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What are Muscle Diseases

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What are Muscle Diseases?

Muscle Diseases are also called myopathies. Many kinds of muscle diseases exist and they are widely grouped as Primary & Secondary muscle diseases. Primary muscle diseases are essentially myopathies where the muscular action is impaired by any irregularity among the muscles, such as metabolic activities responsible for maintaining basic nutrition supply for the muscles.

Secondary muscle diseases are myopathies that are precipitated due to another, principal cause such as problems in the nervous system that affects the action of the voluntary muscles. Different types of muscle diseases have been list below:

  • Metabolic Muscle Diseases
  • Neuromuscular Diseases
  • Inflammatory Myopathies

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What Is a Shingle Roof

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The shingle roof is a type of a roof that sort of looks like it is made of layers. In fact the shingle roof is made of small rectangular elements that are can be made of wood, asbestos or fiber glass.


The elements are placed on top of each other with the installation of the elements starting from the bottom of the roof towards the top. The reason for this sequence of installation is to ensure that the top edge of the element is covered by the element above it so as to prevent any running rain water from penetrating below the elements.


The shingle roof is very popular because of the ease of installation process and also because the elements are cheap.

During construction, a wire mesh is placed over the structure that holds the roof so that a plastic layer can be place on the mesh wire. This plastic layer is used to prevent any rain water from dripping into the house. This plastic layer cannot however be used to reinforce the roof nor can it be used for security purposes.

Some of the things that can determine the cost of the shingle roof are the material that the elements are made from, the size of the roof, the design of the roof itself including the slop of its surfaces. You should also consider the height of the building as this will affect the installation procedure and determine the difficulty of the whole process.

It is quite important to have your shingle roof installed properly to minimize the maintenance cost.


Water can leak into your house if the elements are not place in the correct position and that can mean that you have redo a very large area of the roof because the elements are placed on top of each other. It is a wise idea to let an experienced roofer to install the elements for you if you don’t have the technical knowledge of doing it yourself.

The lifespan of the shingle roof depends on the environmental condition of the region the shingle roof is installed. It is determined that the hotter the region the shorter the lifespan and the cooler the environment the longer the lifespan. The average lifespan however is estimated to be around 20 years. This is not entirely as bad because the shingle roof is relatively cheaper than other type of roofs.

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Types of roofing shingles

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There are several types of roofing shingles that you can choose from. The one type that type that you decide to choose should suite your taste and be able to complement the design of your home. The difference is bought by the material that the shingle itself is made from and the typical cost difference.


To understand these differences, it is important to discuss the materials that each type of shingle is made from. I will also shine a light on the advantages and disadvantages of each type.


Asphalt shingles


These shingles are the most popular shingle and you will most likely see them on most houses in the neighborhood. They are made from dipping a rectangular fibre glass in asphalt to come up with a very durable shingle. Due to this composition, the asphalt shingles are very durable and you need very low maintenance. The downside of the asphalt shingles is that the asphalt does fade away with time.


Wooden shingles.


As the name states, these shingles are made entirely of wood. They can also be dipped in asphalt or oil to make them durable. The downside of these shingles is that the oil or asphalt can be washed away by the rain with time thus leaving the wood exposed to the harsh condition like the sun. They do break if you step on them.



Slate shingles.


These shingles are the most expensive shingles you can get in the market. They are stylish though and this will make them suitable for a luxurious home. Slates are quite heavy as compared to the wood and asphalt counterparts. This in turn makes them very durable and they can last for a very long time with little maintenance.


Concrete shingles


These are manufactured from common cement and sand. They are also quite long lasting and they can withstand harsh climates. The concrete shingles are also quite heavy thus cannot be blown away by the wind. They are also preferred because they are fire resistant.


Clay tiles shingle.


This is another common type of shingles and it preferred because of it heat absorbing nature. When you use this type of shingle, you will realize that you house will remain very cool unlike when you use any other type of shingles for roofing. The downside of the clay tiles shingles is that it can break in very cold weather and it is also damaged by frequent running water.

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Tips To Choose A Roofer

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Roofing is a very important aspect of the whole construction process of a building. In most cases the roof dictates the design of your house and thus should be well done. If the roof is done incorrectly, you will experience difficulty especially when you want to do some repairs later and the maintenance cost will be higher. It can even leak when it rains.
In this case you should contract a specialized expert to work on your roof and not just any other building contractor. This way, you can be assured that the work done will be of very high quality.

In this article where are going to look at some of the aspects you should consider when you want to choose the right roofer. One of the things you should consider is that roofing or the design of your roof is highly dependent on the type of climate in your region. Roofing in the USA is quite different from the way it is done in China and the difference is brought mainly by the environmental difference of the two regions.


What am trying to explain is that the first thing to consider is getting a roofer who is specialized in the roof work suitable for the region you are in.

If you are interested in roofing, you may have realized that there are many types of roofing designs, which some are popular for some reasons. Chances are you have already zeroed in on a certain roofing design that you like. In this case you should choose a roofer who is proficient with the design of the particular roof that you like so that he can know exactly where to start and what should be done.

Equipped with these two tips, you are now ready to search for your roofer. There are several ways of doing this depending on which you will consider to be cheaper and easier for you.

If you don’t know any roofer yourself, you can start by searching for a local roofer from the search engines. This is a daunting task because you will have to go through a lot of result and you are likely to fail. You can also consider checking for the address of the local roofers from the yellow pages.

The most successful way of getting a suitable roofer is by referral. You can search for someone whose roof resembles the one you like and ask for the address of the roofer who did the roofing work. You can also go to a roofing agency and ask them to recommend a roofer for you.

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Shingle Roof Maintenance Tips

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One of the reasons why a shingle roof is preferred by many people is because of its ease of installation. A shingle roof is made up of roofing elements that are small rectangular elements placed in such a way that the upper edge of the element is covered by the element above it.


The other reason why people like the shingle roof is because you do the maintenance and the repairs of the roof all by yourself if you have the required tools. In this article, we are going to look at the tools that you are going to use in the repair process.


On this note, it is advisable to consult your roofer if you don’t have the experience and the skill to undertake such a task because it is a risk process and you should be ready to take responsibility in case something happens.


We are going to subdivide the tools into two categories. The first category is the must-have tools which you can have and you can use them later in any other projects. The tools in the other category can be borrowed or you can have a store lease them to you for the period of the repair.


The must-have tools category

  • A normal home hammer and some nails. This will be used to make stepping strips so that you can have somewhere to step on while you are working.
  • You can have a crowbar to yank out the old shingles. This can be replaced with a sharp edged metal rod.
  • A ladder to help you up to the roof.
  • A measuring tape to take measurements
  • A shape knife for shaping the shingles


Project specific tools

  • You certainly need the roofing shingles. It is a wise idea to go for the ones that complement the design and interior decor of your home.
  • The shingle cement. This is used to hold the shingles in place. It is also used to prevent any leak.
  • The galvanized nails are the most preferred because they do not rust.


You can visit the local supplier so that you get the full quotation and expert advice.

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Problems Associated With Roofing

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Roofing is a very important aspect of construction work and care should be taken to ensure that the finish is spectacular. If you ask many people what they see in a certain building, you will probably get an answer like “I think I like the design of the roof” or “i think the contractor who did the roof was very competent”.


These are not always the answers especially if the roofer did a shoddy job. In this article I will discuss some of the common problems that arise due to poorly done roofing and the steps that you can take to prevent these problems.


The main causes of these problems are:

Incompetent roofer;


This is the main reason for most problems associated with roofing. You should take time and search for a roofer who has the required skills and experience of the task at hand.


Inferior roofing materials;


If you use roofing materials that are not up to standard you will experience difficulty especially when you are repairing the roof. Inferior materials will tend to get damaged quickly especially in harsh environment like in regions with strong winds.


Lack of maintenance;


If you do not periodically inspect and repair you roof, then you are subjecting it to damages caused by negligence. You will end up paying more to have the whole roof replaced because it will eventually be completely damaged. If you feel that the fasteners are loosening then you should have them fastened to prevent clattering noises.


The main problems are:


Leaks during rainy season;

This is the main type of problem experienced by many people. The problem is likely brought by incorrect installation of the roof parts or if the roof was punctured during installation. You should ensure that the roofer has the right installation skills so that you can eliminate this problem.


Noisy roof;


If part of the roof is not fastened correctly you will most likely experience some clattering noises coming from the roof during windy periods. Ask your supplier for u-shaped bolts instead of nails because these have the capability of tightly holding down the roof. Have the roofer inspect all parts of the roof to ensure that everything is well fastened.


Blown off roof;


This problem is brought about by improper positioning of flashing that result to open seams an eventually the roof can be blown off. This problem is not common but it can have fatal results when it happens. Increase the number of fasteners to reduce the chances of your roof being blown away by the wind or strong rains.

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How To Select Your Roof

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There are so many things that you should consider when selecting the type of the roof you want for your house.


You should first consider the design of your house and by this I mean the size, the number of stories and of course the material of the roof. In most cases, the design of your roof will dictate the design of your home, so make sure you take that into consideration. Another thing that you should consider is what you can actually do with a certain type of roof or rather what you can do in it. Flat roofs do not leave enough room for an attic so choose your design wisely.

Now let us expound on the different types of the roofs. One of the most popular roofing designs is whereby you have a sloping roof either on one side or both. There are several types or roofs in these categories with minimum or major differences. One of the types is the Gable Roof.

The Gable roof is one of the simplest roofs to construct and therefore one of the popular roofs you will see around. It is designed with two sloping roof surfaces both of which are of the same size and form a triangle. There are gables at each side and a ridge at the end of the slopes.

The Dormer Roof is a type of a gable roof that is an extension constructed out of the slopping side of the roof so that it can accommodate large vertical windows.

Another type of the gable roof is the Gambrel Roof that has long slopping sides of the roof but has two sections. The upper slop of the roof slopes less steep than the lower side. This feature makes the roof resemble roof of a barn.
Another popular roofing design in the sloping roofs category is the Hipped Roof. Unlike the gable roofs, the hipped roofs do not have gables as all the sides of the roof are sloped. This means there is no vertical ends.


A hip is the end where adjacent sloping surfaces meet at the sides and that why this roof is called the hipped roof. Another feature of the hipped roof is the hip end that is formed by the triangular slopping hips that meets at the ridge.

The Barn Hip Roof is another type of the hipped roofs but all the ends are sloped. The main difference between this type of roofing and the main hipped roof is that its opposite side are longer that the other opposite sides. This feature makes the roof resemble the traditional barns.

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A Short Note About Metal Roofing

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Metal roofing is the number one roofing option for many people as it offers a lot of advantages. The metal roof is manufactured to provide for contemporary designs and the roof can be designed to resemble in other roofing style. It is quite common to see a metal roof designed in such a way that you will confuse it with wood or asphalt shingle roofing or a brick roof.


Metal roof offers long lasting roofing with very little maintenance. When well fastened, the metal roof can withstand most strong winds and unlike its brick counterpart. The metal roof can be delivered as sheets of different sizes that offer easier installations because one sheet can take a wide area. This is the main advantage of the metal roof against the shingle roof or thatched roof.


The metal roof is galvanized using zinc or any other rust resistant material to ensure that it can last indefinitely when well maintained. To give the roofing a beautiful finish, you can use the u-shaped galvanized bolts to fasten the roof so that it does not appear to be hit with a hammer.


The galvanized metal roofs are also preferred by most people because of their heat reflecting nature and you will save a lot on power bills. This type of roofing can be designed to complement your home design with little ease and it will probably be less costly. The metal roofing is also popular because it does not leak when it is well installed.


The metal roof has an advantage that if you happen to remove if, it can be reused or recycled thus conserving the environment.


If you want a cheap, colorful and easy to maintain roofing that can be used on any home design, then you should consider installing the metal roof and you will never regret your choice.


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Natural Progesterone

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The term ‘Natural Progesterone’ refers to the hormone-Progesterone that is produced by the ovaries among females. Though progesterone is also synthesized among males in scant quantities, it plays a far more significant role in the metabolic, sexual and reproductive health of women and is thus, considered primarily a female hormone.

Natural progesterone is first produced around the teenage years in females and from here on, its overall concentration tends to rise steadily until the woman reaches the age of 45 years, i.e. from here on, the natural progesterone levels begin to dip as the woman enters menopause. Progesterone is the chief hormone responsible for regulating the menstrual cycles in women. It is produced in high concentrations during the early part of menopause and its concentration decreases as the woman nears ovulation and after the ovum or the female egg is released at the end of ovulation, natural progesterone levels tend to dip dramatically.

It should be noted that though many progesterone aids aim to replicate and promise to deliver a formulation that is at par with natural progesterone but most of these products cannot compete with the complex and unique biochemical formula that is at the heart of this critical, fertility hormone. Apart from the ovaries, natural progesterone is produced in scant quantities by the adrenal glands. Sufficient amounts of natural progesterone are important in the body since it is also the natural precursor for the balancing of other female hormones like Estrogen.

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What Do You Do When a Garbage Disposal Device Clogs?

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Garbage disposal clogs are more or less a way of life: at some point, majority of households shall experience their garbage disposal refusing to drain or perhaps jamming.  Fortunately, most of the causes for these problems are easily remediable.  Here we discuss what you should do when your garbage disposal clogs.
The first thing to do, always, is to disconnect the garbage disposal from the power source.  This is a safety precaution that should be done each time you open, repair, or inspect the parts of your disposal that have the potential to injure you.  It is all well and good to be confident that you are not a clumsy person, but it is far better still to be certain and unplug the device.  It costs you nothing to do, whereas a single small accident could cost you a finger.
Now it is time to check the most likely culprit here.  Most often, when a garbage disposal clogs or seems to be draining at a trickle, the issue may be found in the drain itself.  The first thing to try is to use a regular drain cleaner to loosen and dislodge the clog.  If that still does not work, it is time to put on your rubber gloves (if you have issues with getting your hands dirty) and take on the drain tap.  First, you have to detach the drain tap from the disposals discharge pipe or outlet, to see if it has any clogs in it.  Most clogs shall be found here and may be cleaned away easily, but if you see nothing, the problem may be in the pipe itself (or the part of the pipe that goes into the wall).  To fix that, you shall have to use a drain or pipe snake into it and use that to dislodge the clog.
Sometimes, a disposal may jam too when tough objects fall in it.  When this happens, you should try to locate the obstruction with your eyes (remember to use a flashlight, of course), and then use some handy pincers or tongs to extract the object.  If this does not work, there is the recourse of the Allen wrench.  Almost all disposals have a hole into which this wrench shall fit, and the hole is found at the bottom of the device.  Insert the wrench here and use it to turn the disposal one way and another until the clog comes free.

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