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4 Benefits Of An Energy Audit In The Home

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cphac2If you have been living for years with drafty windows and doors, and a furnace that runs inefficiently, you are throwing money out your window. Each year, homeowners are shelling out hundreds of dollars if not more on poor energy use; however many homeowners do not even realize there are problems. You can stop throwing out hard earned dollars on poor energy use by contacting a professional to come and do a home energy audit.

You can significantly reduce your utility bills by having a home audit done. By having your home’s important components analyzed such as chimneys, combustion equipment, attics, building envelopes, and crawlspaces, an energy audit will give you an overview of how your home or building works.

Having this type of audit done will help to reduce utility bills, since heat transmission and air leaks are located precisely and can be removed efficiently and cost-effectively.

1. Reduce Energy Bills

The professional home energy auditor is trained to find the locations that energy is being used inefficiently and wasted in your home. Also, they will provide you with a detailed report that will outline improvements that are cost-effective and will significantly reduce your utility bills.

2. Increase Comfort

When you take advantage of a home audit through a certified professional, you will immediately notice the difference. Sealing air handler ducts that are leaky, air sealing, replacing an old air conditioner or old furnace, and adding insulation will offer you a more comfortable home.

3. Improve Indoor Air Quality

When your indoor air quality is poor, it can contribute to things like asthma, allergies, or worse health problems. Poor air quality can be caused by anything from cigarette smoke, pet dander, toxins, mold spores, or insufficient ventilation, which will present potential health issues. While getting a home energy audit done, the professional will check to see if you have adequate home ventilation and will determine what needs to happen to increase better quality air in your home.

4. Raise the Resale Value of Home

Due to energy prices increasing; increased concern about man-made environment change, and volatile market conditions, homes and buildings that are energy efficient can enjoy increased demand in a poor housing market. You can enjoy higher resale value of your home in the long run with energy efficient improvements.

Based on the certified professionals data collected and observations, they will recommend specific improvements they think will reduce wasted energy inside your home. This could be weather stripping, installing a high-efficiency HVAC unit in your home, adding in more insulation, or installing replacement windows.

You can save up to 20% or more on your monthly energy bills by following the recommendations of this professional, which will put more money back in your pockets. You no longer have to be throwing your hard earned money out the windows; but rather, you can enjoy comfort all year long. You can rest easy knowing that a simple home audit will help you improve the overall quality of your home living.

Michael Eslick is a professional AC Consultant who works with HVAC company CPHAC advising them on use of new technology and installation methods.

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How to Design Your Garden Landscape

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A beautiful landscape is pleasing to you and your visitors when it is done well. You can have a structure built in the garden so that you can take a drink with friends while you enjoy the fragrance form the blossoming flowers. Although the results are pleasing, the task can be daunting and frustrating especially if you dont have the right knowledge and tools for the job at hand. In this section, we are going to look at how you can design your garden landscape so that you have the results that are desired.

First of all you need to look at some professional designs and note the ones that you would like to have in your garden. You can do this by visiting commercial buildings that have background gardens and look at the flowers planted and the how landscape design. You can also take a look at some landscaping website for information and tips on how to archive the right landscape for your particular region.

The next thing that needs to be taken care of is the actual design. This is done by noting the size of your garden and making a sketch of the garden as you would like it to appear after the landscaping process. You should also consider the space taken by other structures like the buildings. Once you have this information with you, organize a way of getting all the tools that are required for the whole job. Always ensure you plan for what you can do so that you dont get disappointed that you dont have a certain tool for a particular work. Visit the nurseries and find out the flower you want to plant is available or if you can have better alternative. You need to take into consideration that the flowers bought should be able to complement the theme implemented by all the other features in your home. You are now ready to start the actual landscape when this is done.

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What Is Involved With Kitchen Remodeling?

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One of the ways that can add value to your living standards is remodeling your home. This can be a daunting and expensive undertaking but it fruits are pleasing to you and your visitors. You also get a chance to increase the value of your home if you ever want to sell it and so remodeling will be an investment that is worth every penny. In most cases, one of the rooms that actually need remodeling is the kitchen. You will find that state of the kitchen will deteriorate with time and will be worse if you dont do something in time.

To have a remodeled kitchen that is aesthetic and appealing to your eyes, make sure you contract an experienced designer who will guarantee results that are desired. You should take time to choose a designer who has been in the field for many years and has done so many remodeling to the kitchen. The designer should also have the relevant qualifications and skills. This is an important factor that should be taken seriously if you need someone who will work fast and efficiently.

Kitchen remodeling will involve a series of design work. You can have the whole kitchen remodeled and things moved to better positions. You can also have the surfaces remodel like having the kitchen countertop replaced with a new pleasantly looking and easy to clean countertop. The design work can also involve addition of cabinets below the countertop or have hanging wall cabinets. Since the work will be all round, the designer you are looking for should be able to design the new plumbing systems so that they can be easily be integrated with the new kitchen design. If you need to do the work by yourself, always ensure that you have the tools required and all the materials before you can start. Make sure you get all the measurements right or things wont fit as expected.

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Salt Water Swimming Pool Maintenance

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With the many benefits that the salt swimming pools has to offer, many people are now switching to this system for a comfortable and enjoyable swimming session. However most people find maintaining salt water swimming pools more frustrating than the conventional chlorine swimming pools as there are no guides that show people how to do this. In this article, we are going to discuss some maintenance tips that will help you enjoy your salt water pool just like you would have with a chlorine pool.

First thing you need to know is that the salt pallet is placed in the recycling system rather than manually placing it in the water like you would do with the chlorine. This minimizes the number of times you have to add more salt as the pump will do that for you. In this case you have to ensure that the water passing through the salt pallet should have enough speed so that you can have the amount of salt required. If the water running through the salt is fast then you will have lots of salt in the water and vice versa.

You also need to can the UV light can deplete the amount of salt in the water. For this reason you should invest on a salt stabilizer like Cyanuric acid. This will help you maintain the amount of salt in the water so that you dont have to add more amounts.

The best thing about salt water swimming pools maintenance is that dont have to use some dangerous chemicals that you would use on a chlorine pool. All you need in this case is the salt pallet and the stabilizers and you will have a more safe pool. The salt pool is also known to offer a more soft feel to the skin and also reduce itchiness to all those who are allergic to the chlorine.

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Residential Air Duct Cleaning

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Keeping your home free of dust is one of the simplest things that you can do to make sure that you get rid of all the infectious agents that may be lurking ion your house. It may also be a good way for you to minimize the chance of you or your family suffering from respiratory infections. The importance of keeping your air ducts clean cannot be emphasized enough for you to be able to keep things on the dust free side. It is always advised that you have a schedule to enable you to keep your air ducts clean. This is because if these is accumulation of dust in them then you can expect that there will be impaired flow of air out of your home and this means that the risk of having dust in the air in the house.

The schedule of cleaning the air ducts can be organized in such a way that the ducts get attention at least once a month. This way there will be minimal chances of the ducts getting clogged and you will be assured of clean air in the house

Cleaning the air ducts can be a trick affair as there is a chance that you may be exposed to the dust and this may not be so good for your health. It is often advised that you have to plan for the day and the time that you will clean the ducts so that you are ready with the correct attire and equipment. Apart from the equipment to clean the ducts, you also have to have attire that will protect you from inhaling the dust. If you would not like to pit yourself at risk, then it is a good idea for you to look for the servicers of a professional.

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Roofing Jobs That Should Be Performed by Roofing Companies

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Due to the economic condition that is prevailing in the current time, most of the people have decided on doing most of the work for by themselves instead of calling a skilled technician. In this event, you should have the technical knowhow of the task at hand so that it is done perfectly like the skilled technician would have done it. This is also true for the roofing tasks that are sometimes so easy thus can be done within a few hours. However there are some tasks that need to be done be roofing companies as they can either take most of your time or you need special tools for the task. In this article we are going to look at some of the roofing tasks that are better when left for the roofing company.

One of the tasks that should be performed by a roofing company is the initial installation of the roof. This is the case as there are so many principles that should be followed when this is done and a common man would probably to the opposite of what is required. This is a daunting work that should be undertaken by a fairly large group of skilled roofers who has years of experience and can do the work within a very short time.

Roof flashing is another task that you need someone experienced to do. If done incorrectly, you roof will leak in some places that are hard to identify once that roof is in place. Therefore this is a task that you should leave to a skilled roofer from a roofing company to help you with so that it is done perfectly. If you thing this is a task that you can do by yourself, then at least consult a roofing company so can have the right information on how to do it.

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How to Choose a right Plumber ?

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Plumbing is construction work that needs a very experienced plumber because if a shoddy work is done, you will end up doing a lot of maintenance and repairs every few years. The plumbing work connects a lot of rooms in your home, like you can have your pipe system connected to your bathroom and the kitchen. These also mean you can have several sinks in your kitchen and several bathrooms in your home. If the systems fail because the plumber did a bad work, then you might have several of these places paralyzed till repairs are done. For this reason, you should ensure that the work is done to meet some set standards and the plumber who you are going to contract has a lot of experience in the work at hand.

If you are looking for a plumber in the US, then here are a few tips that can help you get the right plumber.

The plumber should be able to produce evidence of work done in the past. This can be recommendation from other people who he or she has worked for.

The plumber should have plumbing qualifications from a reputable institution. You should be careful when you hire a plumber who does not have qualification certificates.

Skills and experience can set different plumber who have the same qualifications on different platforms. You want a plumber who has worked for several years and has skills on the different plumbing work that is required.

It is plus if the plumber is registered with a governing body. This means that the plumber can be subjected to disciplinary action if in any situation he or she behaves unprofessionally.

Let the plumber tell you about his plans and how he intends to complete the work at hand. This way you will be sure that he knows exactly what he is getting into before you contract him. It also shows his expertise on the work

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Carpet cleaning tips from the experts.

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In the event of cleaning carpets, carpet cleaners gain a lot of skills and experience when it comes to how to deal with carpet cleaning. This is due to the fact that they clean large areas and carpets that have different textures from an industrial or homes setting. Although different carpet cleaners have different cleaning methods, they all have same views when it comes to what tips you can use so that you can make the cleaning process easier.

As you have realized, heavier traffic places like offices or libraries employ the use of plastic made rugs at the entrance and one feature of these rugs is that they have tough fibers which you can use to remove any clinging dirt. These plastic rugs are easier to clean than cleaning the carpet itself and they will save you a great cleaning time. Since it will look quite exaggerative to have an industrial rug at your doorstep, you can employ the use of similar made rugs which have smaller fiber. You can couple the use of these rugs with the use of no shoes from the outdoors in your home to reduce the amount of dust that settles on your carpet.

Diligent carpet vacuuming will obviously help you clear accumulating dust. In this case you can form patterns on how to vacuum the carpet. A technique that helps you save a lot of cleaning time is noting parts that tend to have more traffic in your home. These are the parts you can be vacuum more than thrice in a week. The rest of the house can be cleaned once in a week and will only need a few passes with the vacuum cleaner.

Another thing that will save you a great deal of carpet cleaning is catching spills immediately they happen. You must have a spotting agent at hand so that you can clean a spill before it can stick on the carpet thus making the carpet to have patches. You can also have a one spill prone area in your home used for taking drinks and eating so that a spill does not go unnoticed in the other parts of your home.

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What Is Membrane Roofing?

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This king of roofing is mainly done of flat or nearly roofs. The reason for membrane roofing is to completely prevent or just minimise the chances of leaking.

The most common materials that are used for membrane roofing are synthetic e.g. rubber, thermoplastic and bitumen. The advantage of membrane roofing compared to other types of roofing is that membrane roofing emphases on creating seamless seals where the different parts of the roof meet.

If you are thinking of membrane roofing then you should consider looking at the three materials that are used for membrane roofing and compare them so that you can know which will be suitable for you.

Modified bitumen

This material is mainly made of asphalt and some other solvent compounds. To create a seal, a process called heat application is done so as to melt the asphalt at the seal. This seal is as strong as the rest of the parts of the roof. The parts can also be sealed together by doing a cold application that is done by applying strong adhesive at the overlapping parts.

Synthetic rubber

This is a very common material that is used for membrane roofing. The synthetic rubbers are shipped as large, flat sheets that are then welded to create larger roofing sheet. The result of this process is a very large continuous sheet that does not permit any water to penetrate. This feature of the synthetic rubber is what makes it so popular.

Thermoplastic membrane

This material is made from materials such as PVC or any other similar materials. The thermoplastic membrane is also shipped as large sheets but the main different between this membrane and the synthetic rubber is that the parts of the thermoplastic membrane are not welded together rather the two parts are made to overlap and the seal made using heat application or using adhesive.

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Why do we need a regular pool cleaning/ repair company?

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Personalized accessories and products that are catered, well understood and only have a few careful hands to tamper with them go a long way in their life duration. This is true from the little accessories we have at home ranging from electronics like phones, computers, television sets, general furniture, kitchen appliances and so much more. All these satisfy your desired life span when they are not handled by too many hands especially those who tamper with them by dismantling and then covering them again. It is so with pools whereby they are very sensitive as first and foremost we are speaking of appliances that have something to do with the human life. Swimming pools have to be cleaned by one specific company as these results in bringing in responsibility in terms of they are the ones to be blamed just in case anything bad happens. Pools have to be looked upon on the quality of hygiene in that the persons who are coming in to have a good time can rest assured that there is no risk of transmission of contagious skin related infections. Some of these diseases may be hazardous and may lead to serious infections if overlooked and worse still be hidden in the body for some time. All these can be looked upon by the condition that the pool can be assigned one specific cleaning and repairing company which will deal with it in the most professional manner as they should be held responsible just in case anything adverse occurs. Repairing of the pool is also one factor that should never be overlooked when we talk of swimming pools. A single contracted company is able to check on the very best of the pool surface to avoid cuts and bruises which may result as a consequence to too many irresponsible hands.


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