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Conducting Job Interviews

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Conducting Job Interviews

The first time I was put into a position to interview a potential employee, I was in a panic. New experiences are difficult enough without the added responsibility of granting or refusing a job. I knew my decision about this interviewee could have a big impact on both our business and his life.

Looking back, I did a decent job with the interview, but if I’d known a few simple tips on conducting job interviews I could have saved myself a lot of stress. Here are three simple tips for conducting job interviews, aimed especially at those of you who don’t know how to interview someone.

1. Ask the Right Questions

Good questions to ask in a job interview range from simple personal questions to more detailed psychological questions aimed at revealing something about the interviewee’s personality. Asking the right questions means avoiding potentially illegal queries (like “Where were you born?” or “What is your native language?”) that are specifically prohibited by Federal law. It also means asking questions that identify the interviewee as a good employee.

2. Don’t Pretend to Be the Interviewee’s Friend

Being friendly in an interview is different from behaving like the interviewee’s buddy. There’s many reasons why the relationship between interviewer and interviewee is important, the most important one being that you don’t want to befriend a person you may have to deny a job. I find it’s helpful to pretend I’m interviewing a potential date for my younger sister. Be kind but detached. This skill will come with experience.

3. Do Your Homework

Not preparing for the job interview is the biggest mistake most first-time interviewer’s make. Having a plan of attack before the interview starts maximizes your time spent interviewing the potential employee and gives the interviewee a good impression of the way your company does business. Plan your questions ahead of time, and become familiar with the interviewee’s resume and work history.

Conducting a job interview is like riding the proverbial bicycle–once you learn how, you won’t soon forget. Over time, conducting job interviews will become as second nature as filing reports or checking your email. Until then, stick to these three tips.

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The Best Colors for Business Cards

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If you don’t think that color affects the way people think, try sitting in a room painted black for a few hours and tell me how you feel. The colors you put on your business card, whether it is the color of the card itself, the font color, or the colors in your business logo, make a big difference in terms of the impact the card has on your clients.

Much thought has been put into the best colors for business cards. Try one of these colors to elicit a certain response from your future customers.


Blue is considered the best “universal” color for business cards because it elicits a calming response. Blue has been shown to lower blood pressure and heart rate. When people see the color blue, they think of reliability and trust.


The color of authority, black makes things look official. Black can be overused (the new trend in business cards with black as the card color as opposed to white is more than a little annoying to the eye) but in the right ratio, the presence of black on a business card makes the card look more authentic.


Since green is the most common “favorite color,” using green on your business card will attract the largest number of people to the visual aspect of your card. Since “green” is the new buzzword in business, using green on your card or as your card’s main color can imply that your company is concerned about the environment.


You should use orange on your business card to display a silly mood or whimsical feeling. If your business deals in the lighthearted, using orange on your business card can make you stand out and reflect your company’s lighthearted attitude toward work.


Be careful using too much purple on your business card, as it is associated closely with childhood and immaturity. You can use this to your advantage if your business caters to children in any way—day care centers, toy companies, even companies that do web design for other businesses in industries aimed at children can benefit from using shades of purple on their business cards.

The impact of the colors you use on your business card can’t really be overemphasized. Using colors that run counter to the nature of your business (black cards for flower shops, red cards for investment bankers, etc) confuse and alienate your clients, while cards designed with subtle use of color can really emphasize the nature of your business and make the card stick out among your future client’s collection of cards.

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Legal Assistant Training

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A Legal Assistant can also be named a Paralegal. A Legal Assistant is essentially a professional that works in legal organizations or in workplaces handling legal issues. A Legal Assistant career is often a combination of supervisory and administrative duties wherein supporting the lawyers or legal representatives types the core of duties.

Please note that a Legal Assistant just isn’t entitled to provide legal advice on behalf of a lawyer or argue cases inside court of law. A Legal Assistant can not represent persons in court or sign upon legal documents that require the signing authority to become a lawyer. However, some paralegals are usually extended the authority to sign on official documentation by a legal firm wherever the Legal Assistant signs inside capability of a notary.

Those who wish to pursue this career alternative ought to realize how the educational requirements are extremely regular inside type of two-year or four-year diplomas or degree courses available at the college level.

A Legal Assistant is expected to combine the qualities associated using a competent secretary along with owning in-depth knowledge about legal matters and also the capability to aid other legal professionals. This usually includes conducting lots of legal search work, including field work, i.e. working outside the office.

As a paralegal, someone is expected to obtain expertise in drafting legal contracts/documents, handling paper-based and digital communication along with taking upon ad-hoc responsibilities like hosting 1st meetings with prospective clients, conducting interviews of witnesses and even negotiating the fee charged by the firm.

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Average Social Worker Salary

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Most people think twice before opting a career in social services, because of the supposed low pay. For people, who do wish to make a career in this field need not worry, because a social worker salary is far from meagre. There are many positions at the entry level, that do not pay a satisfactory amount and may require some amount of paper and family work. For the truly motivated, it should not be a problem, since it can be source of true satisfaction, watching someone overcome their problems. This may not be the most coveted line for people who nurture ambition. However there are other ways to supplementing one’s income by setting up a private practice, or become a supervisor to student social workers or maybe climbing the hierarchy ladder within the agency.

Before joining this line of work, one needs to understand what entails a social worker’s duties, at a glance. For instance in a school or a high school, a social worker needs to motivate students to perform better in academics and have a healthy social life. At times, he/she may have to watch over children who may have lost their parents at an early age and are now in foster care. Or, they may also need to provide emotional support to aging people in nursing homes. There are various categories for a social worker salary. The determinants are listed as below:

Level of Expertise and and Experience- If a social worker is a fresher and has very minimum experience, one is eligible to receive $26,000 to $33,000 per annum. For people who have an experience of 4 years or more, their pay can be anything between $27000 to $36000 per year. A worker with more than nine years of experience, can receive a yearly package of $30,000 to $41,000 per year. For people with nearly two decades of experience, their pay scale can be anywhere around $35000 to $51000.

Facility of Employment- Workers employed in non-profit or non-governmental organisations can expect pay in the range of $28000 to $36000. Workers employed in hospitals can hope to receive a pay check somewhere between $31000 to $47000. In the case of employment in a federal government institution, one can expect a renumeration of $30,000 to $48000. The pay scale for social workers in local government and state agencies ranges from $30,000 to $45000 per year. Self employed social worker salary range can extend anywhere between $24000 to $50,000 per year.

Location of Employment- The highest paid state for social workers in the US is California, followed by New York. Then come, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Texas and the states where the pay is the lowest is Michigan and Florida. Social worker salary varies from state to state.

To gain an all round experience, one may wish to apply to many organizations for different kinds of experience. If one wishes to get into private practice, one needs to be employed in different counselling centers. The experience may come in handy especially in the accounts section. Another advantage of being a social worker is, it is practically immune to recession, since there is always a need for conscientous people.

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Types Of Overseas Jobs Available

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With the threat of recession, looming over people’s heads, the most practical thing for them to do is, move their location to overseas, in search of better career opportunities. For the people with a streak of adventure in them, overseas careers can be an answer to all their prayers. These job opportunities offer huge career boosts and also the chance to travel around the world. There are few things one should keep in mind before going abroad. Some of these points are listed below:

Strategy- Be it video games or real life, one must have a proper strategy to achieve his or her goals. It is necessary to develop a plan or else there are chances of opportunities to crash and burn. There are many aspects to be kept in mind while contemplating strategies. Listed below are the primary ones:
Cold contact- This involves direct mail campaigns to selected companies

Job sites- International and general job sites. Do not leave any stone unturned.
Networking- This is an important tool and it includes interacting with alumni, former supervisors, members of professional organizations, friends, family and so on.
Foreign newspapers and trade journals
International job fairs
Government sources- These include embassies, trade offices and agencies.
Recruiters- These can be either geographic locations or by discipline or both.

Know your interests- This may be one of the biggest problem of the new age job seekers. If one does not know what job he or she is looking for, they can land into serious problems. People look for adventure, travel, foreign cultures but have no idea about the job titles or responsibilities when pursuing overseas careers. It is important to know one’s career goals starting with the reasons behind opting for an overseas job, if one has the required qualifications for the desired job.

Research- This is a primary factor in any area, not just for job-hunting. One can build spreadsheets which contain all the required information, including the skills and experience required, company name and location, skills and experience required and so on.

Polish/Brush up language skills- As it is rightly said, no place like home, the same goes for a foreign country. Before going to a particular country, make sure one is capable of communicating in the local language. English is spoken in most of the countries in America and some countries of Europe, Australia and Asia. However it is better to be safe than sorry.

Preparation- When it comes to overseas careers , preparing for the interview can be quite a task. Mostly, they may take place via telephone, video conferencing or mail and so on. One should be prepared in different forms of interview and also be confident in language skills. As with other job interviews, one can be a success with practice and preparation

Contemplate relocate- To give that added edge to one’s prospects, one can reside in the country where he/she wishes to take up a job and meet the prospective employers face to face.

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Information About CIA Jobs

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Getting into CIA is no ordinary cup of tea. No matter how addicted one is to James Bond movies, one must learn to differentiate between fantasy and reality. Although it is reputed to be one of the smartest organizations in the world, it still requires smart and talented employees to run its impenetrable fort. It requires people to accomplish missions which are intriguing, impossible and not to forget exotic. There is only one goal or mission once one becomes a part of the CIA and that is, to keep America safe under any circumstance. The CIA’s public website is the portal where one can look for opportunities. It includes jobs in the posts of Clandestine Service Officers who can be on the front line of human intelligence. Also, they are usually on the look-out for people who are skilled in engineering, science, technology, foreign languages, analysis and administration roles in the US and overseas.

However there are 5 CIA jobs which have vacancy and are looking for dynamic and talented people and be an asset to the organization. They are listed as below:

Analyst-The CIA is always in dire need of seeking analysts of every kind. Some of those exciting titles may include counterterrorism analysts, counterintelligence threat analysis, economic analysts, intelligence analysts, crime analysts and so on. They are usually very ept subject-matter experts who may study and evaluate information from alarge number of references.

Operations Officer- These officers are directly in the proverbial line of fire as they are the frontmen of the Agency. It requires professional dedication and special skills to establish human relations that result in valuable data from confidential sources. This person must be able to deal with ambiguous, un-structured and lawless situations. This requires great deal of physical strength and sound mental health, energy, intution and be able to cope with stress.

Core collector- This role has two-entry level programs for field-based core collectors that range in the pay-scale of $58, 511 to $81, 204 per annum. The Professional Trainee Program is for applicants who have a Bachelor’s Degree but may often lack military experience or enough substantiative work and are in the age group of 21 to 25. The 2nd training program is for applicants who have a Bachelor’s degree and have some experience of serving in the military. This training program is called Clandestine Service Program. The maximum age till which one may apply is 35.

Science, weapons and technology experts- The Directorate of Intelligence is currently looking for engineers and scientists who are looking for CIA jobs. They are needed to analyze national security issues such as weapons proliferation, information warfare, foreign weapons development and emerging technologies. They are highly respected and honoured officers since they offer the scientific edge to the organization and helps solve numerous scientific or mathematical puzzles.

Linguist- CIA jobs requires agents to travel from one country to another or interpret some code in a foreign language. Foreign media analysts are also called Open Source Officers, use area knowledge and foreign language to assess the foreign media sources and review them including newspapers, press agencies, Internet sites, radio and television and so on.

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The Best Overseas Construction Jobs

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The construction industry is one of the most demanded industries in the job market. No matter what the economy of a country is, there is always a need for more construction workers since buildings need to be constructed. The sudden surge in the growth of industries such as transportation and tourism in many countries have increased in the demand of construction of structures like buildings, hotels and forms of transportation. Be it local or overseas construction employers usually hire from labor pools of one’s own country or abroad for reasons such as to reduce the costs spent on manpower resources, to ensure the completion of project on time and so on.

In the recent times, countries like South Africa and Russia have opened up a vista of opportunities for overseas construction jobs. Cities like Kuwait and Dubai in the Middle East, are reputed the world over, for their investments and dominance in fields like tourism, medical facilities and residential accommodation.

The question that comes to mind is what are the different capacities in which one can work in construction jobs? There are various occupations one can work in while in overseas construction jobs. Some of these jobs, one can apply for are, steel fixer jobs, bricklayer jobs, ceiling fixer jobs, carpenter jobs, plasterer jobs, joiner jobs, concrete formwork jobs and so on.

There are some areas in overseas construction jobs which need employees in the positions like engineers, construction project managers, laborers, heavy equipment operators, foreman and so on. The list does not end there. There is a perpetual need for manpower on sites.

Incase one is looking for a managerial or senior position in a construction industry, the candidate needs to have an educational degree of a civil engineer or construction science goes a long way in creating an impact. Construction engineer job has a lot of responsibilities, right from meeting with architects and designers, planning the structure of a building, looking for the materials, figure out the costs and stay on site till the completion in the project.

Now, like every other industry, construction industry also has its own set of rules or pointers that one should keep in mind, when applying for a job. Some overseas constructions jobs are listed below: As in every job scene, it is bettter to lay some groundwork before applying or going for an interview. Foremost is, build a network. Networking is the catchword of the century. Conducting thorough research on the kind of job, salary packages offered (this depends from one construction company to another), work conditions and so on. The resumes submitted to the HR department should be brief and to the point and make sure to have all the necessary documents attested and attached.

Of course, not all jobs fall in the category of either managerial or manual departments. There are opportunities for white-collar jobs too. These jobs include job profiles such as labor recruitment, accounting for construction costs and expenditures, payroll management, personnel management and so on.

To conclude, it is advisable to keep in mind, that overseas construction jobs come with their own changes in work, culture and lifestyles. Things which are the usual in one’s own country may be a violation of some social conventions which may lead to complications. It is better to watch out for pitfalls.

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Mercenary Jobs in Military

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To have an idea about what a career in mercenary requires one needs to know what is the meaning of mercenary. The word is derived from merces in Latin which means fees or compensation. They are soldiers hired by an overseas or foreign country. They have played an important role since historic times and have been a part of the security forces since there have been wars. They are known by different synonyms such as overseas security consultants and they work for consultants. They may be rewarding financially and personally, but challenging physically and mentally. The job is not easy. The job involves concentration, dedication and persistence.

It is very easy to bag mercenary jobs. However there are some requirements one needs to fulfill certain paramenters. Some positions require a bachelor’s degree and experience with special military operations. The career path has a lot of potential but it is not advisable for people who want to earn material wealth. The training will be full of intense physical exertions, but that is just the tip of the iceberg. One of the mercenary jobs profile description requires a candidate, while in the army to make progress by working up the ranks or be offered a position on the special operation teams. If a candidate has doubts regarding the duration of his stint in army, three years should be more than enough. One thing the army man must remember is, if his career goals lies towards being a mercenary, he must be honourably discharged before moving ahead. The army only offers higher ranks, but it rarely offers a career path to being a mercenary.

There are other requirements too. One must not forget, he is still a part of the military. So, the requirements are pretty much the same. He needs to keep himself in shape both physically and mentally. Corporations will rarely spend time or show enthusiasm towards ill-kept candidates. The mental challenges are no less complicated than the physical ones.

Once the applicant is prepared, it is time to take the next step. In recent times, most mercenary corporations have had websites. The applicant can send in his application to the website of the company he wishes to work for. Just like every other job application, it is important to do one’s homework and research thoroughly.

There are pros and cons to every job and industry. The pros are, it usually pays very well and there are promotions too. And if the person is excellent in mercenary jobs, he may gain a solid reputation. The cons are very dangerous, at times they can be life threatening. Ultimately, he is a soldier for sale and this is what he needs to remember at all times. He should not let his personal ideals or beliefs obstruct him. He needs to let everything come in second to his country.And most of his work is primarily confidential, so secrecy is of top priority.

Last, but far from the least keeping a clean military record is a way one can be a success at mercenary jobs. The dedication and patriotism to one’s country will help a truly dedicated person to achieve his dream.

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How to Find Your Overseas Job Faster And Easier

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When it comes to an individual’s career, very few people have the aptitude for the same kind of job. One needs to be able to excel at the career or occupation he/she takes up. Most people do not like working in their own country and hence look for jobs that will give them an opportunity to travel. One of the occupation that falls under this category is overseas contract jobs. This line of employment experienced a small backwardness, when the demand for this area was less, but now there are excellent opportunities for people in this field. As it is in any job, one must look for vacancies, so that one can apply for them. But before filing an application, must know or possess basic construction skills to truly make a mark.

Before getting into the industry, one must have an idea which country one wishes to apply for. Once the choice of a country has been made, one can start researching the situation of available construction jobs in that country. The extensive survey regarding the preferred country should be done in the levels of macro and micro. This helps candidates give a clearer picture of the company, one is applying for. One must also take into account the economic factors of the country and not forget to consider the economy as a whole. Apart from the economic factor remember to check the social factors too and if they are convergent with the prospective candidate’s ethics.

These days, with the recession on the rise, and even higher unemployment rates an increasing number of people are looking for options that will provide a strong backup. For most, the solution lies in overseas contract jobs, usually in the Middle East. While there is a lot of opportunities, the competition puts the determination of the candidate through a severe test. Due to this reason, people may take time to find a job to their liking. There are numerous benefits to working for overseas companies. For instance, for people who love travelling and discovering new cultures, finding jobs abroad can help one pursue their passions and make a decent living too.

The Middle East culture is rich in history and culture. There are more options in Middle East to work for, other than war-ravaged areas such as Iraq or Afghanistan. Most people land jobs in relatively safer countries such as Kuwait or Bahrain or Dubai.Money is also the main lure for people opting for work overseas. Jobs in the contracting industry can pay a whopping $80,000 to a $ 100,000 a year and the money is completely tax free. Adding to that, most companies usually pay for the food and lodging during the contract. The quality of one’s accomodation may vary, but at times, if one is fortunate enough, they may get to reside in a well-furnished apartment.

overseas contract jobs are not the only line of employment one works for. There are different job opportunities and different levels of position is available. For instance people can work in security, IT, transportation and so much more. It all bolis down to the career goals of a candidate and his determination to overcome obstacles. Then, like everything else, job-search will be a piece of cake.

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How to Find the Best Evening Job

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In these turbulent financial times, such as the recession which has caused a lot of people to be “laid off”, evening jobs are turning out to be a sound alternative to full-time jobs. Since, jobs are getting so scarce, people are coming up with new techniques to support themslves and their near ones. This has resulted in people, who were earlier laid off, holding two-three jobs at a time. But what really comprises an evening job? And what does a person need to do, in order to bag one?

Mostly such jobs are those jobs which do not come under the typical 9-5 category. But on the other hand, jobs such as bartending, nursing, truck driving and so on can have the conventional working hours and also be classified as evening jobs. These jobs may include shorter working hours than day jobs and may pay more than their daylight counterparts. Nonetheless, it may be a little tough to bag such jobs and there are some guidelines which are listed as follows:

1)Making use of all the available resources. Along with the newspapers and the television, the Internet is the next best pool of information. The Net always has suitable openings for people all over the world.

2)Filing an application. Just looking for jobs, is not going to be instumental for bagging a decent job. If one is suitable for the kind of opening offered, he or she must write an application and forward it to the company’s e-mail i.d.

3)There are more listed perks to working in the evening. There is less traffic to navigate, fewer meetings and there is a higher scope for promotion, since fewer people work in that shift.

The graveyard shift is preferred by people who are planning to work part-time, whereas the full time job seekers prefer the day shift. The employment in this line may manifest itself in many forms. If he or she is not comfortable with the idea of returning home late, they may have the option of finishing projects from home. It may require a certain level of negotiation skills on the part of the job seeker. For instance, conventional evening jobs include tuitions or teaching at a night school/college are timeless. Some jobs like the BPO or adult education centers and other major outsourcing jobs are mostly have graveyard shifts. Some evening jobs that involve primarily working from home are: Child care/ Babysitting where the families pay a reasonable amount to the sitter to watch over their children. Parents usually prefer candidates who have prior experience with child care and basic CPR, medical transcription jobs where medical practitioners pay to have their surgeries, biopsies and lectures recorded for their references. This requires potential candidates to have a typing speed of minimum 60 WPM.

This type of job helps to supplement the family income. When there is a serious financial crunch, it helps to add to the resources. When the going gets tough, supporting a family on one person’s income may be a little hard. This enables the person working an evening job to juggle family life and help rock the boat!

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