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Aquarius Personality and Characteristics

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Aquarius Personality and Characteristics

The Zodiac consists of 12 signs. These signs are often thought to map onto a person’s journey through life from childhood through adulthood and ultimately into the wisdom that comes with having lived a full life. As the 11th sign, Aquarius arrives near the end of the cycle, and the typical Aquarius personality and characteristics will reflect the evolution of spirit that has taken place.

Forces That Shape an Aquarius

Aquarius is an air sign, which intensifies the desire for knowledge and the ability to achieve wisdom that is already present with maturity. Aquarians are often interested in social issues and try to see the big picture and look ahead. They are frequently the kinds of people who think out of the box and who are able to brainstorm and come up with new ideas without the inhibitions or blocks that many others have.

Though the element associated with Aquarius is air, water often plays a huge part in their lives, as the symbol for Aquarius is the Water Bearer. Aquarians often like to be in the water (whether swimming, taking a bath, or staying out in the rain) and frequently favor colors such as blue, sea green, silver, or white that are associated with water. The essence of water also manifests in their generosity and the way their thoughts and emotions flow.

Positive Traits Associated with Aquarius

  • Original
  • Progressive
  • Generous and altruistic
  • Independent and self-sufficient
  • Creative
  • Intelligent

Negative Traits Associated with Aquarius

  • Impatient
  • Inflexible or stubborn
  • Insomniac (because the brain won’t quiet down to sleep)

Loving an Aquarius

Aquarius personality and characteristics are often assets in a romantic relationship. If a partner wants to keep the relationship fun, flirty and carefree, the Aquarius is able to comply. If a partner is serious and wants to make sure communication is solid and that the emotional and mental connections are nurtured, the Aquarius will do so thoughtfully. Aquarians are usually not jealous partners and are happy to be supportive of your dreams.

On the negative side, it may be difficult to love an Aquarius because he or she is likely to be inspired to re-invent, and the change may seem surprising and temporarily de-stabilize your relationship. As the partner, you may occasionally feel that if you don’t follow, you will be left behind. But your Aquarian will have good intentions and the ability to communicate, so you can probably work it out.

Aquarius is often most compatible with other air signs or fire signs. Its opposite is Leo, a fire sign that often leads to the most intense and passionate relationships an Aquarius is likely to have.

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