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Review on Hair Restoration

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They say that hair is the crowning glory in a women but what if suddenly you experience hair fall and eventually leads to baldness? Thinning hair is the problem of several women today. Men also do experience such thing. Hair loss is common to both sexes.

Every one losses a certain amount of hair every day due to several reasons. If you have a healthy scalp, your hair will grow back and replace the loss hair. But what if it didnt grow back? Hair restoration is your option.

Hair restoration is one answer to thinning and balding problem.

There are lots of hair restorations that you can use if you are encountering this kind of problem. Hair treatments are widely available today. Some of these treatments involve the use of preparations which is taken orally such as pills and tablets. Others are offering external treatments which are applied and rubbed into the scalp. There are over the counter products that can be bought at the pharmacy.

Hair transplant is one way to get to grow your hair back. This method is expensive and mostly ordinary people cannot afford this kind of treatment.

Some people prefer the natural hair restoration method. They believe that this method is the best and safest way in combating hair loss. It might take some time before you see the results but it will be worth the wait.

Experts say that vitamins, herbs and even diet can help women to cope with hair loss. Eating healthy foods will not only help you deal with hair loss but will make you healthy also inside and out.

Finding the best hair loss products can take time. It is always best to consult your doctor before trying anything. What works for other people may not necessarily work for you.

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Asian Hair – Let’s Have a Quick Look

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No two people have the same hair. The same way different ethnic groups have different skin colour, it’s the same way different races have different hair types. There are three main hair types depending on race – Asian, Afro-Caribbean and Caucasian – all types having their own unique characteristics. No matter how different hair types are, they are all made up of the same parts. These are the cuticle, cortex, medulla and a very crucial protein named keratin which is the chief component of all. What determines the shape of the hair is the shape of each hair follicle. Asian hair grows from round hair follicles giving it a bone straight appearance. Asian hair has very thick cuticles consisting of about ten layers while other hair types have approximately five.

Asian hair type is the most prevailing in the whole world. It usually has lesser thickness than the other hair types but it grows faster than the rest by far when it comes to swiftness of growth. The amount of hair on the head in Asians is small but because of the thickness it seems full. It has been discovered that Asian hair responds more quickly to hair care products, especially, hair loss products. It is believed that this has to do with the natural speed of hair growth that Asian hair possesses. Asian hair is also stronger than other hair types and more able to recuperate from hair damages and it also has the longest cycle of growth which last up to nine years. Formerly, Asian hair type was the least susceptible but these days Asians have been embracing the practices of the western world. These procedures can lead to very thin hair as Asian hair in not very crowded.

Each hair type calls for varied hair care methods and products to fulfill the needs of that particular hair type. Asian hair absorbs moisture very fast and keeps that moisture. In spite of this, Asian hair may undergo extra dryness. This is because Asian hair tends to be very long and therefore moisture is lost along the long hair shaft. Hair loss in Asians is minimal as few hairs are lost daily. Balding is also a scarce incidence in Asians. Asian hair is usually shine because of the existence of a medulla comprising dark pigment which explains the shininess and high moisture. Asians usually have oily scalp which demands the hair to be washed regularly to avoid a dirty appearance.

Because Asian hair is long, straight, strong and usually free from chemical impairment it is the perfect hair to use for extensions. As a result, individuals resort to Asian countries for human hair to be utilized in wig making and extensions.

Asian hair requires the use of products that are ideal for that particular kind of hair. Shampoos that have a pH of 5 to 5.5 is perfect; anything over that pH would be too strong. Persons of Asian origin must keep away from using products like mineral oil.

Asian hairstyles are generally different. They typically look sleek, smooth and silky. They are also generally extremely straight and flowing. Hairstylists agree that Asian hair is more difficult to curl and colour when compared to other hair types. Digital hot perm machines are practical in styling Asian hair as they can be set to supply the appropriate heat and chemical solution for any hair type. Asian hair is dark and as such adding highlights to it can indeed brighten the appearance of the hair. Double-sided colouring is a great technique to augment Asian hair. The underside is dyed in a dark brown shade and a lighter shade is dyed on top. This gives a shimmering effect when the hairs move against each other.

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