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Blackjack Rules

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Blackjack rules are easy to learn for those who’ve never played and easy to remember for those who played blackjack in their childhood. Any new rules you might read about are associated with blackjack variations like Spanish 21, blackjack switch, perfect pairs, or pontoon. The casino on one side of the street might have different blackjack rules than the casino on the other side of the street, such as early surrender as opposed to late surrender or whether the dealer stands on a hard 17 or soft 17.

The basic rules of blackjack remain the same as they’ve ever been, though. I’ll go over these 21 rules to refresh your memory, then discuss a few of the common rules variations you’re likely to encounter during your trip to the casino.

Basic Blackjack Rules

In a game of blackjack, the dealer deals two cards to each person at the table. In Las Vegas and most of the United States, these cards are dealt face down. In London blackjack, the cards are dealt face up (giving you more information about other players’ cards). In most locations, the dealer has one hole card (face down) and one face card (face up), so you have a clue about the dealer’s hand before you bet. The objective of blackjack is to build a better hand than the dealer without going over 21.

Blackjack Card Ranks

The card ranks in blackjack are easy to remember. Any number cards (2-10) have the value of the numbers they display. The face cards (jack, queen, king) all have the same value (10). The ace can be either an “11” or a “1”, depending on your choice. If the ace is being used as an eleven, your hand is called “soft”, because if you go over 21, you can change the value of the card. If the ace is being used as a one, your hand is called “hard”, because you don’t have the option to change the card value.

Betting in blackjack is done before you see your cards. You choose a wager size and stack the chips in the appropriate spot accordingly. In certain instances, you can double your bet, while in others you might want to surrender half your bet to save the other half.

Getting a Blackjack

When you build a 21 on the first two cards (the deal), it’s called a blackjack. That means you need an ace and either a 10, jack, queen, or king on deal to get a blackjack. A blackjack beats any other hand in the game, including a three-card 21. If you and the dealer each get a blackjack, some casinos consider this a push, but it’s sometimes a win for the dealer (for the sake of the house edge).

Betting in Blackjack

Once you look at your cards, you can either ask for another card (a “hit”) or decline the option of another card (to “stand”). A player stands when that player is more concerned about going over 21 (“busting”) than improving their hand.

If you have a pair of cards that are the same, you have the option to split the pair and make a separate wager on the outcome of each hand. Splitting pairs on an Ace-Ace deal means you would split the aces and try to build a hand using each ace separately, which would double your wager size.

Doubling Down in Blackjack

A player can choose to double down on their original bet. Doubling down can only happen when the player is holding two cards. You can’t choose to double down after you have 3 or more. Also, when you double down, a player can receive only one more card. If you double down, 3 cards is the most you’ll have to build your hand.

Blackjack Surrender

If you think you’re going to lose your hand after seeing your dealt cards and the dealers up-card, you can choose to surrender (if surrender rules are in-play). When this happens, you are pulling back half of the chips you bet on the hand, because you’re afraid you might lose all of them. Some casinos allow you to surrender before the dealer peaks at his/her hand–an early surrender. Others don’t let you surrender until after the dealer peaks at their hand, which is called a late surrender.

Early surrender is the better option, if you see the two games beside each other (all other rules being the same). Most casinos only allow late surrender, though. The surrender rules are among the least understood at the blackjack table. While it makes sense to surrender sometimes, the rule is used too much by many players, decreasing their odds. Understand the surrender rules and when it’s a good idea before playing blackjack.

Blackjack Insurance

When a dealer is showing an ace as an up-card, you can take insurance. You make a bet half the size of your original that the dealer wins the hand. This side bet means you only lose half your original wager in the event of a house win. The insurance rule tends to favor the house, so only use this rule when you know it helps you.

Blackjack Hand

You can ask for as many cards are you want, but if it any time, the sum total of your cards add up to 22 or more, you lose. When players have finished playing their hands, the dealer plays their hand. Strict rules dictate when the dealer hits or stands. In most casinos, a dealer hits on a hard 16 and stands on a hard 17. Whether the dealer hits or stands on a soft 17 is more up-in-the-air.

Once everyone, including the dealer, has filled out their hands, it’s time for the winners to be rewarded and the losers to pay up. The dealer settles where the chips go and you move on to another hand of blackjack.

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Carpet cleaning tips from the experts.

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In the event of cleaning carpets, carpet cleaners gain a lot of skills and experience when it comes to how to deal with carpet cleaning. This is due to the fact that they clean large areas and carpets that have different textures from an industrial or homes setting. Although different carpet cleaners have different cleaning methods, they all have same views when it comes to what tips you can use so that you can make the cleaning process easier.

As you have realized, heavier traffic places like offices or libraries employ the use of plastic made rugs at the entrance and one feature of these rugs is that they have tough fibers which you can use to remove any clinging dirt. These plastic rugs are easier to clean than cleaning the carpet itself and they will save you a great cleaning time. Since it will look quite exaggerative to have an industrial rug at your doorstep, you can employ the use of similar made rugs which have smaller fiber. You can couple the use of these rugs with the use of no shoes from the outdoors in your home to reduce the amount of dust that settles on your carpet.

Diligent carpet vacuuming will obviously help you clear accumulating dust. In this case you can form patterns on how to vacuum the carpet. A technique that helps you save a lot of cleaning time is noting parts that tend to have more traffic in your home. These are the parts you can be vacuum more than thrice in a week. The rest of the house can be cleaned once in a week and will only need a few passes with the vacuum cleaner.

Another thing that will save you a great deal of carpet cleaning is catching spills immediately they happen. You must have a spotting agent at hand so that you can clean a spill before it can stick on the carpet thus making the carpet to have patches. You can also have a one spill prone area in your home used for taking drinks and eating so that a spill does not go unnoticed in the other parts of your home.

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What Is Membrane Roofing?

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This king of roofing is mainly done of flat or nearly roofs. The reason for membrane roofing is to completely prevent or just minimise the chances of leaking.

The most common materials that are used for membrane roofing are synthetic e.g. rubber, thermoplastic and bitumen. The advantage of membrane roofing compared to other types of roofing is that membrane roofing emphases on creating seamless seals where the different parts of the roof meet.

If you are thinking of membrane roofing then you should consider looking at the three materials that are used for membrane roofing and compare them so that you can know which will be suitable for you.

Modified bitumen

This material is mainly made of asphalt and some other solvent compounds. To create a seal, a process called heat application is done so as to melt the asphalt at the seal. This seal is as strong as the rest of the parts of the roof. The parts can also be sealed together by doing a cold application that is done by applying strong adhesive at the overlapping parts.

Synthetic rubber

This is a very common material that is used for membrane roofing. The synthetic rubbers are shipped as large, flat sheets that are then welded to create larger roofing sheet. The result of this process is a very large continuous sheet that does not permit any water to penetrate. This feature of the synthetic rubber is what makes it so popular.

Thermoplastic membrane

This material is made from materials such as PVC or any other similar materials. The thermoplastic membrane is also shipped as large sheets but the main different between this membrane and the synthetic rubber is that the parts of the thermoplastic membrane are not welded together rather the two parts are made to overlap and the seal made using heat application or using adhesive.

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Why do we need a regular pool cleaning/ repair company?

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Personalized accessories and products that are catered, well understood and only have a few careful hands to tamper with them go a long way in their life duration. This is true from the little accessories we have at home ranging from electronics like phones, computers, television sets, general furniture, kitchen appliances and so much more. All these satisfy your desired life span when they are not handled by too many hands especially those who tamper with them by dismantling and then covering them again. It is so with pools whereby they are very sensitive as first and foremost we are speaking of appliances that have something to do with the human life. Swimming pools have to be cleaned by one specific company as these results in bringing in responsibility in terms of they are the ones to be blamed just in case anything bad happens. Pools have to be looked upon on the quality of hygiene in that the persons who are coming in to have a good time can rest assured that there is no risk of transmission of contagious skin related infections. Some of these diseases may be hazardous and may lead to serious infections if overlooked and worse still be hidden in the body for some time. All these can be looked upon by the condition that the pool can be assigned one specific cleaning and repairing company which will deal with it in the most professional manner as they should be held responsible just in case anything adverse occurs. Repairing of the pool is also one factor that should never be overlooked when we talk of swimming pools. A single contracted company is able to check on the very best of the pool surface to avoid cuts and bruises which may result as a consequence to too many irresponsible hands.


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Tips to be taken while installating a Drainage System

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Like any house construction work, plumbing has it is own best practices that will save you quite a deal of time during repairs if you follow most of these practices. One of the things that you should be aware of is that the drainage system of any home has two distinct subsystems, the subsystem that is responsible for providing the home with water and the subsystem that drains the water from the home. The water coming into the home is usually under pressure so that it can reach most places in the home. The drainage out of the home is usually on low pressure for certain reasons that we are going to look at later in this article. It is a wise idea to make sure that these systems are distinguishable from each other. You can mark one of them to ensure that you are not confused during the time of repairs.

During the installation of the drainage system, you should take time to follow some set standards. One of these standards is that the water from the drainage system should only run due to gravity. This means you dont have to pressurize this system. Another good practice that you should follow is to ensure that odor traps are placed in all the drainage terminals into the home so as to prevent an odor from the home from entering you home. These traps are u-shapes bends that are attached to the bottom of the sink, bath tub or the toilet seat. The reason why they are u-shaped is to ensure that the water at the u-bend prevents odor from the system from coming out into the home. These another reason why the drainage system should be under low pressure to avoid removing the water plug at the trap.

An important practice that you should emphasis on is the use of the sealant tapes. You should ensure that you use the sealant tapes whenever you are connecting two pipes with a socket so as to prevent and leaked. It is also important to ensure that all the pipes are fastened to a flat surface to ensure that the socks are not damaged if any one steps on them.

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How to start a home cleaning career

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They say that to get to the top is as simple as getting off the bottom. Thats what there is to every business idea and its execution even as we speak of a home cleaning career. To start this, we have to analyze various factors that go all round in determining if the business is executable and most so profitable. First and foremost one has to take a keen look on the strengths that he or she has as the basics of starting such a career. Such strengths include the availability of an academic background that has something to do with home cleaning procedures and techniques that one can present to the possible clients and market themselves to the public. Other than the education we also have more to strength like a ready market of the service to be given where there is acceptability by everyone around. This acceptability comes from trust that one has built all along in the various interactions with the locals and the ability to win favor over others due to the services that you give over others. From the strengths we have the analysis of the weaknesses of the individual. Such may include lack of confidence, the financial stand of the person and the availability of a place that the person can operate from. After knowing all this, one can come up with possible solutions that can bridge the weaknesses to somehow be the strengths after sometime. We have opportunities that are part of the considerations to consider when one wants to start a home cleaning career. Opportunities are more of external factors that have an effect on the desired business plan but one has no control over. These include the government which may promote the growth of such an industry giving you an extra hand in the establishment.

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Advantages Of Using Tile Roofing

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Traditionally tile that were used for roofing were made of clays. This gave the houses a distinctive, aesthetic look and was preferred for residential roofing.

The drawback of this roofing system was that the clay tiles were heavy and in most cases needed more reinforcement. This is long gone as the modern roofing tiles are made of lighter materials but they still have the distinctive traditional look.

There are advantages associated with the tile roofing system and I have highlighted some of them below


The tiles have a long life span as compared to the other roofing materials like the shingles. The roofing tiles can last as long as 50 as they can withstand harsh conditions like very hot sunshine or the rain.

The tiles are not easily blown-off by the wind and they remain intact event in stormy areas.

The design of the tiles enables easier installation just like the installation process of the shingles. It is hard to position a tile incorrectly as the grove ensures that tiles in a line are aligned.

The tiles are preferred by people who would like to cut down on energy expenses. This is because the tile will keep your home warmer in the cold season and will insulate your home against heat in the hot season

The roofing tiles also minimize the probability of having a leaking roof due to the design of their installation sequence.

Clay tiles are environmental friendly unlike the shingles which are the cause of a lot of roofing waste.

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Landscaping costs

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Landscaping is an act of using specific proven techniques to make the space near a building more beautiful. In this case land excavation may be needed after a series of site analysis and a proper plan design is developed. Landscaping may also involve having more features on the site rather than the main building that enhance the beauty of the site after landscaping is completed. For these reason, it is a wise idea to have a cost analysis of the whole process so that you dont end up dedication more or less funds for the whole landscaping process.

In this article, we are going to analyze some of the main features of landscaping that you should have a look at so as to have a rough estimate of the whole process.

The size of the site to be landscaped

This is the size of the whole area that you will be working on excluding spaces taken by the main buildings and any walking paths. If current grass structure will be left untouched, you can also eliminate its size.

The tools to be used

The tools to be used will dictate if you have to buy, rent or borrow them. In a large area that will need large land movers, you should estimate the amount needed for the machine, the personnel needed to operate on these machines and the total fuel expected to be used.

Seeds of the various plantations

The cost can be calculated by the number of seeds needed per unit area. You also have to calculate the amount needed for the manual work of the actual planting ad recurring cost due to maintenance such as watering the flowers and taking care of them.

Materials needed for the extra features

All the materials should be accounted for. If you are going to set up a fountain and a fish pond, you should need to estimate the cost of the materials like the sand, cement, stones and certainly all the piping materials.

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What is power washing?

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  Sometimes at home you may be confronted by cleaning tasks that a typical water hose cannot remove the clinging soil particles or some developing mildews. You will notice that no matter how long you spend your time cleaning the surface, the dirt will just resist the pressure of the water from the hose and the broom. The surface can be your drive or a walking path. If you desperately need to remove the dirt from these surfaces, you should consider using power washing as a last resort.

If you are wondering, power washing is a technique that is used to remove the dirt from the surface using high pressure water jet from pressure machine. The power machine is designed to pressurize water from a tank and push it through a small nozzle so as to create a high speed jet that can remove the clinging dirt easily. The advantage of power washing is that no matter how clinging the dirt is, you can also ways be able to remove it.

Power cleaning should be used by an expert or at least you should have experience with power machines. Power washing can destroy surfaces and you should know which surfaces you should use this technique on. You should be careful when you are cleaning the drive as particles of the cement between the bricks can ricochet towards you or someone standing nearby. For these reason, it is a wise idea to invest on nice working garments and well fitting goggles to avoid having particles entering you eyes. You should be well advised that the jet is highly dangerous if it comes into contact with your skin. Do not ever direct the stream towards your body or someone else standing by. Always switch of the running machine before you change a nozzle or you can have your fingers cut off by the speed of the jet.

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The pros and cons of oil based and water based paints

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The aim of any paint work is to leave the painted surface as clean and attractive as possible. Most professional painters have gained a lot of experience and skills when it comes to mixing the paint so as to come up with a high quality paint work. In the market you will find a number of paint types that have been introduced by various manufactures but the original oil-based and water-based paints can still be found. The companies that come up with the paints technology try to remove the volatile organic compounds (also known as VOCs) as these compounds that are known to have adverse health risks. As the water-based paints have low VOCs, they are more preferred than the oil-based paint which most manufactures are trying to eradicated due to their high levels of VOCs.

The reason why the oil-based paints are still in use is because some of the experts argue that the oil-based paint have a better finish than the water-based paint. The oil paints also beats the water paints in the ease of use category as the oil paint have a leveling effect that makes the finish more smooth than that of the water paints. Oil based paints also have the shiny finish that is preferred for most polished wood finish and the pain work is very durable.

The water based paints are known to have a shorter drying time and all you have to do is use plain water if you want to clean your tools. The water paint doesnt yellow due to UV light exposure. The disadvantage of the water paint is that you cannot use it to have a high polish as in the case of the oil based. In case you want the paint work to last longer, you should consider using double layers. The water based paint should be an undercoat while you can apply the oil-based paint for the over coat for a high shiny finish.

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