4 Benefits Of An Energy Audit In The Home

If you have been living for years with drafty windows and doors, and a furnace that runs inefficiently, you are throwing money out your window. Each year, homeowners are shelling out hundreds of dollars if not more on poor energy use; however many homeowners do not even realize there are problems. You can stop throwing out hard earned dollars on poor energy use by contacting a professional to come and do a home energy audit.

You can significantly reduce your utility bills by having a home audit done. By having your home’s important components analyzed such as chimneys, combustion equipment, attics, building envelopes, and crawlspaces, an energy audit will give you an overview of how your home or building works.

Having this type of audit done will help to reduce utility bills, since heat transmission and air leaks are located precisely and can be removed efficiently and cost-effectively.

1. Reduce Energy Bills

The professional home energy auditor is trained to find the locations that energy is being used inefficiently and wasted in your home. Also, they will provide you with a detailed report that will outline improvements that are cost-effective and will significantly reduce your utility bills.

2. Increase Comfort

When you take advantage of a home audit through a certified professional, you will immediately notice the difference. Sealing air handler ducts that are leaky, air sealing, replacing an old air conditioner or old furnace, and adding insulation will offer you a more comfortable home.

3. Improve Indoor Air Quality

When your indoor air quality is poor, it can contribute to things like asthma, allergies, or worse health problems. Poor air quality can be caused by anything from cigarette smoke, pet dander, toxins, mold spores, or insufficient ventilation, which will present potential health issues. While getting a home energy audit done, the professional will check to see if you have adequate home ventilation and will determine what needs to happen to increase better quality air in your home.

4. Raise the Resale Value of Home

Due to energy prices increasing; increased concern about man-made environment change, and volatile market conditions, homes and buildings that are energy efficient can enjoy increased demand in a poor housing market. You can enjoy higher resale value of your home in the long run with energy efficient improvements.

Based on the certified professionals data collected and observations, they will recommend specific improvements they think will reduce wasted energy inside your home. This could be weather stripping, installing a high-efficiency HVAC unit in your home, adding in more insulation, or installing replacement windows.

You can save up to 20% or more on your monthly energy bills by following the recommendations of this professional, which will put more money back in your pockets. You no longer have to be throwing your hard earned money out the windows; but rather, you can enjoy comfort all year long. You can rest easy knowing that a simple home audit will help you improve the overall quality of your home living.

Michael Eslick is a professional AC Consultant who works with HVAC company CPHAC advising them on use of new technology and installation methods.