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Where to Get the Best Free Emoticons

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Communication has various forms of manifesting itself. Language and writing is only a form of conveying a message. With the Internet, communicating has advanced to a whole new level. Conveying emotions through writing has always been a daunting task. The difficulty in the conveyance of emotions gave rise to the need for emoticons in the day-to-day interaction over the world wide web. It has not been noted when the emoticon was first used, but the earliest credit has been attributed to Scott Fahlman in 1982. Before that, it has been widely acclaimed, in 1979, Kevin Mackenzie, came up the tongue-in-cheek which was something like this -). But the reaction to his suggestion, was not too encouraging. These days, the trend is free emoticons. It is possible to download them as per need.


Smileys are famous over the Internet for their happy expressions. They are used as a morale-booster in communication. It was introduced in 1960s and it has gained prominence since then. Smileys are a result of development of the Internet and modern graphics. There have been thousands of graphical smileys and now most of them are animated. The first smileys were smiling faces, but today there are so many varieties to them. The smileys were introduced two decades before the advent of emoticons, there is no doubt that the free emoticons of those days were majorly influenced by smileys.

Purpose of Emoticons

Emoticons have been developed as a replacement of facial expressions to avoid misunderstandings. Recognising the need for emoticons there have been many books that have been written on the subject. Some forums also accept emoticons. For instance, in Internet forums, emoticons change into corresponding images. In some versions of Microsoft Word, basic emoticons are recognised such as the 🙂 or the :(. With the introduction of richer media in online communication, graphical emotions become more and more popular. As the popularity of animation formats continued to grow, free emoticons started being a part of chat servers like Windows Live Messenger, MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk, Skype, AOL Instant Messenger (AIM)

Internet Usage

Many chat sites allow the usage of emoticons to help effective communication. There are various sites where one can download free emoticons if one does not have the required ones. There are millions of categories of emoticons that are available. There are different versions of the usage of emoticons though. Few people use a “left-handed smiley” which goes something like (:. This can cause miscommunication, because it can also be interpreted as a frown. East Asian emoticons are a different genre. It is usually in the format where the superscripts are the eyes and the underscore is the mouth. Here are some of the East Asian characters listed below:

^_^ Smiley Emoticons

~_~ content

> .< sad, oh no

*_* ?

-_- sleepy

T_T flowing tears

Western Emoticons

There is a western style of emoticons which is used by most of the world. The list of emoticons and their meanings are given below:

🙂 smile

🙁 sad

X-( angry

:-S confused

B-) cool

:-‘( crying

|_p cup of coffee

*-* dazed

=P frustrated

😎 glasses

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How to Get Free Emoticons

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Emoticons are chiefly accepted in the virtual world, found across many online applications such as instant messengers, emails and chat rooms.  They are in addition universally popular with mobile phone users. Emoticons allow users to express their feelings by or without the use of words.  In a fair amount cases they cancel ambiguity which may be present when persons participate in written communication; emoticons offer the visual to the conversation’s tone.

While a few persons are permitted to access ready-to-use emoticons in some applications, there is the option to personalize and customize your emoticon library.  Emoticons can be accessed by using a number of online websites which provide thousands of illustrations for users to choose from.  The ideal thing is that a wide range can be downloaded free of cost.

Some sites customize their emoticons for certain applications or services. Services such as Yahoo Messenger and MSN Messenger have their own array of emoticons specifically provided by online internet sites. is one such site that specializes in free emoticons for distinct applications. The site offers an assortment that covers just about every mood or expression a person may want to convey. is a different free of charge website offering a selection of over six thousand free emotions.  The site provides animated emoticons, Smiley Emoticons, funny emoticons, and naughty emoticons, along with a assemblage of other emoticon picks.  These emoticons are convenient for MSN, MSN Messenger, Hotmail, Outlook, Yahoo, and many other online systems. offers free emoticons for social networking sites like Facebook, and MySpace, and blogs and forums.  So if you would like to enhance your profile page or forum post these emoticons are ideal.

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A List of Free Emoticons

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Emoticons are typically text-based faces and objects that help give the reader a feel of the writer’s feelings behind the text. For for instance, the classic =) face demonstrates that the writer is joyous about something or that his message is in good humor. The =P face is applied to show frustration or to say “Whatever…” Emoticons can also be used to create real-world objects. For example, a @–>–>— constitutes a long-stemmed rose, used to show admiration.

Emoticons can in addition be used to depict people or objects usingmerely text characters. For example, |_P could be a cup of coffee, while (_8^ (1) might be used to appear as Homer Simpson. Because it is often difficult to articulate feelings when communicating by text, emoticons help convey your real feelings. However, when you use unique or uncommon emoticons, you run the risk of the other person not interpreting the emoticon and therefore incorporating more chaos to the message. For this cause, it is usually best to stick to commonly used emoticons.

An emoticon list allows users to search for specific emoticons by typing in a key word or by browsing through a list of emoticons. The emoticon list varies as a number of symbols may represent the very same things. The abnormality comes from the different applications which use emoticons as well as the imaginative keyboard shortcuts that people conceive to convey expressions. Wikipedia contains a list of notable and commonly used emoticons or textual portrayals of a writer’s mood or facial expression in the form of icons. The list divulges two types, the Western and the Eastern. The Western use of emoticons is considerably different than the Eastern use, and Internet forums, such as 2channel, show expressions in their own ways. In current times, graphic representations, both static and animated, have acquired the place of traditional emoticons.

The emoticons constituted in the Sharpened Emoticons list go from very common to rather uncommon. Therefore, some will be recognized by your instant messaging program, while others will not. provides different lists distinct to instant messaging applications. These are composed of AOL Instant Messenger, Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo Messenger and ICQ Instant Messenger. For example the keyboard shortcut for Angel in AOL O 🙂 is different from the one used in Windows (a).

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Download Free Emoticons

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Emoticons can be downloaded for many applications inclusive of Yahoo messenger, Windows Live Messenger, Face book, Skype, MAC and for Blackberry Messenger to name a few. The typical consensus is that the emoticons download is reasonably easy to handle and can be done free of cost on a number of available websites!

Tracked as far back as the nineteenth century where they were traditionally used in casual/humorous writing; emotions have developed into one of the notably common and fun internet applications worldwide. One of the most common emoticons typeset is the smiley face which was developed in 1963 by freelance artist Harvey Ball. The smiley face became the founding basis for all various emoticons that came following.

Emoticons are graphics used to exhibit emotional meaning in a written format. A fusion of the words emotion and icon, emoticons show meaning by using symbols or icons. They are frequently used in online communication, and more commonly in messaging applications such as MSN Messenger and Yahoo Messenger. These applications also come with standard emoticons but users are able to grow their number by downloading emoticons from online websites.

The first step to downloading emoticons is to do an internet scan for online sites that provide them. There are sites that will allow this business for free, so state this in your search engine. Free emoticons can be acquired on websites suchas and, which offer emoticon downloads for free; check through a number of sites and select the service that best represents your needs.

Once you choose your emoticon site, browse the emoticons accessible and select the ones you elect to download to your computer. A great deal of sites will feature a “Download” button. Press the button and you can then save the file to your computer. Display your new emoticons in the messenger or email program of your choice.

Exercise care when downloading anything online. You should have an active anti-virus program on your computer in the event of any possible virus downloads.

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