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Overseas Contract Jobs – Expand Your Horizon

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Overseas contract jobs is the gate for ambitious people to spread wings. Working in overseas contract jobs can help a person attain multiple skills. The exposure of working in a country as a foreigner helps people gain an understanding of a country.



When it comes to an individual’s career, very few people have the aptitude for the same kind of job. One needs to be able to excel at the career or occupation he/she takes up. Most people do not like working in their own country and hence look for jobs that will give them an opportunity to travel. One of the occupation that falls under this category is overseas contract jobs. This line of employment experienced a small backwardness, when the demand for this area was less, but now there are excellent opportunities for people in this field. As it is in any job, one must look for vacancies, so that one can apply for them. But before filing an application, must know or possess basic construction skills to truly make a mark.


Before getting into the industry, one must have an idea which country one wishes to apply for. Once the choice of a country has been made, one can start researching the situation of available construction jobs in that country. The extensive survey regarding the preferred country should be done in the levels of macro and micro. This helps candidates give a clearer picture of the company, one is applying for. One must also take into account the economic factors of the country and not forget to consider the economy as a whole. Apart from the economic factor remember to check the social factors too and if they are convergent with the prospective candidate’s ethics.


These days, with the recession on the rise, and even higher unemployment rates an increasing number of people are looking for options that will provide a strong backup. For most, the solution lies in overseas contract jobs, usually in the Middle East. While there is a lot of opportunities, the competition puts the determination of the candidate through a severe test. Due to this reason, people may take time to find a job to their liking. There are numerous benefits to working for overseas companies. For instance, for people who love travelling and discovering new cultures, finding jobs abroad can help one pursue their passions and make a decent living too. The Middle East culture is rich in history and culture. There are more options in Middle East to work for, other than war-ravaged areas such as Iraq or Afghanistan. Most people land jobs in relatively safer countries such as Kuwait or Bahrain or Dubai.Money is also the main lure for people opting for work overseas. Jobs in the contracting industry can pay a whopping $80,000 to a $ 100,000 a year and the money is completely tax free. Adding to that, most companies usually pay for the food and lodging during the contract. The quality of one’s accomodation may vary, but at times, if one is fortunate enough, they may get to reside in a well-furnished apartment.


Overseas contract jobs are not the only line of employment one works for. There are different job opportunities and different levels of position is available. For instance people can work in security, IT, transportation and so much more. It all bolis down to the career goals of a candidate and his determination to overcome obstacles. Then, like everything else, job-search will be a piece of cake.

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Nothing mercenary about mercenary jobs

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Mercenary jobs are no less gallant than serving under the fire, for a country. The mercenary jobs are easy to come by, but one needs to keep themselves in shape, both physically and mentally. Although one works in an office but he needs to adhere to the discipline of the military.


To have an idea about what a career in mercenary requires one needs to know what is the meaning of mercenary. The word is derived from merces in Latin which means fees or compensation. They are soldiers hired by an overseas or foreign country. They have played an important role since historic times and have been a part of the security forces since there have been wars. They are known by different synonyms such as overseas security consultants and they work for consultants. They may be rewarding financially and personally, but challenging physically and mentally. The job is not easy. The job involves concentration, dedication and persistence.


It is very easy to bag mercenary jobs. However there are some requirements one needs to fulfill certain paramenters. Some positions require a bachelor’s degree and experience with special military operations. The career path has a lot of potential but it is not advisable for people who want to earn material wealth. The training will be full of intense physical exertions, but that is just the tip of the iceberg. One of the mercenary jobs profile description requires a candidate, while in the army to make progress by working up the ranks or be offered a position on the special operation teams. If a candidate has doubts regarding the duration of his stint in army, three years should be more than enough. One thing the army man must remember is, if his career goals lies towards being a mercenary, he must be honourably discharged before moving ahead. The army only offers higher ranks, but it rarely offers a career path to being a mercenary.


There are other requirements too. One must not forget, he is still a part of the military. So, the requirements are pretty much the same. He needs to keep himself in shape both physically and mentally. Corporations will rarely spend time or show enthusiasm towards ill-kept candidates. The mental challenges are no less complicated than the physical ones.


Once the applicant is prepared, it is time to take the next step. In recent times, most mercenary corporations have had websites. The applicant can send in his application to the website of the company he wishes to work for. Just like every other job application, it is important to do one’s homework and research thoroughly.


There are pros and cons to every job and industry. The pros are, it usually pays very well and there are promotions too. And if the person is excellent in mercenary jobs, he may gain a solid reputation. The cons are very dangerous, at times they can be life threatening. Ultimately, he is a soldier for sale and this is what he needs to remember at all times. He should not let his personal ideals or beliefs obstruct him. He needs to let everything come in second to his country.And most of his work is primarily confidential, so secrecy is of top priority.


Last, but far from the least keeping a clean military record is a way one can be a success at mercenary jobs. The dedication and patriotism to one’s country will help a truly dedicated person to achieve his dream.

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How to Become a Movie Critic

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Do you want to make a living as a movie critic? It’s not the easiest profession in the world to break into, but it can be a satisfying and lucrative career if you’re good at it. Roger Ebert seems to be making a reasonably good living anyway. (I’m not sure about Leonard Maltin or Gene Shalit, though.) But most people don’t get into the film critic business to get rich. They’re interested in movies, and they want to watch lots of movies and then write about them. Here are some tips for you if you want to pursue a career in writing about movies.

1. Get a journalism degree. Writing about movies for a newspaper or magazine is a journalism occupation, so having a degree in journalism can help open doors for you. This isn’t a strict requirement, and a film degree will work just as well as a journalism degree a lot of the time. Some people don’t need any kind of degree at all in order to make a living as a movie critic, but that’s trickier than you might think.

2. Watch a lot of movies. Don’t just watch current movies either. Film critics who have worthwhile opinions are able to put movies into the context of what’s come before. You can write a better review of the upcoming Arthur remake if you’ve seen the original Dudley Moore vehicle.

3. Read about movies. Another way to learn about films and movies is by reading a lot. Don’t just read online. Buy some books too. Don’t just read movie reviews. Read movie critic interviews, too–if you can find them.

4. Launch a website. Some people who are really good at search engine stuff can make a living running a website about movies, but that’s not as easy as some of your get rich quick gurus would like you to think it is. You don’t have to launch a site that focuses exclusively on movie reviews either. People love to read movie questions and answers, too. Movie news and movie gossip are also both popular topics to write about.

If you want to become a movie critic, you have a lot of work ahead of you.

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How to Formate a Business Letter

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Formatting a Business letter –

A business letter is different compared to a normal informal letter. If you want to write one, it is important to know all the steps and procedures. This article will help you in writing one. There are people all over the world who do not know how to write a business letter, and end up making mistakes. With the help of these few tips and guidelines, you need not ever make the mistakes again.

Date –

The date should be mentioned at least 2 or 3 lines, below the letterhead. And it should be given in full, i.e. date, month and year.

Address –

The basics of writing a good business letter are easy to learn and very important. When it comes to formatting, you will be required to write the address of the person or the company at the top left of the paper. The address of your company should be at the right of the center of the page. In the inside address write the name and address of the person to whom the letter is addressed to. Remember to include everything in the to and from address, including the street address, city and zip code.

Salutation –

The salutation should be typed in the left side, below the address. While typing the salutation you must write Dear Mr/Ms ABC followed by a colon.

Body –

While writing a letter, it is very important to know the audience who is going to be reading the letter. You will need to introduce yourself in the beginning, before proceeding onto the contents of the letter. After introducing yourself, it is good to give an introduction about the subject matter as well. Remember to sound as professional as possible. There needs to be a balance between explaining the matter under discussion and doing into a deep explanation about the topic. You will need to give the information that is necessary, at the same time not make it boring. To make your letter professional you need to give all the facts, figures, reasons and even examples to help make the topic clear.

While finishing the letter it is also just as important to not only explain the problem or the situation in hand, but also to offer an appropriate solution or propose the next step. It is crucial for you to end the letter with a solution in hand, as without it your letter is incomplete. If needed you may also ask the reader of the letter for a solution or their opinions on the matter at hand. Also make sure you have given your contact address or phone number, if the reader of the letter wishes to contact you.

It is important to note that in case you are enclosing any letters or documents along with your business letter, please mention them in the letter as well. And if you are referring to any particular person in the letter, who maybe anyone except the intended reader, it is good to mention their details as well.

Closing of the letter –

The closing of the letter is done by typing “Yours sincerely” or “Thank you”, and on the next line the signature of the sender is affixed. Make sure the letter is signed in black or blue ink only.

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The Basics Of Overseas Construction Jobs

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With the amount of information available on the web finding jobs in other countries has been made much simpler. Locating construction jobs overseas is not an exception to this rule–like any other jobs in other countries, landing a construction job overseas is only a matter of good online research.

There is always construction being conducted in virtually every part of the world. However, there seems to be certain countries where building activity is greater than in other places. Either way, finding a job in overseas construction can be a fun, valuable and rewarding learning experience.

Now, the most relevant question is what can you expect in international overseas construction jobs? There are a variety occupations that need to be filled in within the overseas building trades, so whatever skill level you have, there is a great opportunity for locating work.

Some main construction industry jobs you can look forward to applying for are:

Bricklayer jobs

Carpenter jobs

Ceiling fixer jobs

Concrete formwork jobs

Joiner jobs

Plaster jobs

Steel fixer jobs

Pipeline jobs

Level of formal education is not usually the focus for employers hiking workers for hands-on, labour-intensive jobs in the construction sector like any of the above mentioned. What they do typically emphasise is a prospect’s work experience. The more extensive your construction sector background, the your prospects of landing a job.

If you are interested in managerial positions in the construction industry, then your education background is also something that potential employers will consider. A degree in disciplines like civil engineering or construction science will improve your chances of getting a higher paying construction sector job abroad.

How to Get an International Overseas Construction Job

Fist visit recruitment agencies, most of which many have online presence. The job of a recruitment agency is to find suitable candidates for employers while also aiding job applicants develop their careers. Keen on working in Dubai? Then, look for agencies that post about job openings in Dubai’s construction sector.

Create as attractive resume, with three pages outlining your important experience. Make sure the information given is sufficient to present to a potential employer.

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Look More Pipeline Jobs Available

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Pipeline jobs are extensively available across the United States as new pipelines are built every year. Currently over 200,000 miles of pipeline exist in the United States alone and several hundred thousand more miles elsewhere around the globe. Pipelines are extremely expensive to build but as soon as they are laid down, this network of oil tunnels is a lot cheaper than constantly paying maintenance fees for trucks, ships, and staff.

That is why agencies are constantly willing to pay out a lot of money in order to employ skilled professionals to build jobs, as well as the best salaries, are found in remote areas where oil is excavated from the ground. This generally takes place in Alaska, the Gulf of Mexico and along the pacific and Atlantic coastlines. The more unsafe and exotic the area, the more you will be paid.

What living conditions will be like?

oftentimes the living arrangements of a pipeline worker are not very desirable. Usually, you will be living in a remote Alaskan neighbourhood or off on a coast some place, but occasionally you can find pipeline work in your own town. It is dependent on where pipelines are required to be laid down. Your living conditions will differ what they are like now, and will involve many hours of hard labour, low food rationing, and maybe areas where wild animals settle.

How much will you get paid?

Generally pipeline jobs are not long term work. But the time you spend getting down and dirty on the pipes will be well worth it. The salary for pipeline work can vary greatly depending on loads of different factors like area and arrangement.

How you should prepare?

Already got a job at a pipeline? You will need to ready yourself for the position. Depending on the climate of your new locale, you should take suitable apparel, buying anything you need and do not already have. If you are married, you may want to set up for your cheques to be available to your wife and children is you are a parent.

Read here for more information on top job search websites.

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A Few Guidelines on Evening Jobs

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In these difficult financial times when it is getting harder and harder to make ends meet and take care of the little things that come up every day. When jobs are getting so limited, people are seeking ways of supplementing their present wages or attempting to uncover alternate ways of earning an income besides a 9-5 job.

As a result numerous people now have 2, or even 3 jobs, or in the case of people that were jobless, they obtain an evening job which allows them to have their days free and in a number of situations to work from home. But what does an evening job entail and how does a person go about getting one?

Well in general evening jobs will be similar to jobs which are done 9-5, nursing, bartending, truck driving, sales, stock trading, mail sorting. These are only some of the evening jobs that are available; evening jobs can involve shorter hours than typical day jobs and have the added benefit of paying as much as or more than a regular day job. However, it can be extremely hard to acquire an evening job and more so to find one that pays well, as such here are a few tips about evening jobs, the most advantageous ones and how to secure one.

The first step in getting a good evening job is to use the resource right at your fingertips – the worldwide web. There are numerous websites on the internet which will show you a listing of evening jobs. Where they are based, the requirements for securing one and the salary that goes along with it so that interested people know everything that is involved and knows from the very beginning whether or not he/she is qualified for a job and should apply for the opening.

If you do observe a job online which you are qualified for and which you think is what you are looking for, you may go ahead and apply on the internet or physically give your application to the possible employer. Going in person does have several advantages and your application will be more impressionable if your employer has a chance to see you. However, this is not a must so if it is easier for you to apply online then you may.

Aside from the financial advantages of working in the evening there are other benefits such as: minimal traffic to deal with, fewer meetings and a increased likelihood of being promoted since there are fewer staff on the evening shift. Naturally working evenings means that one works into the night and misses out on being home with his/her family.

Nevertheless it is possible to possess an evening job while still finding family time if one has one of several home office jobs. In a home office job an individual may be either self employed or working for a corporation without leaving the protection of his/her home. Internet marketing is a accurate example of a home office job that pays well while permitting workers to determine their own hours and simultaneously have a full-time job if they wish.

Even though money is probably the largest drive when persons set out to find an evening job, it is not the sole element to consider; if individuals are trying to get an evening job while keeping a ordinary day job. It is recommended to choose an evening job that is not so very demanding that it prevents you from getting a high-quality, productive day job. You want to ensure that he/she are not so drained by one job that you cannot properly perform the other, or cannot appropriately function when you are busy in other activities.

Find more tips here on how to find a job.

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A Communication Jobs As a Career

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Advertising programs are generally housed with journalism or mass communication departments, although they may be a part of a communication or business course.

Jobs in advertising include: advertising or marketing professional, copy writer, account executive, sales manager, media planner, media buyer, creative director, media sales representative, and public opinion researcher.

Many students today are showing an interest in a communication career.

Communication subjects that can emphasize an advertising career involve: marketing, copy writing, research methods, persuasion, advertising and society, mass media, interpersonal communication, mass media law, media production, public speaking, and small group communication.

Communication Education

Communication educators are hired at all educational levels—elementary and secondary schools, community colleges, colleges and universities. Most communication faculty members are found at the collegiate level. To teach communication in an elementary or secondary school you require to get certification. Each state has its own laws, but almost all need a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in the sector you will be teaching. Becoming an teacher at the college level normally needs a doctoral degree, though some community colleges will employ a candidate with a master’s degree. Community colleges tend to prefer graduates who have a general communication degree so they can teach a a number of courses. Four-year schools, especially research and graduate level universities, prefer candidates trained in a specific area, such as organizational communication, rhetoric and public address, or interpersonal communication.


The field of broadcasting is going through a period of fast change. One of the trends is the mixture of radio and television with computers and interactivity. Even the title of the field is shifting from the present emphasis on broadcasting to electronic media.

JOURNALISM (Print or Electronic)

Journalism involves researching and gathering data and communicating it to the public through writing, speaking, visual, or electronic means. Collegiate enrollment in journalism programs remains fairly steady.  Roughly 50 percent of journalism graduates find work in the sector within six to eight months after completing their undergraduate degree.

How to Select Candidates to Interview

Your starting point, du scheduling a job interview with a candidate, is to review each candidate’s:

Resume cover letter and


When faced with 100-200 individuals, it is important to use devices that separate the great individuals from the many. These will aid you select the individual for the job interview. They will also help you prepare your list of questions to employ to telephone screen candidates and query during the job interviews.

Here’s more information on overseas careers

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