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How to Make a Flyer

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Most people underestimate the importance of flyers in business ventures. There is more to flyers than being just pieces of paper flying around carrying announcements of new business ventures. Business owners usually have no idea that most profits that they make, they owe atleast a portion of the profits to flyers. Flyers are capable of generating profits ranging from 10% to 25%. Now, that the importance of flyers have been laid down, there are some tips that can be applied to putting a flyer together:

Dimensions of making a flyer- To make a flyer is helpful for the company but there are certain pointers that need to be kept in mind while working on them. Also remember to plan a strategy for the distribution of the flyers. If it is a door-to-door flyer, make sure you design them as such. These flyers can be designed in such a way that it can be hung directly on the floor. If the fliers need to be distributed through snail mail, there are many companies who are capble of doing that. In the case of small mail companies, which may end up in flyers, the size of post cards. So remember to put the point across as direct as possible.

Color and composition- Flyers are made for the sole purpose of attracting attention. Apart from the content, the coor combination of the flyer also helps to make a lasting impression. If the colors are in the shade of neon, make sure the text contasts so that the content is not overlapped by the intensity of the colors.

Coupons- Most people like a discount or free vouchers, when they purchase a commodity. And sadly, this constitutes majority of the shoppers. To lure people, it is always advisable to include a perforated coupons with the flyer. This can hold a customer’s interest for a longer period of time.

Multiple Options- In today’s globalized market there are a number of options for people. In a way, it is advantageous for the sellers, if people buy different commodities from the same manufacturer. This helps the sellers to make more profits. This also helps sellers to determine which products the buyer/consumer seems to prefer. To make a flyer make sure to include all the details of products and services that are being offered.

Testimonials and references- If the seller has had success in his venture in some other region, it is advisable to put in some glowing reviews from previous customers. The positive statements helps to strike a chord with the present day customers. But make sure to include the person’s first name and last name to assure authenticity.

Simplicity and brevity- One of the chief points to make a flyer is simplicity of the language used and the precision with which the message is conveyed. Buyers usually do not have time or the inclination to go through paragraphs of content to get to the point.

Creativity is the backbone of making flyers. A well-thought out flyer can even turn a failing business into a booming one.

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December 27th, 2010 at 4:29 am

Measure in Centimeters And Convert to Inches

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The physical world is full of units and measurements. Accurate measurements are required in every field to build proper infrastructure. The root of every creation is units. Everyday actions such as pouring water or milk in a cup to erecting buildings requires some or the other units. Other than that, there are units that are used to determine parameters such as length, breadth, height and so on.

There have been times when there have been different units around the globe. Due to these differences, the scientific results of various problems are hard to share and discuss. Each country or city usually has different different values for different measurements. For clarification of relevant scientific doubts it is advised to have constant values for particular paramenters. One of these, said parameter, is centimeters to inches.

The centimeter, is, however a standard accepted measurement or unit. It is a major part of International System of Units (ISU). This system has existed since the “Convention Du Metre” or the Treaty of the Meter in Paris on 20th of May 1875. Since then, 48 nations have voluntary signed and have been members of this treaty. One of those member nations is the U.S.

Before getting into conversion of units, one needs to understand and know what centimeters are all about. It is basically a unit of measurement which has been a part of metric system. A centimeter is around 0.39 inches in the U.S. When converted from metres to centimeters, 1 cm is about 1/100th of a meter. It is difficult to convert one unit to another since, there are a few things that are constant and rest of them are variables. But converting centimeters to inches is one of the simplest forms of conversions in the metric system.

There are some interesting ways of converting centimeters to inches by different methods but before that one needs to understand the concept of conversion too. So, how exactly does one calculate units? This question can be answered with the help of an illustration. Suppose there are two units named A and B. So, when one converts unit A into unit B, one requires to know what one unit of B is, in respect to unit A. Or if the unit B’s value is Z in terms of unit A, then the amount in unit A is divided by Z to know the corresponding value in unit B. For instance if unit B = 1/100th of unit A.

There are two different methods used to calculate- one is manually and the other is via calculator. Both of them are illustrated below:


1)Note down the centimeter measurement which needs to be converted
2)Next multiply centimeters to 0.3937 since 1 cm= 0.3937 inches.


15 x 0.3937 = 5.9055 inches. To know the decimal point, count the number of digits that follow after the decimal in the variables.


Switch on the calculator and multiply the two digits. The end result is the number in inches.

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December 27th, 2010 at 4:20 am

Bollywood Movies

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Bollywood Movies

If you’ve never watched Bollywood movies, you should give one or two of them a try.

“Bollywood” is the term used to describe the Hindi film industry based out of the Indian economic and financial hub city, Mumbai, though you might know it better as Bombay. The term is used wrongly by westerners to refer to the entire Indian movie industry, though India is a country with so many different sub-cultures and languages, that it truly only refers Hindi-speaking productions.

Bollywood Film Characteristics

These films tend to be musicals filled with catchy musical numbers, as well as song-and-dance routines. For American lovers of musical cinema, it’s worth it to see if your love of the genre translates to another language and transcends cultural boundaries.

Other conventions in Bollywood cinema includes comedy aspects, love triangles and romance, lots of melodrama, and thrilling sequences. Hindis call them “masala”, or mixture of spices, because these productions tend to mix action, romance, and comedy in one storyline. Indians expect to get their money’s worth when they go to the public theater, and that’s what Bollywood stories give them.

North American movie buffs who don’t mind mixed genres or 3-hour extravaganzas should take a look at a few Bollywood DVDs or blu rays. One other note: you’ll find these Bollywood producers tend to borrow heavily from popular American movies and successful foreign films. For instance, imagine the Hindi knock-off of Reservoir Dogs, but with musical numbers and dancing.

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December 23rd, 2010 at 8:07 am

How to Calculate GPA

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Grade Point Average or a GPA is every student’s nightmare. Over the age, there have been countless arguments and controversies, surrounding GPAs. Basic issues such as the need of GPA to complex debates such as, if GPA can be used to determine a student’s understanding of the subject. Before knowing how to calculate GPA, it is imperative to know what comprises Grade Point Average. It is a standard used to determine the standard of a student’s performance, academic wise.

The significance of a GPA varies from one form of educational institute to another. For instance, if a student scores a high GPA in high school, that can be used to determine, if a student can get into a particular college. Same goes for college GPA. Depending on a person’s college GPA, a company may decide to take on a particular candidate or not.

Although the purpose of GPA is the same, there are many formulae used in knowing how to calculate GPA. These different formulae may apply to both schools and college. Also, the value of a GPA varies from institution to institution. For instance a 3.3 GPA may be a B grade or a B- depending from school to school. To calculate the GPA as per the school/college one is planning to apply, they can calculate it accordingly.

This can be illustrated with the help of an example. The example is listed as below:

Suppose a school’s GPA’s values are: A= 4.0, A- = 3.67, B= 3.33, B- = 2.67, C= 2.33, C- = 1.67, D= 1.0, D- = .67, F=0.0.

If a person does three classes a term, and earns an A, B and a C-, to calculate the GPA, one would have to add them together and divide the total by the number of classes. So in this case, it would be
4.0+3.33+1.67/3 = 8.97/3 which gives us 2.99, which means the student gets a B grade.

Calculating a GPA of one semester is not enough, to get the grand total, it is important to know the GPA of every semester. The total GPA is also called the culminative Grade Point Average. Here, the GPA of every semester is taken into consideration and divided by the total number of classes. If one is unable to calculate the figures manually, there are special GPA calculators available online too. This is where one can enter the values and calculate the accurate GPA or CGPA.

There are two types of GPAs: weighted GPA and unweighted GPA. Unweighted GPA is the regular method of calculating the total score by adding the value of the grades and dividing it by the number of subjects or classes taken. Whereas the weighted GPA, is a tactic to increase a student’s grade. But this GPA generally depends on the level of the course that is undertaken by the student.

GPA, be it weighted or unweighted is an important part of a student’s life. Students and parents, at times, even teachers may crib about the insignificance of GPA in the corporate world, but it is also a standard measurement to know, how much a student has grasped the course. Knowing how to calculate GPA is only a ripple in the pond.

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December 22nd, 2010 at 3:54 am

Advantages And Disadvantages Of 4WD Cars

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Buying a car these days, is not as simple as the earlier days. There are so many options and the customer is, literally, the king. Cars that are manufactured these days, are more than just to carry people from one spot to another. Every customer is different and cars are designed as per a person’s character than need. To match the supply with the demand, there are different genres of cars hitting the automobile markets each year. One of these “new” types are 4WD cars. These cars are not only getting more popular with Sports Utility Vehicles (SUVs) but cars too. All SUVs and some pick up trucks either offer 4WD or All wheel Drive (AWD). At times, many cars offer both types of wheel drives which may leave the customers confused.

Before driving 4WD cars, it is important to know that it is unlike any other type of car. One needs to have the basic knowledge on how to handle this particular type of car. Understanding the operation behind the vehicle will lead to a deeper understanding of how to drive it. The general mechanisation of a 4WD is primarily to improve the friction and enable one to control the vehicle better, especially on uneven or slippery terrain. True to its name, this vehicle controls all 4 wheels seperately which uses the friction from the wheels to enhance the performance.

There are multiple advantages of driving 4WD cars. Not only off-track roads but they can driven on city roads too. Like every other car, over a period of time and usage, these cars may require maintenace and replacement of certain car parts. There are some disadvantage that an owner may face. For instance, the car dealer may not always have the corresponding car part for an old car. This may temporarily  leave a owner stranded as the shipping of the corresponding part may take some time. But, if the owner is fortunate enough, some local markets may carry the accessories he needs.

When an owner is buying a car part or parts from a car wrecker, it is important to make sure the product is in excellent quality. There is hardly a point in buying defective pieces and replacing the pieces over and over again. But when one buys replacements, one needs to know the quality of the car part before investing in it. But how does one make sure of that? Knowing about the car will help the owner buy the best quality car parts.

There are different types of 4WDs that are available in the market today; a part-time 4WD and a full time 4WD. A part time 4WD gives the option to switch between a 2WD, a 4WD or an AWD. When driving on off roads, one can activate a 4WD, but while driving on crowded city streets, a 2WD is the best. A full time 4WD is the opposite. The system is a 4WD under all conditions and it cannot be changed. The important thing to be kept in mind is one must weigh their needs and options before buying a car; be it any kind.

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The Sprit Of Patriotic Music

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Music is said to be a path or a connection to numerous abstract concepts such as love, hate, God and so on. One of those concepts include patriotism. Patriotic music is one such concept. It has the potential to play a vital role in every citizen’s life. It is immaterial, which country a citizen may belong to. The music composed in this genre is is targeted specifically to arouse the nationalistic feelings of the native residents of a particular country. The music has a particular way of inducing certain feelings into soul which may enable a person to feel the spirit of triumph, or joy or hope or empowerment.

Patriotic music in America is no different. It has been a part of the history and cultural since the country originated in the 18th century. The music was put together as a way of endorsing sentiments of national pride and unity for the natives of America. The songs have been played in various forms such as military themes, hymns, national songs and so on. Most of the songs are inspired by the four major wars fought in the American history. They were the War of 1812, the American Civil War, the American Revolution and the Spanish American War. They are also played on major holidays such as Memorial Day, Independence Day and the Veteran Day.

During the American Civil War, both the North and South came up with numerous composition to rouse the feelings of patriotism and battle. A couple of wars fought on the American soil inspired memorable songs. For instance, the American Revolution, has provided inspiration for three songs- “God Save the King”, “Yankee Doodle” and “British Grenadiers”. The present day national anthem of America, “Star Spangled Banner” was composed during the War of 1812 by Francis Scott Key.

Like every other song or music, patriotic music has its own colorful and fascinating history. Most of these songs of patriotism have some history behind their composition. Listed below are some patriotic songs and their history:

Star Spangled Banner- This song was composed by Francis Scott Key post the War of 1812. There are four stanzas in this song, usually the first stanza is performed. The melody of the song is inspired from an English song “To Anacreon in Heaven”.

Rally Round the Flag- This song was composed by George F. Root in 1862. The song as composed for the Union Army and was widely sung in the North.

Battle Hymn of the Republic- This song was composed by Julia H. Howe 1861. The song was set to a camp meeting tune. The song was played at the funerals of Robert Kennedy, Winston Churchill and Ronald Reagan.

America (My Country ‘Tis of Thee)- This song was composed by Samuel F Smith in 1832. It gained popularity in Britain as “God Save the Queen” but later became bi-continental. A R&B rendition was performed by Ray Charles which made the song popular amongst the audience of this century.

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The Binary Subnet Mask

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A subnet mask is a pattern of bits that is usually used to isolate specific portions of a particular Internet Protocol address. When the mask is applied to an IP address, the network interface’s network routing prefix and host address are produced. The routing prefix is known by names such as subnetwork or subnet. The masks are used by network hardware and software to manage and isolate a certain part of the network.

A routing prefix is generally expressed in Classless Inter-Domain Routing (CIDR) notation. This includes following the notations with a slash and the number of the significant parts in the prefix. When a subnet mask is logically calculated with a network interface’s IP address, the result is usually the starting portion of the subnet’s address, that particular interface is belonging to. The remaining part of the IP network address is the interface’s identifier of the host. An Internet Protocol version 4 or IPv4 mask is usually expressed by four octets in dotted decimal form.

The mask is, represented in dotted decimal notation, which is similar to the IP. The commonly used binary code is the one which uses the dual representation of 11111111 11111111 11111111 0000. Another commonly used presentation is This can be used to determine the address of the user’s IP. There are different ways of calculating subnet mask, some of which are listed as follows:

1)The network class (A,B,C) needs to be determined based on IP address:
– If the address begin with 1 to 126, it is Class A
– If the address begin with 128 to 191, it is Class B
– If the address begins with 192 to 223 it is Class C

2)The number of bits need to be determined to define subnets:
– Number of subnets = (2^Number of bits)-2
– Number of bits= Log2 (Number of subnets +2)
For instance- Number of bits = Log2 (6+2)= Log2(8)=3. The three bits in the IP subnet is used as a subnet portion

3)The mask is composed of subnet mask in binary form by extending the default subnet mask with subnet bits. The default set subnet mask for classes A to C are:
11111111.00000000.00000000.00000000 (Class A, network part 8)
11111111.11111111.00000000.00000000  (Class B, network part 16)
11111111.11111111.11111111.00000000   (Class C, network part 24)

4)The binary subnet mask is converted to the decimal-dot form. The binary form contains four octets (8 bits in each). Use the following rules:
For “1111111” octet, write “255”
For “00000000” octet write “0”
If the octet contains both “1” and “0” the following formula needs to be used:
Integer number= (128 x n) + (64 x n) + (32 x n) + (16 x n) + (8 x n) + (4 x n) + (2 x n) + (1 x n)
(where can either be “1” or “0”)

There are various purpose of this feature. It is an important part of subnetting. A user’s PC may be unable to access the network and host portions without it. It also helps to recognize the protocol ID. It helps in functions like decreasing traffic to a particular website, and identify terminals that require to be connected. For the subnet to work, it is essential to establish network connection. This helps the device to know, if the subnet is connected to the Internet. The default route or the address is found by the equipment, with the help of the local subnet or remote network.

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Online Scientific Calculator

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There was a time when calculation was a huge challenge for mankind. They literally had to dig deep for objects such as beans, twigs, sticks and so on, that would help them add together several constants or variables and arrive at a result. With advancement in technology and man’s mind, man invented devices such as the abacus, the computer and the calculator which would make solving complex numerical and scientific equations simpler. To combine the advantages of a computer and a calculator, online scientific calculators were invented. This form of calculator, not only calculates mathematical equations, but also scientific and engineering ones.

They are usually used in every educational institutions irrespective of which grade. Starting from junior high level to university, students throughout their major academic prefer using online scientific calculators. This calculator is a digital version of the calculator incase one is not equipped with a physical calculator. It is designed with all the features of a physical calculator. Some websites such as or provide handy digital calculators.

A pertinent question asked repeatedly is why do people use online calculators? Most people go online to calculate numericals because they do not possess a calculator at hand or are unable to arrive at the right solution manually. With every new technology hitting the markets, there are numerous pros and cons that arrive with them. Similarly there are numerous benefits that come with an online scientific calculators. Some of them are listed below:

Easy to use- Online calculators are the easiest to use. In case, one is a first timer, there are manual or guides to help a novice to make his way through.

Convenience- It is easily accessible for people who are connected to the Internet. Today the Wi-fi is everywhere and all one needs is a laptop or a PC.

Varied calculations- These calculators solve not just mathematical problems, but also scientific ones too. It can be used to calculate loans or taxes such as car or home loans, insurance or at times interest rates too.

Easy interface- The calculators have the same markings as an offline calculator. It is not difficult to use and can be used at all times.

Ubiquitous- As long one has access to a computer and Internet, online calculators are ever present and can solve any problem

Money saver- In case one does not possess a calculator, the solution lies in buying it. But the alternative is going accessing the online calculator which helps to solve a problem for free

There are two types of online scientific calculators- one is the basic, digital version which requires one to enter mathematical values and the corresponding operators which give the solution. The other version has provision for the entire problem to be entered in the calculator and the solution is provided to the user. These calculators have made the lives of people a lot easier. The problems which required rows and columns of numbers and hours to solve, can now be solved in a matter of seconds.

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Cheap Income Based Apartments

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Life is full of unexpected twists and turns. So, one of these twists may result in a person struggling to fulfill on of his basic needs: need for shelter. There are many economic crisis that have hit the financial world such as recession and inflation. These breakdowns not only affect countries but  individuals too. In situations like these, income based apartments may come as God sent gold.

Since many people cannot afford to buy an apartment, the government has subsidized particular housing colonies where people can stay by paying minimal charges. The one way to apply is by accessing Housing and Urban Development and knowing your income level. The income level is an important factor when applying for such an apartment.

It is hard to find a quality apartment when one is on a tight budget but there are various parameters  by which one can choose a reasonably priced apartment without going overboard:

Since the government is providing the subsidized apartments, representatives of the government are the best people to turn to in case of a query. They can usually be contacted through either phones or websites. One can also walk into the office of such officials and make their enquiries personally.

These people are the richest source of information and they can come in handy even if one is not applying for an apartment through a government agency. In case one is applying through the government, he or she is assigned a case worker who can help them out.

Next, the applicant is provided with some forms to fill up and it is his obligation to fill the form and send them as soon as possible. The information provided in the form should be genuine and correct, especially when it is income-related. Refrain from trying to fool the officials. They have means to check if the information is correct or false.

Communication is also a key to getting a good income based apartments. Establishing and maintaining a relationship with one’s case worker spreads goodwill amongst people. He/she is the person who will know when the results of the application are due to be declared. So regular communication will help one to have a head-start.

After one’s application is approved, one needs to have an idea of the kind of apartment, one is looking for. There are bound to be many options that one will face, so it is advisable to take his or her time and decide on a sound investment.

The above points should help one get a halfway decent income based apartments. While looking for an apartment it is important to look for one which ranks high on hygiene and the neighbourhood. Make sure, it is a place respectable and safe enough to raise a family.

Regardless of any apartment, remember to buy a renter’s insurance, just in case of a mishap related to the apartment. Talking to people residing in those apartments helps one to understand the neighbourhood from a personal perspective instead of the case worker/ real estate agents.

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Cheap Rental Houses

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With the shooting prices in real estate, it has become imperative for people to look for alternate, cheap housing. Fortunately the trend of house for rent by owners is picking up fast. People these days, rarely have to shell out all their life savings to make down payments on brand new apartments. Renting an apartment or a house is the new cheaper alternative. This option has also released people of the responsibility of actually building a house.

There are many factors that are involved with buying a house. Starting from purchasing a land, hiring an architect to buying raw materials for construction is a headache many home seekers prefer to do without. The investment does not end there. The owner has to spend tons of money to maintain, and at times reparation too.

Instead of all the above hassles, it is a lot more convenient if one opts for a house for rent by owners. All that one needs to do is, live in a rented house and apart from paying the rent on time, there is no further responsibility. These houses or apartments are very advantageous, both in the long run and the short run. These houses are meant for the working class people, or low income group people or at times students. Working class groups and students are relieved of the hassle of accommodation. The houses are prefect for them to stay in.

Apart from the obvious benefits of staying in a rented apartment, there are some things that need to be kept in mind while house-hunting. Those points are listed as below:
The distance between one’s place of work and one’s residential address. One cannot work too far from one’s home. The commuting time may drain one of all his energy.
Neighborhood is an important aspect of renting an apartment. It hardly matters whether the tenant is a single person or a full-fledged family. If the neighborhood is not safe or hygiene or peaceful, it can be a major cause of disturbance.

Cleanliness is an important factor. If there are open drains or overflowing garbage cans it is a place that needs to be avoided.
While checking the neighborhood, do not forget to check the house and double check the facilities offered, for instance, check if there is running or provision of warm water, or if the electrical facilities work properly.

Although there are many benefits of choosing a house for rent by owners, there are some pointers that should be taken into consideration before signing on the dotted line:

Make a list of prospective houses in number of areas so that one has a back-up plan and other options in hand. This also helps one have an upper hand in negotiations.
In case one has decided on the house, keep the channels of communication open to foster a better relationship with the house owner.
Make sure if there are any repair work that needs to be done. Or else, the damage will have to be paid by the tenant.

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