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What Do Different Colors of Roses Mean?

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Sitting around thinking of questions for the question game, I came across a question that’s bothered me for some time:

What do the different colors of roses mean?

I’d heard that there is a code based on the different colors of roses, but I had no idea what this code was, where it came from, or how it was used. It makes sense that different roses would mean different things, especially since there are so many different emotions that can be expressed through a gift of flowers, and so many different colors of rose.

I did a little bit of research, heading to nurseries that sell roses in my area, calling a florist friend, and finally hitting up Google for some in-depth online research. What I found out was really fascinating. The rose code is a real thing and has a long history.

First, rose colors and their meaning. Though people interpret rose colors and meanings differently, the basic code goes a little something like this:

Red roses traditionally stand for love and romance.
Yellow roses are traditional messages of friendship, warmth, and happiness.
White roses represent purity and innocence.
Pink roses represent grace and elegance and are a symbol of admiration.
Orange roses mean passion and excited romance.

So what circumstances lead to gifts of different colors of roses? Here’s a quick guide:

Give red roses to your lover.
Yellow roses are perfect for a friend who needs encouragement or as a congratulatory message.
White roses are traditional marriage flowers and flowers that say ‘congratulations.’
Pink roses are the rose of a secret admirer, especially when given in a bouquet of 13.
Orange roses are meant for young lovers or a pair of lovers involved in a passionate romance.

Though there are no hard and fast rules about what color of rose to give, it is a good idea to follow the guides above. You don’t want to send the wrong message when you spend the money to send flowers to a family member or loved one. If in doubt, stick with the color that the recipient likes and include a note that shares your actual feelings, whether it’s sympathy, love, or friendship.

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July 26th, 2011 at 1:52 pm

Conducting Job Interviews

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Conducting Job Interviews

The first time I was put into a position to interview a potential employee, I was in a panic. New experiences are difficult enough without the added responsibility of granting or refusing a job. I knew my decision about this interviewee could have a big impact on both our business and his life.

Looking back, I did a decent job with the interview, but if I’d known a few simple tips on conducting job interviews I could have saved myself a lot of stress. Here are three simple tips for conducting job interviews, aimed especially at those of you who don’t know how to interview someone.

1. Ask the Right Questions

Good questions to ask in a job interview range from simple personal questions to more detailed psychological questions aimed at revealing something about the interviewee’s personality. Asking the right questions means avoiding potentially illegal queries (like “Where were you born?” or “What is your native language?”) that are specifically prohibited by Federal law. It also means asking questions that identify the interviewee as a good employee.

2. Don’t Pretend to Be the Interviewee’s Friend

Being friendly in an interview is different from behaving like the interviewee’s buddy. There’s many reasons why the relationship between interviewer and interviewee is important, the most important one being that you don’t want to befriend a person you may have to deny a job. I find it’s helpful to pretend I’m interviewing a potential date for my younger sister. Be kind but detached. This skill will come with experience.

3. Do Your Homework

Not preparing for the job interview is the biggest mistake most first-time interviewer’s make. Having a plan of attack before the interview starts maximizes your time spent interviewing the potential employee and gives the interviewee a good impression of the way your company does business. Plan your questions ahead of time, and become familiar with the interviewee’s resume and work history.

Conducting a job interview is like riding the proverbial bicycle–once you learn how, you won’t soon forget. Over time, conducting job interviews will become as second nature as filing reports or checking your email. Until then, stick to these three tips.

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July 25th, 2011 at 1:24 pm

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What Are FSH Levels

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FSH — Follicle Stimulating Hormone, is the most vital sexual well being hormones in between females and males. However, in women FSH levels are far more crucial for ensuring appropriate reproductive health. FSH levels have a tendency to rise inside puberty stage onwards. FSH is responsible for some fundamental reproductive well being processes such as ovulation and menstruation in women and maturation of sperm in between men.

FSH levels are generally checked through normal urine and blood tests. One of the most common causes for conducting such diagnostic tests include delayed or premature onset of puberty traits. It has been established that FSH levels have a tendency to change in conjunction with Luteinizing Hormone or LH levels. These 2 hormones are principal responsible for ensuring appropriate ovulation and menstruation apart from doing sure how the female is able to sustain her pregnancy. Women who are about to reach or have entered menopause have a tendency to acquire higher than usual FSH levels. This makes it nearly impossible to conceive in a natural, unassisted manner.

Usually, LH and FSH levels have a tendency to rise exponentially from puberty onwards until the age of 40 years and inside age of 45 years onwards, the level of FSH tends to dip seriously with each progressing year. Apart from infertility, causes for which FSH level diagnostic tests is ordered include other hormonal disorders, such as Estrogen Dominance in between women. This really is because disturbed FSH levels have a tendency to impair the overall hormonal balance of reproductive/sexual hormones.

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July 15th, 2011 at 2:53 am

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Tips in Choosing a Teambuilding Activity

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In working with organizations, continuous improvement and development are a must. You do not only have to develop skills and competencies but you also have to enhance the non-tangible aspects of your team such as interpersonal relationships, leadership style, conflict resolution and strategic visioning. One of the different ways you can enhance the non-tangible aspects of your team performance is by conducting a teambuilding activity.



A teambuilding activity provides numerous benefits for your team that will indirectly lead to better performance. It will give you the opportunity to get to know each of your co-members better not just in a professional manner but also in a personal level. By getting to know your colleagues better, you get to know your team better. By doing such, you will be able to identify the strategies you need to bring your team to greater heights. In addition, a teambuilding provides you the opportunity to spend time with your colleagues in a non-corporate environment.


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July 11th, 2011 at 9:40 pm

Eva Mendes Bio

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Eva Mendes is one of the leading American actress and model. Eve Mendes was born on 5 March 1974 in Miami Florida but she started her career in Los Angeles of Cuban American. She did her graduation from Herbert Hoover high school in Glendale, California. She was in college that she started her acting career. But professionally she began her acting career in 1998. She started to take acting classes with the renowned and esteemed acting instructor, Ivana Chubbuck. With the help of such an incredible acting coach, Eva Mendes appeared on the big screen.

Eva Mendes loves interior designing and if she had not been an actress, she would definitely have chosen interior designing as a profession. Moreover, her hobbies are music, sports such as biking, hiking and interior design.

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July 3rd, 2011 at 11:15 pm

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