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How to Make Hair Bows

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It is such a beauty when you see little girls’ hair decorated with pretty bows. They come in different styles, fabrics, colours and shapes. When worn in the hair, bows add flair and elegance to any gloomy appearance. Yes, we are accustomed to purchasing hair bows but have you ever considered making them on your own? Some individualspersons do so for pleasure or as a job. Learning how to make hair bows are not very hard and largely, they are exciting to create. Imagineobserving a little girl’s hair knowing that the bow she is wearing was made by you. How satisfied you would feel to hear her tell people that you created the pretty bow they are admiring. If you are unable to connect with this situation and you are craving to experience the pleasure, here are some directions to make hair bows.

How To Make Hair Bows


Materials Required

4 ½” x 3 ½” printed fabric

6” embroidery floss

Tools Required

1 alligator pinch clip

Sewing machine


1. Fold the cloth lengthwise with the patterned side on the inside.

2. Place the cloth in the sewing machine ensuring that the needle is as close as possible to the border of the textile.

3. Begin at one end and stitch about 1/3 of the way then backstitch to lock the stitch.

4. Do the same thing for the other side. You must have a small opening in the centre of the cloth.

5. Stitch both ends closed.

6. Turn the fabric inside out by drawing through the hole. All corners must be pointed.

7. Fold the bow in the centre by gathering the edges together in the middle.

8. Use the embroidery floss to fasten the centre by winding around and tying a knot.

9. You can glue the bow onto a clip so that it can be worn in the hair.


Materials Required

30 inches Grosgrain ribbon and another 3 ½ inches of the same ribbon


Tools Required

Sharp scissors


Hot or cool glue gun

Hot or cool glue stick

Alligator clip

Fray check


1. Plug in glue gun and put it somewhere for easy access.

2. Use scissors and cut approximately 1foot of the thread then thread the needle.

3. Cut the ends of the 30 inches ribbon diagonally and fray check each end.

4. Hold the ribbon vertically then hold in place about 5 inches down using your thumb in front and pointer at the back.

5. Pull the left over 25 inches around and over the place where your thumb was. You should have a tail about 1 inch long at the end.

6. Hold the position where the ribbon joins the centre securely for the rest of the process.

7. Fold the rest of the ribbon up and under the beginning point just enough to create a equal to the first one. You must have two loops.

8. Turn the ribbon horizontally to lay beneath the tail and first loop.

9. Pull the rest of the ribbon beneath and over the left loop.

10. To create a third loop, pull the ribbon laying horizontally up and over the middle.

11. For the fourth bow, pull the rest of the ribbon around and down beneath the centre.

12. Use the hot glue gun and dab the places where the ribbons meet.

13. Sew the bow together with needle and thread.

14. Wrap the 3 ½” ribbon around the centre of the bow and glue the ends to the back. Do not glue to the bow. Insert the alligator clip in this ribbon. Dab a little glue to the clip to hold it to the bow. The bow is now done!


You can add beads, laces or other decorations to beautify your bows.

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