit Switzerland.

If you are looking for some of the best travel packages, you can also make a request through your travel agency. Travel agencies usually have the latest information on the best and cheapest travel packages going to Switzerland. June, September or October are generally the best months to visit Switzerland. These times are considered to be high seasons, when most of the tourists visit Switzerland from across the world so during these times the country is overcrowded with tourist. High seasons are usually more expensive because of the high influx of visitors, so if you are on a tight budget and can only afford a low cost trip then during these times will be more ideal for you. You will also have better options of getting hotel accommodations because you won’t have to battle with so many patrons who are seeking hotel rooms.

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What is Reverse Mortgage?

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A reverse mortgage also referred to as a ‘lifetime mortgage’ is a type of mortgage given to senior citizens that own their house but would like to gain equity from their property as one lump sum or regular monthly payments. The terms and conditions of a reverse mortgage does not ask the homeowner to pay for the loan during their lifetime or until, the home is sold or the owner leaves. On a reverse mortgage, dividends are paid out to the mortgage holder and the debt increase while the equity on the house depletes.

The receiver of the reverse mortgage does not require a income or credit card but the client will have to be counseled by an approved Third party financial counselling institute before clients can apply for a reverse mortgage. The borrower will be charged for each counseling session so persons can ask all the questions hey need to, to be properly informed. It is essential that the borrower is completely aware of what a reverse mortgage is, so they can legally safeguard themselves. Since reverse mortgages is a fairly new program you should be properly informed. Persons who are interested in getting a reverse mortgage holders can browse the web and visit the HUD information website so they can get a list of approved reverse mortgage lenders. All reverse mortgage lenders must be authorized through HUD, if you decide to obtain a reverse mortgage from an entity that is not authorized then your property might end up owing more than your home is actually valued at.

During the time when someone takes the loan they cannot be asked to leave the house because they are still the deed owner and family members may still be able to get the property if a reverse mortgage owner dies as long as they can pay for the reverse mortgage however, this must be done within a year of the owner passing.

The fact that the mortgager still owns the house, means that the borrower is still entitled to repay all the financial properties. This include tax liability, home insurance and general utility fees. If you fail to make payments on home insurance, taxes and basic utilities this can cause your home to depreciate.The borrower must adhere to all the terms and conditions of the reverse mortgage. Reverse mortgages usually come with many hidden fees expenses such as origination fees, closing cost, growing interest percentage and various other mortgage fees. These fees are charged at the discretion of the mortgage lending company.

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Mortgage Rates Comparison

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If you are about to take out a home mortgage plan to purchase a house, your aim should be to get the best mortgage rates available in the marketplace. Paying down on a home loan is a huge obligation, so persons try to check around for all the possible selections to evaluate between the best mortgage rates. A majority of home owners have to pay for their home loan for 15 to 30 years and sometimes even longer before they claim home ownership. This can cause a homeowner paying way more than the initial capital in interest. In this article we will talk about some steps you can take to worthwhile decision between mortgage deals that can possibly save a homeowner thousands of dollars for the duration of the loan.

A prospective home owner should first have a clear understanding of what category of mortgage they are interested in so they can obtain quotations on that category of mortgage when it is time to make a comparison. The average 15 year fixed rate mortgage in most cases has a much lower interest rate, as opposed to a 30 year fixed rate mortgage, however, the monthly installments on the 15 year fixed rate will be larger. When you select a mortgage deal speak to the lender and get a rate that is locked in for a set period of time before you begin searching for a property. This is done to ensure that the deal is yours if you find a property so you know exactly what you are doing.

Connect with all the websites that have information on the various lenders in the industry such as local banks and credit unions. You can go on and fill out the necessary information and the loaners will call you with their best rates. Websites such as keep some of the latest listing of lenders. They provide a searchengine, you can utilize to find exactly what you are looking for so you can contact each company to get more details. While doing this, try to stay away from VA lenders and HUD-approved lenders and get all the quotes in a short time span like a week because inquires can have an impact on your credit score.

Compare quotes between as many lenders as possible, acquire information from your banks, credit union as well as the FHA to see who can offers you the best rate accordingly. In general a lot of home buyers prefer the FHA because it is normally easier for persons to qualify for a loan through this establishment and they also provide some of the best mortgage rates. When you are looking through different mortgage rates, pay attention to additional charges like closing costs and private mortgage insurance that may be included into your mortgage plan or may be require to be paid upfront. These extra fees can lead to you paying more than what you had calculated. Some companies may offer a lower rate but in the long run may also require you to pay more points, that end up costing you more than you taking out a mortgage that has a little higher interest rate. Also observe the total cost of the loan and not just the affordability of the monthly payments, this may have an impact on in your decision for taking out a mortgage.

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How to Drive a Car

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Driving a car is not exceedingly hard, it may feel odd initially but the more you do it the better you will become at undertaking this fairly easy task. Learning to drive can be a great yet intimidating experience all at once. It is liberating to know that soon you will be self sufficient and able to go where you desire, when you would like. Before you start the process you will need to obtain a driver’s permit which will limit you to driving with a competent driver above the age of 21. Once you have all the necessary documents you will be ready to drive. In most cases a car with an automatic transmission will be preferable. For the purpose of this article, the focus will then be on driving an automatic vehicle.


1)Go in your car and assess the condition of the car. Make sure that the windows are clean and that the indicator, headlights and wipers all work.

2)Alter the seat position to fit your height. If you are taller than average height then adjusting the steering wheel may also be necessary.

3)Adjust the positioning of the side mirrors. Be sure that you are able to see objects to the side and particularly those that may be in your blind spot. This will be critical when you are reversing and parallel parking.

4)Change your rear-view mirror’s position. This will help you to see the cars behind you and will be exceedingly necessary when you are merging into other lanes. Your mirrors will give you better visibility and enable you to drive more capably.

5)Fasten your seat belts, remember that a key part of driving is to be safely restrained.

6)Make sure that you are comfortably positioned and ready to drive.

7)Put the key in the ignition and start your car. You may have probably seen this done multiple times and should not be too alarmed by the now purring engine.

8)Place your hands on the steering wheel and get ready for the experience. Turn it a couple times to familiarize yourself with the motion. It should feel ready and manageable. If it is rigid then you may need to add some power steering fluid to get it ready for the journey.

9)Depending on how you are parked you may be able to drive forward or reverse. It is assumed that you are parked facing inwards, which means you will have to reverse.

10)Press on your brake. This will ensure that your car stays motionless while you find the proper gear.

11)Put your car in reverse. This is usually directly below the P or parking position.

12)Once you have put your car in reverse you can then depress the hand brake. Look behind you to make sure the road is clear.

13)Gently take your foot off the break and then give the car a bit of gas by stepping on the accelerator. The car will begin to move backwards.

14)Once the car is in motion turn the car to the intended direction.

15)Once you have entirely reversed it is time to move forward. Press on the brake, put the car in drive, which is normally found below neutral, and continue driving to your chosen location.

16)In this period you should practice your parking: including parallel parking, parking in a regular car space, facing inward and outward.

17)Set up cones that will enable you to exercise your manoeuvring skills. Drive forward and also reverse to test how well you can do both activities.

18)At last once you are done parking your car in a secure and suitable location. Switch off your engine and remove your seat belt. Congratulate yourself on a job well done.

Tips and Warnings

Be certain to check the air in your tires. Also check that your engine, transmission and radiator have the appropriate levels of fluid before driving.

When practising your parking, do so with cones not actual cars to avoid any damages on your first attempt at driving.

Read up on the road codes in your region. Recognize that breaking any of these codes may result in a suspension of your permit.

Practice as often as you can to build up your road confidence and love of driving.

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Spend Your Vacation in Style – in a Cheap Villa

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Having a limited amount of cash does not mean that you should not enjoy your holiday getaway. A lot of people decide to rent a villa as an alternative to high cost vacation resorts. Villas also offer a lot of advantages like well furnished kitchen facilities and more space in general versus a Hotel and it comes at a reduced price. It results in you saving funds that can otherwise be used for other things while on your vacation. If you take the time to do some extra research you may just be able to get a villa for a reasonable price.

In the initial stage you need to do is establish your budget this will lay the grounds for getting a cheap villa. The most convenient means of searching for a cheap villa is through the internet, this source has the most potential clients and at some of the cheapest prices available on the market. Some websites have search engines which you can input your required interest in terms of your desired location, and how much you are able to spend. One such site is which stands for Vacation Rentals by Owner. The prices here are usually worked out nightly, weekly or monthly. Another website entitled also provides information on cheap villas across the countries of Europe, The United States, Canada and Asia. Outside of from being cheap, paying for a cheap villa is more convenient because it can be done around a PC by using a credit card and it saves you the hassle of booking the Villa otherwise. Plus paying for it at a earlier date could save you more again

Take some time to look through your directory and get in contact with a Rental Company. Rentals companies are great for persons who don’t have a lot of money and want to negotiate on prices. Customers then talk about their requirements in regards to what they are looking for. These agencies usually know which set of villas have extra spots that need to be filled so that a customer can get a villa at a cheaper rate than usual.

One of the easiest way of getting a cheap villa is through a close friend. You may have a friend who travels a lot who you can ask to recommend a location where you can get a cheap villa. The advantage of this is the person can also relay their experience to you so you will have a clearer picture of what you can expect in terms of the overall experience and living conditions of the environment.

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CDC Travel Instructions

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The Center for Disease Control is a United States federal agency located in Atlanta, Georgia that is operated as an independent non-profit group. It was formed by the Department of Health and Human Services to protect the public health and safety of citizens who move in and out of the country. This organization was originally founded in 1942 shortly after World War II as the Office of National Defense Malaria Control Activities. It is now used as a channel to inform persons and aid them to make proper decisions concerning their health. The aim of the establishment is to apply health precautions and control techniques to protect individuals from environmental ailments like infectious diseases.

Persons should try and consult the CDC before going to a foreign countries, this will notify you about any possible epidemics that may be having an impact on a country. Some of the more popular ailments include Swine Flu, Malaria, Typhoid, Hepatitis B. Apart from environmental health threats, the organization also seek to educated persons on chronic diseases, injury control, disabilities, terrorism preparedness, workplace hazards. CDC is now also tackles emerging diseases including birth defects, West Nile virus, obesity, avian, swine, and pandemic flu, E. coli, auto wrecks, and bioterrorism, to name a few.

The CDC would then provide information to travelers about the precautions that they need to take for protecting themselves against these ailemts when going across certain borders. The CDC have create spin off centers that persons can visit to get information. The CDC also provides a website you can visit for information, there you can receive general tips for protecting your health while on your journey. You can also get advice on the required vaccinations for travelling to certain countries. Individuals should ensure that they recheck their immunization card to see that they are current.

Persons who travel and are affected by certain ailments should travel with all their prescribed drugs along with them. Persons who have certain health issues such as asthma, a lot of times require their medication to survive in case they get an attack, so it is very important that they travel with it. Before you visit a country take some time to find out what is taking place in the environment. This can be done by searching through newspapers or news on the internet, they might provide information you need to know about what goes on in that region, healthwise. You may also check with the American Embassy for more information.

Sometimes the CDC provides alerts and recommendations for certain countries. For example there have been instances where the CDC have asked persons to suspend their visits to Mexico due to a possible outbreak of the Swine Flu, so persons were asked to refrain from visiting Mexico unless completely necessary|called for. The CDC advices that after individuals return from a visit they should monitor their health for at least seven days following your visit. There is normally an incubation period after being exposed to a disease so persons should check themselves to see if there may have been signs you have overlooked.

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Best Mortgage Interest Rates

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Most persons searching for a new house want to get the best possible mortgage interest. Obtaining a home loan is a big commitment, so persons try to receive the cheapest rate on your overall mortgage payment and ease the pressure of having to find so much money on a monthly basis. There are various entities that provide low rates on mortgage interest. There are various sources you can access to obtain the best possible mortgage interest.

The federal Housing Administration offers some of the lowest interest rates on a home mortgage loan. The first step entails finding out if you are qualified for a FHA home loan. Persons choose this mortgage company because it is generally easier for persons to qualify for a loan through this company. A low interest rate can greatly lessen the monthly deposits for the duration of the mortgage. The loan also provides one of the lowest downpayment requiring persons to pay 3% downpayment.

The internet provides some of the best mortgage interest rates. There are multiple mortgage rate search tools such as and maintains the most up to date lenders and rates based on your search criteria. After getting a record of all the mortgagers you can then call each to get more details. ask that you to fill out information once and lenders will call you with their best rates. Signing up with a Credit Union can provide a good option for getting low interest mortgages. Credit unions more often offer competitive rates when compared to the open market.

New home buyers should try and maintain a good credit score to recive the best mortgage interest rate. Most approvals on loans are offered done based on how high your credit score is, so you should attempt to enhance your credit score. Individuals with a lower credit score, minimize their chances of getting a lower mortgage interest rate.

Always check around for all the possible options available to you, the only way to get the best mortgage interest is to research all your local banks and investment organizations you increase your opportunity of getting the best available rates. Potential home owners can also buy additional points on a loan in order to secure a lower mortgage interest rate. Once you have found a loaner, make an inquiry about getting extra points to reduce the interest rate. These usually attract additional fees, so make sure you are properly informed about all the clauses before to making a final decision. If done correctly, this could ultimately benefit you in the long run.

You can contact your mortgage lender directly so you can talk to them face to face, so you can get a feel for how you’ll be treated. Taking out a mortgage plan for a smaller time frame, like say 15 years, this will more likely guarantee you a lower rate of interest from your lender. The only disadvantage is that, in this instance your monthly payments will be made bigger even though it will be paid off in a shorter of time.

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Latest Car Sale Statistics

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Many person wants to purchase a car, they use car sale statistics in order determine which motor vehicle model is most popular in certain categories such as family cars or pickup trucks sales statistics. Looking through car sales statistics can also help you to choose between two auto manufacturers that might have very similar models. Car sale statistics may offer car buyers with information on the various finance plans that are available for certain vehicles and may motivate buyers to gravitate towards certain brand cars. This article will provide you with information so you can understand how to research a number of car sales statistics.

Going through a website website as a tool is probably the easiest way of obtaining car sales statistics. There are many third party automotive websites like Carsoup and Autotrader that provide the average shopper with car sales statistics. These websites exist in order to research on new cars and properly inform potential buyers on all the different aspects involved in a new car purchase. These websites strive to make it easy for users to navigate through the website. Often times these sites contain all the data a person may be looking for.

Newspapers also provide car sales statistics frequently and often do stories on car sales statistics in the business section of their paper, they then archive those results on their websites so persons can browse through at a later date or whenever it is necessary. So If you are searching to buy a new motor vehicle we advise that you collect all the daily newspapers and take sometime to look through all of them to get the most updated car statistics as these numbers are very dynamic.

Many persons even take the time to go to the actual auto dealerships in their local district so that they can speak with a manager or salesman for the auto dealership. Since they have all or most of the information, they will more likely be able to provide you with the car sales statistics data that you are searching for. Making a direct contact with the auto dealership also gives you the opportunity to receive information on things that otherwise may not be published by the creators of the car statistics.

Most auto makers create their very own car sales statistics through both request and via their websites. Looking through the automotive dealers website is easy to do and can be done very quickly. If you are looking for additional information that can’t be accessed from the company’s website you can also call the auto company and they may be able to have some literature mailed to you for your personal use.

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