Basic IP Address

Most people do not understand what comprises an IP address. To them, it is mostly a bunch of numericals that are separated by full stops. Although the meaning is not clear in tself, but the purpose of an IP address is easily grasped. Plainly put, the IP address is a sort of an identifying device amongst millions of Internet users. It is important to have an IP address, to determine the location of the device and also to ensure no two devices have the same address. To solve these problems, computer engineers came up with a solution. The strung four segments of numbers  together and named it as IPv4. The series is one such IP address or IPv4, used to identify devices.

There are usually three sets of private IP address, one of which is, used by network devices namely routers as their default IP address. One common problem that arises from use (or rather overuse) of this IP address is, there may be multiple users using the same IP address. It is recommended to change the default IP address, to a personalized address, before adding it to the network. The user guide that is provided with the device will help one set up a new private IP.

The IP is the default Internet Protocol for most residential broadband routers. The address was initially used by Linksys and from then onwards, it has been adopted by devices used  for residential networks such as Westell, netgear and so on.

In today’s world everything comes with a red tape. The scenario is not all that different in the cyber world too. To regulate the use of the same IP address over and over again, there is a body called Request for Comment. The RFC has defined is that particular address that can be marked as a private address which people can use to access the Internet. There are other addresses too within the range of to and To make the identification more convenient, RFC has aligned them as follows: to as 24 bit-block, to as 20-bit block, and 192. 168.255.255 as 16 bit-block.

For those, who cannot establish the network connections, with the address of, there are plenty of options. Aside from this particular IP address, private users can also make a choice between the IP address such as and Establishing one’s personal IP address is an easy task if one has the basic knowledge in setting legal Internet Protocols . This address is also used as a default in case of D-Link router meant for its webpage access. From this window one can access the modem’s settings by default and adjust address filtering, MAC, LAN, WEP and network settings and so on.

To access the IP, one needs to type on the browser’s address bar. Then hit Enter, and click the ‘Go’ link. Here, in this window, one can make changes according one’s needs and requirements. This enables one to configure the device to be used for establishing networks.