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50s Belted Dress

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Ever wondered what dresses do people wear in the 1950s?

After the World War II, it became fashionable to wear clothing that used a lot of fabric. Womens skirt got longer and fuller which often includes multiple petticoats underneath to show off their fullness. For older women, they wore full long gowns, straight skirts, wrap dresses and swing skirts. Teenage girls wore poodle skirts. Most of the 1950s dresses were meant to be worn belted, or with a girdle or waist cincher underneath. This look gives you a longer, smoother and a curvier look. Some dresses were cut with a rounded shoulder look which you should try to avoid as they can make you look slump shouldered and shrink your torso.

Skirts during those days were either full or pencil thin. The pencil thin skirt was a tight fitting skirt that hugged the hips and narrowed down to the knees. Belts were the most common ladies accessories during those days.

Dresses for women in the 50s had a round, full skirt often belted at the waist. Some had short sleeves, no sleeves with a high collar or the popular halter style tied at the neck. The 1950s dressmaking pattern is made up of expensive fabric such as shot silk home dressmakers could save money by making her own dresses. When trimmed with a fashionable fake flower and a matching stole added, the outfit offered an element of originality. A belted dress pattern could just as easily be made up in a washable cotton summer dress. This self sewing dress made the women crave for glamour which they were able to recreate themselves. Dressmaking pattern manufacturers responded by creating stylish dress patterns that are easy to sew.

For the 50s, simpler easy to make sewing patterns are a hit.

1950s fashion sense leaned toward on the glamorous look. Movie stars like Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelly and Elizabeth Taylor were looked up to by women everywhere. Many of the styles of clothing for women today are patterned from these movie icons in the 50s costumes..

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Top 3 Halloween Kids Costumes of 2011

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Halloween is the favorite time of kids after Christmas. On this occasion, they get to wear their favorite costumes and get free treats from neighbors. Even adults find dressing up for Halloween an exciting time. However, it usually takes time to prepare and think of a nice costume. There are even those who spend hundreds of dollars just for accessories that would go with their costumes. For toddlers, here are the top 3 Halloween Costumes of 2011:
1. Mermaid Halloween Costume

Little girls still love to play as mermaids every Halloween. These costumes usually come with sequins and matching seashell hair clips. Theyre made from Lurex character dress. For toddlers sized 2- to 4-T, the price would range from $29 to $30.
2. Heirloom Elephant Costume

For little boys, this is the popular choice for 2011. It features a high quality interior lining which keeps your toddler warm. For toddlers sized 2- to 4-T, the price would range from $39 to $40.
3. Cow Halloween Costume

This is a good costume for both little girls and boys. It features a soft panne character fabric. It also comes with a matching shag hair and character hood w/ ears as well as an attached cow tail. You just need to buy matching shoes and your little one is good to go. For toddlers sized 2- to 4-T, the price would range from $25 to $30.

Aside from these top 3 Halloween kids costumes, there are other popular costumes for 2011. This includes Darth Vader Halloween Costumes and Puppy Dog Costumes among others.

Buying toddler costumes should focus on the fun side of Halloween dressing up your little angels. Since theyre still young, its better to focus on beautiful / cute costumes as compared to getting them the scary ones. When you think about it, parents are actually having the best time than kids when they see their toddlers in cute costumes for the Halloween. Just dont forget that toddler costumes should have snaps for diaper removal and changes.

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Why people prefer Cinch Belt More?

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Do you have a waistline that needs to be curbed before your 22nd birthday? Do you pass the mannequins and wonder if you could wear those dresses one day when you have a waist to flaunt? All these woes of yours are long forgotten as fashion has a way to fix it all and for all those women who weep staring at their disfigured waists every morning in the mirror, cinch belts are perfect solutions. Now you must be wondering what a cinch belt is. Its no brain racker and surely is something that you must’ve seen in all those malls that you trot around every weekend. If we go by the conventional definition of cinch belts as the dictionary states, it is nothing but a wide belt of elastic, leather, or fabric with a clasp or lacing in front, worn tightly to make the waist look smaller. If put simply, its very close to a corset which when worn around the waist gives an impression of a smaller waist.

Historically, the popularity of the cinch belt was brought to surface by Diors New Look around 1947.As quoted by Dior I designed clothes for flower-like women, with rounded shoulders, full feminine busts, and hand-span waists above enormous spreading skirts. The hand-span waists so beloved by Dior were achieved by foundations garments, of which the most popular was the waist cincher, called the “waspie” or “guepiere it became the quintessential undergarment of the New Look. Such garments were worn tightly cinched at the waist to maintain your waist at its flattering best, restraining the figure in a slender silhouette.

Cinch belt is a great and fashionable option to don up any outfit you possess. With the ever changing fashion market, a great plethora of cinch belts are available now with a variety of colours and fabrics including leather, metal, cloth and woven material. Every simple dress can be transformed into a stunning ramp garment with the addition of one simple accessory called cinch belt.

Cinch belts are great options for a brunch or a late night party as it can really trim down your waist on those floral brunch frocks or can suck all your fat and make your waist as tiny as it can ever be on that black dress for a pub night. You could choose from a range of rhinestone embedded belts to a simple black cinch strap to dazzle in those parties.

While choosing your cinch belt, its important for you to take care that the material of the belt be soft as the skin in the waist area in sensitive and is prone to abrasions much more than other areas. You could go for options like tulle, silk, organza, lace, gauze or linen as these materials are soft and wont cause much trouble to your waist. You should also try and feel the belts before you buy them as if they are too tight then it might just get a little uncomfortable for you, hence, allow an extra 1 inch of breathing space for a comfortable fit. Also note that too tight a belt would spill out those unruly bulges from sides which would defeat your attempt of looking slimmer and would make your figure shapeless.

You can use your imagination to the last bit with this accessory as it goes with everything including, jeans, tee shirts, dresses. You name it and you have it well teamed up with a cinch belt. Just note that if you have any health issue that could get worsened with the tightness around your waist, then you should avoid wearing these, as remember, there is nothing more important than your health.

Cinch belts are a great option for women with fuller figures as they emphasise the waist line, highlighting the thighs and breasts. Its totally up to you how you want to carry it to maximise your sexuality and minimise the flaws of your figure.

Thus, before you go for a cinch belt, use your better judgment and decide how you wish to flaunt your figure and use the belt to create an illusion of a lessened girth and a slender waistline.

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Homemade Gorilla Suit Costumes

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Gorilla suit costumes are a classic, and it doesn’t matter what you’re dressing up for. A gorilla suit costume is just as appropriate at a science fiction convention as it is at a Halloween party. And new versions of the classic gorilla costume look more realistic than ever.

Making your own gorilla suit costume can be a challenge, but it can be a fun way to spend some time with one of your kids, and it can save you a little bit of money. If you’re handy and like doing craft type stuff, give making your own gorilla suit for Halloween a try.

Your gorilla suit will need arms and a torso, as well as pants. I recommend sweatshirts and sweatpants, in black or gray. You can then attach the fur to the appropriate places on the costume. Get yourself a cool gorilla mask to top it off with, and you’ve got a homemade gorilla costume that can’t be beat.

If you really want to have some fun with a gorilla suit, try emulating some of the early Planet of the Apes movies to see if anyone is nostalgic enough to remember the films and make the connection. If you’ve got some buddies who are also science fiction geeks, you could even have someone dress as Charlton Heston from the movie. If someone is creative and artistic, you could set up your own Statue of Liberty prop so that you can re-enact the end of the original movie. That will really drive the crowd wild.

How to Wear a Toga

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Toga was a garment that was worn in ancient Rome and till the recent times, was a clothing of intrigue. Contrary to the the popular belief, not everbody in ancient Rome wore it. It was basically a piece of clothing that was approximately 20 feet in length and was worn around the body, over a tunic. It is a two-piece clothing where the toga is made of wood, whereas the tunic is made of linen.

Initially the toga was worn by every citizen of the country, but later on it was restricted to only the men.

There is a bit of history behind this intriguing garment which continues to puzzle people till this date. If one casts his mind back, they will know ancient Roman had both freedmen and slaves. The toga was worn by the free Roman men only. The best part about Toga was (and still is) it requires almost no stitching. To hold it in place, at times a broach or some other kind of a clasp would be used to keep it in place. At times, lead weights were sown to keep it from flying since no other garment was worn beneath it. When a statesman was campaining for elections, he would use white chalk to make himself conspicuous. There were different togas for different occasions. For instance for a military man, the toga was a “toga picta” which had bright colors and embroidered. When a person was in mourning, he or she wore a “toga sordida” or a “toga pulla” which had darker hues.

In recent times, the togas have mainly gotten popular because of the increase in the frequency of certain costumes party such as the toga costume party. If one is planning to attend a party or make a toga just for fun, listed below are some points which will help one know how to make a toga. What does one need to make an impression at a toga party?

Materials required:

3 Safety Pins



Fabric which measres atleast 4 feet of fabric

Knowing how to make a toga does not require much time or effort. For those who feel extremely extravagrant, they are more than welcome to make a toga of 20 feet. To exercise caution, it is recommended to keep one’s toga length upto 4-6 feet.

Next, since the length of the fabric is 5 feet, one may fold the fabric in two parts, i.e., fold it in half. Use a pin and fix one end to one’s waist, and to wrap the fabric around it (waist) once. Then, the remaining part of the toga should be thrown around the shoulder, and pinned to the waist again.

To know how to make a toga, not only provides millions of fun options to people looking for a bit of fun, but also gives people an alternative from wearing the usual clothes for their wardrobe, day in and day out. It also helps one pass time constructively. Learn to make a toga today!

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How to Knit Basic Stitches

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Knitting is an expression of art, in which the yarn or the piece of thread comprises of pulling loops through each other. This can be done through hand or machine and there are various styles and methods through which one can experiment. There are different types of needles and threads that can change the entire get-up of the material that is being stitched. Without exception to rule, the purl stitch and the knit stitch, are present in every piece of stitched clothing. There are different types of knitting stitches, which will be discussed in the following lines.

Cast on- There are many ways to cast on, and each of them give a slightly varied finish. There are two versions of cast on- one with one needle, thumb cast on and for a slightly neater finish, the two needle cast on.

Cast Off- While knitting stitches, it is important to make a neat finish to give a good edge for sewing together.

Knit Stitch- It is one of the most essentials of knitting. To knit hats or scarves one needs to master knit stitches. These can be knit by using garter stitch. This form of knitting is the one in which every single row is knitted.

Purl Stitch- It is quite opposite to knit stitch. The yarn is held to the front of the knitting and the right needle is inserted from the back to the front into the first stitch on the left needle. The index finger can be used to wind the yarn around and down the right needle in a counter clockwise.

Garter Stitch- It involves every row in flat knitting. It is a very effective form of stitching for beginners. It is often used at the beginning and he end of a row to create flat, non-curling edges.

Ribbing stitch- This form of stitches is usually found at the hems and cuffs of sweaters. It is an elastic form of knitting stitches and is narrower than some other stitches such as stockinette.

Stockinette- It is one of the commonly used knitting patterns. One row is knit, followed by purl in the next, and a repetition of the pattern. They usually curl at the edges when not combined with other stitches such as non-curling, stitch patterns. There are two sides to it, stockinette stitch and the purl side is the reverse stockinette stitch.

There are other kinds of stiches too. For instance to decrease the stitches, or bring the knitting to a halt, the “knit 2 togetherstitch” (k2tog) is used. Since fabric cannot be cut into patterned shapes, knitters can use this method to shape their knitted piece. Another method is the slip stitch technique that is used to decrease by moving a stitch from the left needle to the right without working it. The yarn-over is for introducing holes or open work designs such as shawls which are usually porous.

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How to Get a Haircut for Curly Hair

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Hair is an important part of a person’s physical appearance. At times, the quantity and quality of hair can make or break an impression. The saying does read as “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder” but this may not be applicable in certain professions where one may have to rely on their physical appearances to get by. If not anything else, one can change his or hair style just to break the monotony. One such style that has gained prominence is to curl hair. For people with straight hair, this may add a bit of bounce and volume to hair. Fortunately, there are alternatives to spending huge amount of money in parlours, one can modify their hair style from the comfort of their home.

There are only a few things one may need when one is planning to curl hair. The products required are a blow dryer which is either ceramic or ionic and a comb. For best results, one can use Paul Mitchell Express Ion Dry v.1. When it comes to combs, there are number of professional combs used by hair dressers, which have no seams. This helps in the breakage of hair. For best results, the CERAM-ION Wide Tooth Rat Tail Ionic Comb is a sound recommendation. Then, one may need couple of clips to hold chunks of hair securely. Next a styling product and a thermal protectant which help provide protection from high temperatures of the flat/curling iron. Last, one requires a flat iron preferably with ceramic plates to smooth and fix strands of hair, with rounded plates. Now, that one has gathered the materials for modifying hair, the process may now be started.

Prepare the Hair- Before changing or modifying anything, the hair must be prepared for the transformation. The styling product has to be applied to the wet hair from the roots to the ends. Protectants such as Super Skinny Serum is applied to wet hair, and sprays such as ghd’s creation spray is to protect the hair from high temperatures, right before introducing the curling iron.

Dry- Hair has to be dry before applying heat. Most curling irons claim that they can be used on wet hair, but it may cause some damage to the hair. To curl hair successfully, it is recommended to either blow dry the hair or let it dry naturally.

Nourish and style it

Hair needs to be combed gently to remove tangles

The top 3/4 hair can be clipped with jaw clips, and the remaining 1/4 is left in a fringe around the head

Take some amount of hair and spray ghd’s creation spray, holding the hair 90 degrees away from the scalp.

Holding the air in the same position, the iron needs to be clamped over it. The hair can be turned either 180 degrees or 90 degrees depending on his curl taste.

The iron needs to be pulled through the entire section of the hair, slowly. The slower the iron is pulled, the tighter curls are. This process needs to be repeated as many times as needed.

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How to Design a Toga for Competition

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The toga is a garment which was worn in ancient Rome, that was around 20 feet in length and was wrapped around the body, normally over a tunic. The toga was made of wool while the tunic was made of linen. At first the toga was worn by both men and women however, later only Roman male citizens were allowed to wear a toga. Women and non-Roman citizens had to wear other garments.

The toga was looked upon as a sign of peace and standing as soldiers did not wear them. It was primarily men of higher standing like magistrates, that would typically wear them. There were numerous types of togas worn depending on a person’s status and age. For example the toga pulla that was worn by mourners or in periods of danger, the toga trabea kept for gods, kings and augurs, and the toga virilis worn on formal occasions by men of official age.

In modern times togas have become well-known once more mainly as a result of toga parties. Therefore if you are attending one of these parties or just want to make a toga for fun here are a couple tips on how to make a toga that will be useful if you are aiming for a really real looking toga.

Required Tools

1. Scissors

2. 3 Safety Pins

Required Materials

1. A minimum of 4 feet of fabric

2. Accessories


As a toga is basically a piece of fabric wrapped a few times it is pretty easy to make. If you wish to go all out you may go ahead and obtain the total 20 feet of fabric to make your tunic. However, you do not need that much to make an real looking toga, 4-6 feet ought to be quite adequate for most persons but it all depends on how much draping they aim to do.

Fabric is typically a set of about 5 feet wide so fold the fabric in half. Use a pin and fix one end to your waist and go on to wrap the fabric around your waist a minimum of once. It should fall to about your knees; pin the fabric at your waist at one of your sides following wrapping a minimum of once. Throw the extra fabric over one shoulder and pin it at the waist a third time to fix the toga in place.

Although togas were worn only by men in ancient times; women in modern times also wear them. The women’s version is wrapped in the exact way as the men’s but is frequently accessorized with belts or bands around the waste or just under the bust line.

Finally for both genders, it is vital to note that accessories are what will really make a toga look genuine and impressive. These include sandals, heavy usage of jewelry, a sword or whatever else you can get your hands on to make your toga more credible. Get a wire coat hanger, shape it into a circle to fit your head and glue plastic or real leaves to it to make an authentic Roman laurel; this will absolutely be the icing on the cake.

Tip and Warning

Some persons use bed sheets to make their togas but if at all achievable go out and buy actual fabric and leave the sheets on your bed where they belong. For one thing sheets are far wider than a actual toga is meant to be thus a sheet is trickier to wrap and keep in position. Additionally purchasing fabric will provide you access to a greater assortment of patterns and designs than you would have if using a sheet.

If you are not going to wear a tunic underneath your toga be certain to wear shorts beneath your toga to avoid any likely uncomfortable happenings.

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What is John Lewis?

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John Lewis is a British chain of retail big box stores headquartered in London. John Lewis was founded in the 19th century by a man named John Lewis, surprise surprise.

John Lewis began as a single store on Oxford Street in 1864. John Lewis still operates a huge retail store at that location.

John Lewis grew from that one spot to its current holdings–thirty-two stores in England, Scotland, and Wales with two more in the works as of this writing. Since 1925, the company’s slogan has been “Never Knowingly Undersold,” reflecting their position as a discount retailer, similar to Target stores in America.

John Lewis and the Royal Family

John Lewis is a major provider of goods to the Queen (as part of an old Royal Warrant)–the stores are also renowned for their “fair business practices”, like giving all full-time employees some part ownership in the company. Another example–John Lewis was the only large retail store that closed its doors on Mondays back when the UK had laws against operating on Sundays—giving their employees a full two-day weekend. John Lewis is a much loved and employee-friendly retailer with a long history and a bright future.

What Does John Lewis Sell?

John Lewis is called “Britain’s favorite retailer.” John Lewis stores sell a huge array of products, comparable to kind of things you might buy at big American retailers like Target or Wal-Mart. Just like its American counterparts, John Lewis forms partnerships with well-known brands (like Penguin Clothing or Greenapple Electronics) along with selling their own line, known just as “John Lewis.”

What big box retailers did for shopping in America–combining many different retail shopping opportunities into one-—John Lewis is doing for the UK. Rather than shopping at an electronics store, having lunch at a restaurant, and buying a new outfit for work at a clothes shop, you can do all three in a John Lewis store. A quick rundown of the categories of products sold by John Lewis retail stores goes something like this–Toys, Kitchen, Holiday, Electronics, and Sport and Leisure.

John Lewis is constantly making changes to move customers through the checkout process faster. This new idea in customer service has another huge benefit for John Lewis stores. As Wal-Mart first did in American, John Lewis employees and executives can monitor sales in real time from a centralized location and make instant changes to their store setup, prices, and promotions. John Lewis is doing extremely well in the UK in what is still a tough economic climate.

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Trendy Shoes for Your Feet: on Ballerina Pumps

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It is decent to put on ballerina pumps because they are not merely soothing to the feet, but they are likewise really stylish and smart. For the past years, this kind of footgear has been the preferred amongst numerous women of all ages.

Accessible in several semblances and patterns, there are plenty of selections to take from, extending from plain looking trends all the way to more complicated with radiant color variants. Ballerina pumps are the most fascinating merchandises obtainable nowadays.

Ballerina pumps are very comfy to put on, thanks to their low-necked patterns and exceedingly trim heels that feel like an individual is just walking shoeless. They raise a distinct kind of femininity, which brands them desirable for women of different ages, running from small youngsters all the way to more grown up adult females.

For some extremely reliable and exquisite merchandise, buyers could always rely on top trademarks like Jaime Mascaro and Pretty Ballerinas. They offer a huge accumulation of lovely wares, all of which come with vivid semblances and fascinating patterns.

As one of the preeminent distributors of high caliber ballerina pumps, French Sole has launched many trends to select from, extending from conventional to contemporary conceptions.

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