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Arts And Crafts – Wholesale Craft Suppiles

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Arts and Crafts include several hobbies and activities which often involve the creation of unique hand-made items. People of all ages enjoy arts and crafts because it is fun and also a lively way to learn new skills and techniques to show creativity. There are instances where it becomes necessary to buy large quantities of craft supplies. It is more likely for crafts supplies to be bought in bulk by schools, camps and some non-profit organizations.

However, supplies may also be bought in generous quantities by a single individual. The great thing about craft supplies is that they have the ability to be stored for very long periods until you are ready to use them. There are many websites devoted to the sale of craft supplies a few of these sites will be listed below with a brief overview of what each site has to offer.

Websites that Specialize in the Sale of Wholesale Craft Supplies


They provide competitive prices because all their stock comes directly from manufacturers and large scale importers of craft supplies.
They ship mostly to customers in the United States, but have extended shipping to other international locations. If an order is placed by noon it will be shipped on the same day.

They have a great supply of 1000 different unfinished cast resign figures, large collections of Rusty tin products and unfinished paper mache figures an objects.
Other craft supplies include adhesives, craft paints and mediums, Hardware, Decorative Rings , Musical Movements, Slate, Stencils, Craft Wire, Decorative Wire, Wood Products, Primitive/Country Craft supplies, and many more other useful items.


This is an online Directory for craft supply wholesalers. It contains multiple links to several different websites that cater to all your craft supply needs.

It exhibits a comprehensive list of all of these locations along with a brief summary of what each has to offer.


As their slogan suggests “Save with Wholesale Beads, Findings & Jewellery Making Supplies Direct From The Factory” this site is dedicated to the sale of some craft supplies specifically those needed to make jewellery. It will fulfil a part of your craft supply needs. However for a greater variety of tools other wholesalers should be visited.


This site is an online directory of many different types of wholesalers there are a few Craft supply wholesalers listed within this category.  However, you will need to search the list thoroughly as there are a vast number of other suppliers that do not sell art supplies listed. Therefore it is possible to overlook the craft wholesale suppliers that are displayed.


This site specializes in the sale of a wide range of arts and crafts supplies including beads, buttons, stickers, craft kits, paint, feathers, googly eyes, foam shapes, and many more suitable items.If you buy over $100 worth of items you will not pay any shipping fees. The minimum amount that must be spent is $20. Read here for more information on Fabric Crafts.


It is important that you shop around to get the best values available.

It is possible to visit a wholesale site that does not offer particularly competitive prices.

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Know Information About Signs Of Cancer

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Cancer is a group of sickness that can affect almost any and everywhere on the human body, either internally and externally so it is almost impossible to pinpoint any specific symptoms. However there are one or more changes that can be identified which can make you suspicious in order to get a check up at your doctor.

A lot of times cancers are difficult to suspect and may only give off signs within the critical stages of its growth when the disease is at an advance stage. One of the main signs of cancer can be an unexplainable growth in a cell anywhere in or on the body called a tumor. The tumor may build up on its own or up against blood vessels, organs and nerves.

When persons go through fever or undue weightloss, it may be a signal that a cancer is at work. Almost all cancer patients will experience fever at sometime; the fever also makes it harder for the system to fight the cancer.

Unexpected feelings of fatigue, are a huge symptoms for cancer. Cancer cells utilize a great deal of the body’s energy supply as it spreads, so these symptoms take place. The cancer also has the ability to reconstruct the way in which the body creates energy from food to cause excessive tiredness. This also can cause extreme and consistent pain in the body, this can also be a signal that the disease is worsening.

Different types of cancers lead to alterations in the tone of the skin which is attributed to diseases such as erythema, jaundice, hyperpigmentation and pruritis. Erythema causes the skin to become reddened, Jaundice changes the skin and eye colors to a yellowish shade and hyperpigmentation creates a darker looking skin. Pruritis on the other hand is responsible for itching of the skin. Excessive hair growth can also be linked to the growth of cancer cells.

Cancer growth can also adjust the color and volume of a person’s urine and stool. This can lead to diarrhea, constipation. Dizziness, vomiting. Cancer cells are capable of releasing substances into the bloodstream that cause blood clots at different parts in the body. If there are also cuts anywhere on the body that don’t get better, that may also be a sign of cancer.

There are various cancers that can be felt through the skin. Finding a growth on the breast, lymph nodes, testicles or any soft tissue on the body may be reason for suspicion that cancer is a possibility. It is wise to observe changes in a mole, wart or freckle that changes in size, color or shape. If you have any of these cancer signs it is best to seek immediate medical attention.

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September 29th, 2010 at 2:35 am

An Introduction to American War Of Independence

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The American Revolutionary War or American War of Independence lasted from 1775 to 1783. It was in the beginning a war between the Kingdom of Great Britain and thirteen of its former British colonies in North America however, it soon became a worldwide war between many European great powers.

The war was incited by the political ideology of the American Revolution. During the revolution colonists disdained the Parliament of Great Britain govern them without representation. They stated that this violated the Rights of Englishmen. By 1775, a number of revolutionaries obtained control of each of the thirteen colonial governments, instituted the Second Continental Congress, and formulated a Continental Army. Petitions were sent to the king asking him to intervene in the affairs of the parliament which resulted in Congress being identified as traitors followed by a widespread rebellion in a number of states. The Americans united and in 1776 declared their independence as a new nation: the United States of America. They claimed sovereignty and rejected any allegiance to the British monarchy.

France came to the aid of the newly formed independent nation by giving the rebels with ammunition and weapons as of 1776. France formally entered the war in early 1778, which meant the Americans were evenly matched with the military might of Britain. Spain and the Dutch Republic who were French allies also entered in battle with Britain over the next two years. They threatened the empire with an invasion of England and tested British military strength by executing campaigns in Europe inclusive of attacks on Minorca and Gibraltar and an extensive global naval war. Spain helped to expel the British armies from West Florida and secured the American colonies’ southern flank.

For the duration of the war, the British were able to use their naval superiority to their advantage by capturing and occupying the American coastal cities. However, control of the countryside which was home to 90% of the population was clearly near impossible because of the comparatively small size of their land based army. With French naval assistance they were able to hold on to the Chesapeake in 1781 which lead to the surrender of a second British army in Yorktown. By 1783 the Treaty of Paris officially concluded the war and declared the sovereignty of the United States over the areas within what is now Canada to the north, Florida to the south, and the Mississippi River to the west.

The total loss of life resulting from the American Revolutionary War is not known. The living conditions in that period guaranteed that disease claimed the lives of more people than actual battle. During1775 and 1782, a smallpox epidemic devastated much of North America, killing more than 130,000 people. Historian Joseph Ellis suggested that Washington’s decision to have his troops vaccinated against the smallpox epidemic was perhaps one of the most significant decisions during that period. Read here for more information on Battle of Waterloo.

An estimated 25,000 American Revolutionaries died during active military service. About 8,000 of these deaths were associated with direct battle; the other 17,000 deaths were from disease, including about 8,000 – 12,000 who died while prisoners of war, a majority in rotting prison ships in New York. The number of Revolutionaries who were left horribly wounded or disabled by the war has been estimated to be anywhere between 8,500 to 25,000. The total American military casualty figure was subsequently as much as 50,000.

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An Introduction About Sniper Scope

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Telescopic sight is often called a scope. Usually this technology is applicable in sniper rifles resulting in the name sniper scope. It is an optical device used to give elevated levels of accuracy using a point of aim for firearms, airguns and crossbows. Other sighting systems include iron sights, reflex sights, and laser sights.

Up until the 1990s, military use of telescopic sights was limited to snipers because the optical components were expensive and extremely fragile. They had been used as early as the American Civil War on rifles, and even at earlier periods throughout history. The glass lenses are susceptible to breakage, and environmental conditions including condensation, precipitation, dirt, and mud which can affect the external lenses. The scope tube also causes the rifle to feel more bulky. Snipers chiefly used moderate to high magnification scopes with specific reticles that allow them to estimate the distance from the shooting point to the target.

Telescopic sights are sometimes not advantageous to the user because of its tactical limitations. Snipers require stealth and concealment to get near enough to their target. A telescopic sight can prevent this because sunlight may inevitably reflect from the lens and a sniper raising his head to utilize a telescopic sight might actually expose his position. The famous Finnish sniper Simo Häyhä relied heavily on iron sights rather than telescopic sights to eliminate some of these concerns. Harsh climate can also be a great problem for telescopic sights as they are less weather resistant than iron sights. Many Finnish snipers in WWII prefered to use iron sights mainly because telescopic sights did not handle the very cold Finnish winters well enough.

The market for military telescopic sights made for military long-range shooting is extremely competitive. Many high end optics manufacturers are perpetually adapting and enhancing their telescopic sights to meet the demands of military organizations. Two leading European companies in this field are Schmidt & Bender and Zeiss/Hensoldt. American companies that have made their mark in this area are Nightforce, U.S. Optics Inc. and Premier Reticles. These more costly sighting parts usually cost € 1500 / $ 2000 and above. Chief options for military telescopic sights are reticule illumination that may be utilized in less than adequate lighting conditions and those that are inclusive of scope settings or ballistic relevant environmental measurements data that largely benefit the operator.

Nowadays numerous militaries issue telescopic sights to their infantry, typically compact, low-magnification sights appropriate for snap-shooting, like reflex sights. The US military issues ACOG, Aimpoint CompM2 and EOTech 553 combat optics. American soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan generally purchase their own combat optics. The British army uses the SA80 rifle with the SUSAT 4× optical sight as standard issue. The Canadian Forces standard C7 rifle has a 3.4 Elcan C79 optical sight. Both Austria and Australia use different forms of the Austrian Steyr AUG which has built an integral 1.5x optical sight since its issue in the late 1970s.

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Take Low Calorie Snacks to Healthy Living

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Low Calorie Snacks

Eating healthy has quickly become a widespread trend. Many people would like to eat more nutritious foods but generally do not have the time to prepare a well cooked meal. Additionally there are times in between meals where you may feel like getting something to munch on. Whatever your reason opting for a snack that is nutrient filled is a more ideal way to satisfy your cravings. There are a few suggestions for Low Calorie Snacks that can help you to accomplish your final goal of being healthier.

Banana and a Yoghurt Smoothie

Eating a fruit is a great way to eat nutritiously. Combining a fruit with a dairy product can produce a savoury treat. You can find a bottled yoghurt smoothie that has approximately 100 calories in any supermarket or convenience store. Do not buy smoothies that have fructose or high fructose corn syrup as one of the major ingredients. Because it is a refined sugar it will cause your blood sugar to go up rapidly and then return to lower levels making you hungry soon after eating it. You can eat one banana and drink one smoothie which should have a total of 170 calories.

Wheat Thins and String Cheese

You can take a serving of crackers and a bit of string cheese and make a delicious and healthy snack to stop your hunger. Wheat thins contain fibre and whole-grain carbs while the string cheese has enough protein to satisfy your growing appetite. You can have one single-serve bag of Wheat Thins and one string cheese which has a total of 250 calories.

Bag of Chocolate-Covered Pretzels

Chocolate-covered pretzels are ideal for days when you are under a lot of stress and need some comfort food. These chocolate-covered pretzels are in no way nutritious, so they are not ideal for everyday snacking. However, they will fill you up temporarily because of their fairly adequate fat content. You can eat 1 single serving of chocolate-covered pretzels which should give you 130 calories.

Half a Wheat Bagel with Cream Cheese

For a snack that has the power to make you feel full, you can try a wheat bagel. It has a high amount of fibre and it should satisfy your hunger for a few hours. Don’t eat more than one half of a bagel. You can add some reduced-fat cream cheese to make it more filling. You can eat one half of a bagel and add 1 tbsp of cream cheese which should be about 200 calories. Read here for more information on 100 Calorie Snacks.

A Fresh Apple and Skim Milk

An apple and a carton of skim milk is a fantastic on the go snack. Apple and skim milk both have necessary nutrients. Skim milk has calcium and vitamin D while apples are packed with fibre and beneficial antioxidants. You can drink one eight ounce carton of skim milk and one medium sized apple which should have approximately 170 calories.

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An Introduction to Laser Sights

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There are numerous scientific, military, medical and commercial laser applications which have been created since the invention of the laser in 1958. It has a variety of properties that make it greatly applicable in many industries these include its coherency, high monochromaticity, and ability to reach extremely high powers.

Military uses of lasers include target designation and ranging, defensive countermeasures, communications and directed energy weapons. Directed energy weapons like Boeing’s Airborne Laser which can be constructed inside a 747 jet can quite convincingly burn the skin off enemy missiles.

Northrop Grumman declare  that its engineers in Redondo Beach had successfully built and tested an electric laser able to produce a 100-kilowatt ray of light, powerful enough to annihilate cruise missiles, artillery, rockets and mortar rounds. An electric laser is in theory able to be mounted in an aircraft, ship, or vehicle because it has a much smaller space requirement for its supporting equipment than a chemical laser according to Brian Strickland, manager for the United States Army’s Joint High Power Solid State Laser program.

Numerous firearms applications use the power of the laser as a tool to improve the targeting of other weapon systems. For example, a laser sight is a tiny typically visible-light laser erected on a handgun or a rifle and aligned to send out a beam that runs parallel to the barrel. Essentially the laser sight is visible lasers light that permits the shooter to see where the bullet is directed. It is generally found above the body of the small arm at a specific angle facing down, so that the laser will point directly at the spot where the bullet will enter. However, the laser is not entirely accurate and may be off by a slight amount, yet this is normally inconsequential to the overall ability to ensure a near perfect hit.

The laser beam has low divergence meaning the laser light will appear as a small spot even at extended distances. The user will place the spot on the exact target and the barrel of the gun is aligned to shoot that target. However, the laser cannot account for bullet drop, windage and target movement while the bullet travels.

Most laser sights come equipped with a red laser diode. Others sometimes use an infrared diode to generate a dot that is invisible to the naked human eye but discernible with night vision devices. The firearms adaptive target acquisition module LLM01 laser light module incorporates visible and infrared laser diodes. Later in the 1990s, green diode pumped solid state laser (DPSS) laser sights (532 nm) were put on the market. More Current laser sights are minuscule and light enough for attachment to the firearms. Read here for more information on Night Sights.

In 2007, LaserMax, a company that specializes in manufacturing lasers for military and police firearms, implemented the first mass-production green laser available for use in smaller weapons. This laser is mounted on the underside of a handgun or long arm on the accessory rail. The green laser is generally agreed to be more visible than the red laser under bright lighting conditions because at the same wattage green light appears brighter than red light.

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Information on Beaches Turks And Caicos

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Turks & Caicos is an island situated in the Lesser Antilles region of the Caribbean. Beaches Turks & Caicos, Resort Villages & Spa is yet another part of the Beaches Group of Resorts that is largely known for their amazing powder white beaches and clear water. If there was ever a heaven on earth then the beaches on this resort would be the ideal duplicate. As with all the other subsidiaries of Beaches Hotels, Beaches Turks & Caicos is no different in terms of their concept and aim to keep its patrons well entertained.

Beaches Turks and Caicos offer all their guest a wide selection of activities that you and your loved ones can enjoy, by the end of your visit you will be hesitant to leave. When you enter into Beaches Turks & Caicos and check in, you will then be taken to your suite. Each room is magnificently designed with brilliantly placed draperies and materials, luxurious beds and gleaming mahogany furnishings fit for a King. Vacationers can choose a room with an ocean view or the old-fashioned villa and depending on your Hotel package; you also have the option of keeping a personal butler at your disposal.

On a average day at Beaches Turks & Caicos, persons can go to the gym to exercise and get ready for a day filled with fun, excitement and lots of laughter. Outside of your regular swimming activities Beaches, Turks & Caicos make available provisions, so you can take advantage of many other water sports such as scuba diving, canoeing, snorkeling, waterskiing, windsurfing, sailing and more. The Resort provides you with all the needed tools needed for all these activites and you are also provided with an instructor to guide you along the way. This allows you to see underwater life.

Beaches Turks & Caicos includes one of the region’s largest water park that extends to over 45,000 square foot called Pirate Island. It has twisting and turning water slides, a surf stream simulator that allows you to ride the waves like a pro, and a 650-foot meandering lazy river. Apart from water sports there are also land activities to enjoy like beach volleyball, tennis, table tennis, lawn chess, croquet, board games and others.

The choices of food at Beaches, Turks and Caicos Resorts will have you wanting more everytime and have you blown away. The resort has several restaurants that you can choose from that arrange various types of cuisines that re prepared with the highest level of care and professionalism. Individuals can enjoy regular snacks like hot dogs, pizzas and burgers up to the best made Italian dishes.

Some of the Restaurants are Reflection, Café De Paris, Schooners, Sushia Bar, Bella Napoli Pizzeria, Arizonas, Giuseppe’s, Kiminos, Sapodilla’s, Le Petit Chateau, Bobby D’s, Mario’s Italian restaurant. Search the internet, or your local travel agency to book your trip today for Beaches Turks & Caicos. Many deals consists of airfare, hotel accommodations and sometimes other benefits. The summer season in most cases the most costly time to visit Beaches Turks & Caicos because this is the time when more people book there trip.

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Center for Disease Control (CDC) Travel

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The Center for Disease Control is a United States federal agency based in Atlanta, Georgia that functions as an independent non-profit group. It was introduced by the Department of Health and Human Services to safeguard the public health and safety of citizens travelling in and out of the country. This organization was originally founded in 1942 subsequent to World War II as the Office of National Defense Malaria Control Activities.  It is now used as a means of educating persons and aid them to make the right choices in regards to their health. The aim of the organization is to employ disease prevention and control techniques to protect persons from environmental ailments like infectious diseases.

Persons should try and consult the CDC before going to a foreign countries, this will inform you about any possible epidemics that may be affecting a country. Some of the more well known ailments include Swine Flu, Malaria, Typhoid, Hepatitis B. Apart from environmental health threats, the entity also places their efforts on informing persons about on chronic diseases, injury control, disabilities, terrorism preparedness, workplace hazards. CDC travel is now also tackles emerging diseases like birth defects, West Nile virus, obesity, avian, swine, and pandemic flu, E. coli, auto wrecks, and bioterrorism, to name a few.

The CDC would then relay details to travelers in regards to the measures they need to take for protecting themselves against these sicknesses when going across certain borders. The CDC have create spin off centers that individuals can go to to get information. The CDC travel also offers a website you can visit for information, there you can receive general advice for protecting your health while on your journey. You can also get advice on the necessary vaccinations for visiting certain countries. Persons should ensure that they recheck their immunization information to see that they are up to date.

Persons who travel and have trouble with certain ailments should carry all their medications along with them. Persons who have certain health issues such as asthma, a lot of times need their medication to function in case they get an attack, so it is very important that they travel with it. Before travelling to a destination take some time to research the area. This can be done by searching through newspapers or news on the web, they may provide information you need to know about what goes on in that region, healthwise.  You may also check with the American Embassy for more information.

Sometimes the CDC provides alerts and recommendations for certain countries. For example there have been instances where the CDC have asked persons to suspend their visits to Mexico due to a possible outbreak of the Swine Flu, so persons were asked to refrain from visiting Mexico unless completely necessary|called for. The CDC advices that after persons return from a trip they should monitor their health for at least seven days following your visit. There is normally an incubation period after being exposed to a disease so persons should check themselves to see if there may have been ailments you have overlooked.

Here are some helpful air travel tips, the next time you fly.

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Learn to Practice How to Drive a Car

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Driving a car is not exceedingly difficult, it may feel odd initially but the more you do it the better you will become at undertaking this relatively simple activity. Learning to drive can be a magnificent, amazing yet intimidating experience all at once. It is refreshing to know that soon you will be self sufficient and able to go where you desire, when you would like.Before you start the process you will need to get a driver’s permit which will restrict you to driving with a competent driver over the age of 21. Once you have all the necessary paperwork you will be ready to drive. In most cases a car with an automatic transmission will be preferable. For the purpose of this article, the focus will therefore be on driving an automatic vehicle.

Instruction on how to drive a car

1)Go in your car and assess the condition of the car. Make certain that the windows are clean and that the indicator, headlights and wipers are all functioning.
2)Alter the seat position to suit your height. If you are taller than average height then adjusting the steering wheel may also be necessary.
3)Change the positioning of the side mirrors. Be certain that you can see objects to the side and especially those that may be in your blind spot. This will be critical when you are reversing and parallel parking.
4)Alter your rear-view mirror’s position. This will help you to see the cars behind you and will be extremely necessary when you are merging into other lanes. Your mirrors will give you greater visibility and allow you to drive more capably.
5)Fasten your seat belts, remember that a key part of driving is to be safe and secure.
6)Make certain that you are comfortably positioned and ready to drive.
7)Put the key in the ignition and start your car. You may have probably seen this done several times and should not be too alarmed by the now purring engine.
8)Place your hands on the steering wheel and get ready for the experience. Turn it a couple times to familiarize yourself with the motion. It should feel ready and compliant. If it is inflexible then you may need to add some power steering fluid to get it ready for the journey.
9)Depending on how you are parked you may be able to drive forward or reverse. It is assumed that you are parked facing inwards, which means you will have to reverse.
10)Press on your brake. This will guarantee that your car remains motionless while you find the correct gear.
11)Put your car in reverse. This is normally directly below the P or parking position.
12)Once you have put your car in reverse you can then depress the hand brake. Look behind you to make sure the road is clear.
13)Gently lift your foot off the break and then give the car a bit of gas by stepping on the gas pedal. The car will begin to move backwards.
14)Once the car is in motion turn the car to the desired direction.
15)Once you have completely reversed it is time to move forward. Press on the brake, put the car in drive, which is generally found below neutral, and continue driving to your predetermined location.
16)In this time you should practice your parking: including parallel parking, parking in a regular car space, facing inward and outward.
17)Set up cones that will enable you to exercise your manoeuvring capabilities. Drive forward and also reverse to test how well you can do the aforementioned activities.
18)At last once you are done parking your car in a secure and suitable location. Switch off your engine and remove your seat belt. Congratulate yourself on a job well done.

Tips and Warnings

Be certain to check the air in your tires. Also check that your engine, transmission and radiator have the right levels of fluid before driving.

When practising your parking, do so with cones not actual cars to avoid any unnecessary accidents on your first attempt at driving.

Read up on the road codes in your region. Recognize that breaking any of these codes may result in a suspension of your permit.

Practice as often as you can to build up your road confidence and love of driving.

Read here for more information on how to paint a car.

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Know More About Mortgage Rates Comparison

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If you are planning to obtain a home mortgage plan to purchase a house, your objective will be to acquire the best mortgage interest rates obtainable in the marketplace. Paying down on a home loan is a long term investment, so persons try to check around for all the possible selections to compare between the best mortgage rates. Most persons have to pay for their home mortgage for 15 to 30 years and at times even longer before they claim home ownership. This may ultimately result in a mortgager paying way more than originally borrowed in interest. In this article we will talk about some steps you can take to make solid comparisons between mortgage deals that can potentially save a homeowner a lot of money over the lifetime of a home mortgage.

A prospective home owner should first know exactly what type of mortgage they are interested in so they can obtain quotations on that type of mortgage when they are ready to compare between loans. The average 15 year fixed rate mortgage normally has a smaller interest rate, when compared to a 30 year fixed rate mortgage, however, the monthly installments on the 15 year fixed rate will be larger. When you choose a mortgage package talk to the loaner and get a rate that is locked in for a set period of time before you start to look for a property. This is done to ensure that the deal is yours if you find a property so you know exactly what you are doing.

Go through all the websites that contain information about the various lenders on the market such as local banks and credit unions. You can visit and fill out the necessary information and the loaners will call you with their best rates. Websites such as keep some of the most current listing of lenders. They provide a searchengine, you can utilize to find exactly what you are looking for so you can call each company to get more details. While doing this, try to stay away from VA lenders and HUD-approved lenders and get all the quotes within a small time period like a week because inquires can have an effect on your credit score.

Compare quotes between as many lenders as possible, acquire information from your banks, credit union as well as the federal Housing Administration to see who can offers you the best rate accordingly. In general a lot of home buyers prefer the FHA because it is usually easier for persons to meet the requirements for a loan through this establishment and they also offer some of the mortgage rates comparison. When you are searching through different mortgage rates, pay attention to additional fees like closing costs and private mortgage insurance that may be added to your mortgage plan or may be require to be paid upfront.

These additional charges can lead to you paying more than what you had estimated. Some companies may provide a lower rate but in the long run may ask that you pay more points, that end up costing you more than you taking out a loan with a little higher interest rate. Also pay attention to the total cost of the loan and not just the affordability of the monthly payments, this may have an impact on in your decision for taking out a home loan.

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