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Modern Art: Wine Cork Bulletin Board

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The wine corks are so small and insignificant, so nobody would consider them important. However, the persons that are inclined to arts and hand crafting, the wine corks could be used to manufacture a wine cork bulletin board. In some countries, there are even some systems to collect corks from the restaurants, so they would be used for this purpose later. If you have the patience and the perseverance, you could cover a whole wall with those wine corks, and you will surely impress your visitors.

What to do with a few corks

If you have a small quantity of corks (under 100), you can make something that looks like a painting, sticking corks of different dimensions and colors. You will create a tri-dimensional abstract piece that will look great in your dining room. You could also think about writing messages. In this case, you will need even a smaller quantity of corks.

The biggest wine cork bulletin board was manufactured by an Albanian artist, and it was introduced in the Guinness Records Book. The artist worked 14 hours a day for 28 days to finalize this piece of art. It is the first attempt of the artist, as the first two ones failed.

The advanced artist would rather use special wine corks for those works. For example, a good wine needs a good cork to preserve the flavor and the taste of the wine. Using corks of this kind will surely be a great method to manufacture a great painting. However, those corks are also hard to find.

How to create your bulletin board

Don’t use plastic or torn corks for your painting. Think about the place where would you like to hang the wine cork bulletin board, as the color of the corks must suit the wall or the general décor. The plywood must also be painted before you would start sticking the corks. Choose the same color as your walls. You will have to place the first cork in the middle of the plywood, working your way to the exterior. Place the corks on the glue layer, and make sure they all look the same. You will have to wait a few days before placing the wine cork bulletin board on the wall, as the glue needs time to get hardened.

The wine corks are unusual items for a painting. However, as the modern art tries to discover more methods of expressing, it seems like more and more artists are using them. You might also think about opening a business of this kind, as the popularity of those paintings will surely rise in the future.

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April 29th, 2011 at 8:53 am

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What is 7 Card Stud?

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Most people are familiar with one or two poker games, namely 5 card draw and Texas holdem. These games are pretty well burned into our brains from popular culture and a few other sources. But the world of poker is populated with lots of other awesome varieties.

7 card stud is just such a game–a poker variety that is different from games like draw or holdem. Here’s a quick guide to the game of 7 card stud.

The third most popular poker game online, 7 card stud is a fairly straightforward poker variant. The game of 7 card stud is a variation of stud poker–any poker game in which players are dealt a mix of face-down and face-up cards is called “stud.”

Because there are so many cards on the table, many people think 7 card stud is one of the more stressful and difficult games of poker out there. Like most poker variants, 7 card stud is a game of memory, skill, and strategy.

Playing the Game

Before the deal, each player must put an ante into the pot to receive two down cards (called “hole cards”) and one face up card. The player with the lowest face up card (aces are high in 7 card stud) must begin the betting action with an initial bet that is called the “bring-in.”

The bring-in bet must meet the required minimum amount for the game in question. Play moves to the left, by either calling (a bet equal to the previous opponent’s bet), a raise (a bet higher than the previous opponent), or a fold (which is like resigning).

After all betting is finished, a fourth card is dealt face up to each player who hasn’t folded.

The player with the highest hand showing face-up starts the action. Because there is no bring-in bet requirement after the first betting round, players don’t have to fold until there is a bet. Once there’s a bet, players left in the game have to either call, raise, or fold.

A fifth card is dealt face up followed by a betting round, and then a sixth card is dealt face up followed by another betting round. The seventh card is dealt to each player face down, and the final round of betting begins. Every betting round is often called a “street” (the third card is called “third street”, the fourth card is called “fourth street”, etc.)  all the way through seventh street.

Just like Texas holdem and Omaha, the best 7 card stud players have what is known as a “tight and aggressive” style–they can read players faces, hands, and game situations and alter their betting and play style to match. The game of holdem often rewards poor poker play because of short-term changes in the game, but 7 card stud doesn’t reward poor play due to variance. Put in layman’s terms, there’s less “luck” in 7 card stud than in holdem.

7 card stud is not nearly as popular as Texas holdem or as easy to play as good old five card draw, but it rewards good card-playing skills far more than any other variant.

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April 15th, 2011 at 9:17 am

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Learn How to Play Texas Holdem

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As recently as the late 1990s, the only poker you’d see on television was an occasional game in an old cowboy movie. By 2004, ESPN and other cable channels were regularly broadcasting poker tournaments, most often playing Texas holdem. Some blame the rise of Internet poker, others the popularity of pop culture related to poker in general and holdem in particular, like the movie Rounders. Whatever the reason, there’s been a bona fide explosion in the popularity of Texas holdem and poker over the past decade or so.

Learning how to play Texas holdem is a requirement for people who want to learn to play poker. The most popular game at any online poker room, and the standard game for poker pros and poker wannabes, Texas holdem is to poker what ballroom dancing is to Dancing With the Stars, part and parcel of what the world of poker is all about.

If you want to learn how to play Texas holdem, you have lots of online advice to choose from. For the most part, learning the basic rules of the game invented by Amarillo Slim et al in the Lone Star State can be achieved at any site advertising “Texas holdem basics.” It’s only when you want to start learning holdem strategy that you need to be more choosy.

So how do you find a reputable place to learn to play Texas holdem? Follow these three simple rules:

1. Don’t Trust Google

If you don’t know a flop from a flip-flop or the river from the Mighty Mississippi, you won’t have any idea of which of the millions of “Texas holdem” instruction pages is worth reading. Trying to pick out a good Texas holdem instruction page from such a wide pool of options would be like a Texan trying to sing a hymn in Japanese. Avoid randomly picking a site from a lineup of Google results, and you’ll avoid most of the rotten Texas holdem instruction.

2. Do Your Homework

Join a poker forum and ask for help finding a good set of basic holdem instructions. People at poker forums are generally friendly and happy to help.

3. Ask Someone Smarter than You

If you a Texas holdem fanatic who seems to have a good head on his shoulders, don’t be afraid to ask him for advice on finding out how to play the game he loves. Heck, he might even want to instruct you himself. Just make sure you really trust the guy you learn from, and that he isn’t the guy running your local friendly game. He might be trying to work an angle on you.

Texas holdem is a great game with a steep learning curve–but once you learn the basics of how to play, you’ll be hooked just like millions of other holdem players around the world.

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April 13th, 2011 at 10:51 am

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Good Online Poker Articles

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The Internet is full of good opportunities to turn yourself into a better poker player. There are poker articles on pretty much every subject you can think of, from lessons on learning to bluff with confidence to basic “how to play poker” instruction. Learning to play poker is a combination of spending time playing poker (whether it is in a free-money game at an online poker room or in a cash game at the office party) and reading up on poker tips and tricks from people with experience.

The trick is to find well-written poker articles with good information in them, avoiding slapdash “articles” written to fill space on blogs or poker bonus review sites. Once you’ve spent some time reading the good stuff, it should be easy to tell if a poker article is legit with just a brief skim of the article. But until you know what to look for, here’s some advice on how to find good online poker articles.

1. Join an Active Poker Forum

The online forum is the university system of the Internet–since the early days of the Internet, forums and message boards for every topic under the sun have popped up. A poker forum’s activity level is a good indication of its value–if you’re thinking of joining a forum but you notice that there’s been little traffic and the membership is small, you should keep looking.

2. Learn to Identify Repeat Information

The vast majority of “poker articles” are just rewrites of other people’s poker advice posts. Any fool that can stitch together 300 words can “write” a poker article by changing a few words here and there and reposting the new version as their own unique information. Once you’ve spent some time digging around for poker strategy and other articles, you’ll become familiar with the type of poker advice that gets written and rewritten a hundred times over.

3. Mix Up Your Strategy

Reading 7,000 poker articles from the same source (or worse, from the same author) is a good way to get stuck in a poker rut. Gathering a list of ten or twelve valuable sources of poker articles is a good idea, as it keeps your approach to the game of poker fresh. Rehashing the same tired advice hundreds of times over is a great way to ensure you’ll never make money playing poker.

There’s lots of free poker articles online, which naturally means there’s lots of bad poker advice. Do your homework, do a little research, and try to stick to advice that passes the smell test: if it smells like BS, it probably is.

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Songs about Flowers

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Songs about Flowers

I enjoy listening to music almost as much as I enjoy exploring the great outdoors, so I’m especially fond of songs about flowers and other elements of nature. Granted, some of the titles listed below are more about people than actual plants, but they still put me in the mood to work in my garden or head down to the florist and try to find flowers under $20.

Whether you’re a fan of country music or hair metal from the 1980s, there’s a little something here for you. And if you’d like to discover more songs about flowers, a simple Internet search will turn up all kinds of options.

  • Mitch Miller – “Yellow Rose of Texas” (1955)
  • Henry Mancini – “Days of Wine and Roses” (1963)
  • Bobby Vinton – “Roses are Red My Love” (1967)
  • Tiny Tim – “Tip-Toe Through the Tulips With Me” (1968)
  • Lynn Anderson – “(I Never Promised You A) Rose Garden” (1970)
  • The Foundations – “Build Me Up Buttercup” (1969)
  • Marie Osmond – “Paper Roses” (1973)
  • Bette Midler – “The Rose” (1980)
  • Barbra Streisand & Neil Diamond – “You Don’t Bring Me Flowers” (1978)
  • David Lee Roth – “Yankee Rose” (1986)
  • Shenandoah – “Two Dozen Roses” (1989)
  • Kathy Mattea – “Eighteen Wheels and a Dozen Roses” (1988)
  • Poison – “Every Rose Has Its Thorn” (1988)
  • Seal – “Kiss from a Rose” (1995)
  • Bon Jovi – “Bed of Roses” (1993)
  • The White Stripes – “Blue Orchid” (2005)

I hope you’ll enjoy these songs about flowers, as they stretch across all manner of musical genres. There’s no rap included, unfortunately, because it all tends to be about people killing one another instead of beautiful items such as orchids and roses. And just in case you’re wondering, my favorite song on this list would have to be Seal’s timeless love song “Kiss from a Rose,” as featured on the soundtrack to Batman Forever. No matter how many times I listen to it, that tune always manages to lift my spirits.

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April 8th, 2011 at 6:01 pm

Flowers Named after Famous People

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Flowers Named after Famous People

Whether you’re trying to learn how to become a florist or you just possess a keen interest in nature, this list of flowers named after famous people should both amuse and delight you. The name of each flower is listed, along with a brief description and basic information.

  • Abraham Lincoln – Four different types of roses have been named after this famous American president: “President Lincoln,“ “Souvenir du President,“ “Mr. Lincoln,“ and Honest Abe.” The first two on the list are hybrid teas, while the second two are miniature moss roses.
  • Amelia Earhart – The famous pilot inspired the name for this creamed blush pink hybrid tea rose.
  • Audrey Hepburn – With large flowers and a light pink color, this hybrid tea rose is named after the famous actress.
  • Barbra Streisand – The actress, singer, and all-around entertainer has a lavender and mauve hybrid tea rose named after her.
  • Betty Boop – Known to grow well in all climates, this big-bloomed red floribunda rose was created by Tom Carruth in 1999 and named after the popular cartoon character.
  • Betty White – The veteran actress and comic has a blush pink hybrid tea rose named after her.
  • Bing Crosby – This dark orange hybrid tea rose is named for the legendary actor and singer.
  • Bob Hope – Since Bing Crosby has one, it’s only appropriate that his movie partner warrants a medium red hybrid tea rose.
  • Cary Grant – One of the all-time greats in cinema, Cary Grant inspired an orange blend hybrid tea rose with brilliant colors.
  • Dolly Parton – With blooms that range from orange to red, this fragrant hybrid tea rose can grow to five feet tall and blooms twice in season. It’s named after the country singer and actress known for her busty figure.
  • George Burns – This cigar-smoking comic lived to be 100, and his lengthy career inspired this yellow blend floribunda rose.
  • Henry Fonda – With a strong resistance to diseases, this yellow rose was named after the Oscar-winning actor and father of Jane and Peter.
  • Judy Garland – The colors on this floribunda rose range from yellow to orange and scarlet. Named after the famous entertainer who portrayed Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz.
  • Marilyn Monroe – Created in 2002 by Tom Carruth, this hybrid tea rose has a light apricot color and does well in hot weather.
  • Paul McCartney – A member of the legendary Beatles, McCartney served as the inspiration for this medium pink hybrid tea rose.
  • William Shakespeare – The greatest playwright of all time had this deep scarlet modern shrub rose named after him.

If you want to know how to become a florist, you’re going to need to be as familiar as possible with every type of flower. Hopefully, this list has helped you get pointed in the right direction.

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Online Dating Sites

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Online Dating Sites

If you’re looking to fall in love or lust, there’s an alternative to spending all your time in bars or dance clubs. I’m talking, of course, about online dating sites. This article will take a look at some of the best online dating sites available, many of which provide discounts to customers (my favorite way to save money is with Ashley Madison coupons).

  • Ashley Madison – An online dating service founded in 2001 and specializing in helping married individuals find partners for an affair. They have over 7 million members, but the stated nature of their site has caused a number of controversies (including a planned Super Bowl ad being rejected).
  • eHarmony – Launched in 1998, this company takes a scientific approach to dating. They have members in over 150 countries. Each member fills out a comprehensive survey that’s used to help match them with other people who have similar interests and values.
  • PlentyofFish – A free online dating service that’s popular throughout the UK, USA, Canada, and Australia. Revenue for the site is generated through advertising, although services like message tracking can be improved by paying a fee to the site.
  • – Operating in more than 12 languages, this site specializes in helping attractive people meet one another and fall in love.
  • Adult FriendFinder – With over 30 million members, this site specializes in helping people hook up for sexual encounters. One of the 100 most popular Internet sites in the United States.

That concludes our look at some of the leading online dating sites. Whether you’re a Christian single or a married person looking to have an affair, the Internet has an option for you. If you choose the latter option, by the way, be sure to save some money by using Ashley Madison coupons.

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Family Game Night

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Family game night is a cherished tradition for many people. Most of us can remember the family gathering around the dinner table for a massive game of Monopoly or a few hands of a favorite card game. This tradition goes back as long as human history–back to a time when playing games meant something besides plugging in an Xbox or Playstation.

Popular family games are everything from really intellectual thinking-man’s games like Trivial Pursuit all the way down to games aimed at young children like Chutes and Ladders. What makes a game good for family game night?

1. Easy to Play

Popular board games such as Battleship and Monopoly tend to have a slightly steep learning curve. That means it might take a game or two before everyone learns the rules. When picking a game for family game night, make sure that everyone in the family has the skills to play the game. You don’t want to leave anyone out, even the youngest child.

2. Replay Value

Good family game night games should have high replay value–that means that your family can play them again and again and not lose interest. Word games, like Balderdash or Boggle, have high replay value because the words and gameplay are always a little different. Children’s games like Sorry! or Chutes and Ladders have less replay value, but might be good for younger players.

3. Educational Value

You might want to consider playing more educational games, especially as your children get older. Trivial Pursuit and more kinetic games like Cranium or Pictionary are perfect for being educational and still fun.

These aren’t the only criteria for picking a game for family game night, but it is a good place to start. Match your family’s specific needs to the games you can find at your neighborhood toy store and get ready for hours and hours of fun with your family.

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Coupons for Household Items

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The Internet is a strange and wonderful place. Besides email and information-hunting, one of the most useful features of the Web is easy access to coupons. Third-party coupon sites and even blogs about coupons have become really popular. Whether you’re after printable coupons, coupon codes for shopping on the Internet, or information on promotions and specials, you can find it online.

Here are four common household items and details about their online coupons.

Cheerios Coupons

If you live in a house with an infant or young child, you know the usefulness of Cheerios. The cereal is also a heart-healthy alternative to sugary breakfast cereals. Coupons for Cheerios online are easy to find through web searches and at coupon-hunting sites. Most of the time, you can find a $1 off coupon good with the purchase of any two boxes of Cheerios products, sometimes right from the Cheerios website.

Pampers Coupons

Diapers are expensive, and Pampers even more so. But they work better than any other brand, so we sometimes feel like we have to buy them. Thankfully, there are online coupons for Pampers that make them much more affordable. A simple web search for “Pampers coupons” turns up a slew of deals, from store-specific coupons (Target currently has a $5 off coupon) to coupons you can print from the Pampers website.

Cascade Coupons

Washing dishes is much easier with a good product like Cascade. The manufacturer’s website always has a few different coupon deals, and if you sign up with your email address for their mailing list, you’ll instantly get a $1 off coupon for your favorite Cascade product.

Tide Coupons

Tide’s line of laundry cleaning products is the most popular in America. Since it can be fairly expensive, finding an online coupon for Tide is a big help at the grocery store checkout line. Start your coupon search at–they offer a few different coupons every month for you to print and use at your neighborhood grocer.

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iPad vs. Kindle

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Electronic books, also known as eBooks, are big business these days. Magazines, newspapers, fiction books–they can all be read in an electronic format. Gone are the days of piles of periodicals and hardcover books. Now you can put your entire library on an eBook reader.

When it comes time to pick a device to read the eBooks you want, you have plenty of choices. The two biggest competitors are Apple’s iPad and Amazon’s Kindle.

What Is an iPad?

Though the iPad is not a dedicated eBook reader like the Kindle or the Nook, it functions really well in that capacity. The biggest downside for using your iPad as an eBook reader is the price. Since the iPad is meant to be something like a fancy Internet-enabled PDA device, and is stuffed with way more features than your average eBook reader , it costs a whole lot more. iPads go for between $499 and $829. Think of the iPad as a tiny laptop or netbook device–you can download apps and access the Internet on the go.

The iPad has a much larger screen than the Kindle–9.7 inches to be exact. If you’re looking for an eBook reader with a big screen and lots of extra functionality, the iPad is probably your device. If you’re willing to pay four times as much for the iPad than for the top of the line Kindle, go for it.

What Is a Kindle?

Kindle is Amazon’s much-lauded eBook reader device. The state of the art Kindle (with 3G wireless capability) still comes in at less than $200, making it a great bargain especially when compared to the iPad.

The biggest knock against the Kindle when compared to the iPad is fewer functions. There’s no web-surfing or apps to download, but for people who are just looking for a device to read books on, you can’t get much better or more affordable than the 3G Kindle.

At the end of the day, the choice between an iPad and a Kindle comes down to what you want to do with it. If you just want an eBook reader, the Kindle is super-affordable and easy to use. Want more features and don’t care about the price? Pick up an iPad.

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April 1st, 2011 at 8:34 am