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How to Play Pool?

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Pool is categorized as a cue or billiard sports which comprises of sinking billiard balls into the pockets of a pool table with the use of a cue stick. It can be an exciting game which can be played by multiple persons at a time. Over time Pool competitions have become increasingly popular and are held each year in different areas around the country where people compete with each other for the title as best pool player in that region. There are many diverse ways to play the game but we will only be concentrating on a basic eight ball game.

How To Play Pool

Required Tools:

Pool stick

Mechanical bridge



Required Materials:

Pool table

Billiard balls

Billiard cues

Instructions are as follows:

1. A simple game of pool begins by arranging all the pool balls onto the pool table with the rack, with the exclusion of the cue ball.

2. Each player then chooses the type of pool stick they want to use and then smooth off the pinnacle using the chalk so that the entire tip is covered with chalk. Then you can blow off the tip to take off the excess chalk residue. Some persons prefer to purchase their own personal pool stick for participating in pool.

3. After determining who will start off the game, place the cue ball behind the starting line on the pool table. Employ one hand on the pool table to direct the cue ball where it ought to go and the other to put on the power needed to hit it firmly enough so that it makes contact with the group of balls. If billiard balls are hit firm enough, then they should spread all over the pool table. If you are right handed more likely the steering hand will be the left and the hitting hand the right and for left handed people vice versa. One simple method is to shape the directing hand is to make a small semi circle with the thumb on top of the index finger so that the pool stick can be put on top of it.

4. After all the balls are scattered out over the board and neither of the colored balls or the Number 9 ball sinks the other player or team will be allowed to try and sink either the whole or strip balls. The persons who gets any one of them balls into the pocket first excluding for the cue ball will have to try to sink that kind of ball during the remainder of the match. The player who drops all of their colored balls before the other will then attempt to drop the Number 9 ball, but whoever sinks the Number 9 ball prior to that will automatically forfeit the game.

5. While playing pool, each competitor can take shots from almost any angle to sink a ball into the pocket. Once they use the right technique so that the cue ball hits the colored ball dead center, then the shot should be successful, If not it will either fail to hit the ball or it might not hit it effectively for the ball to sink. Just line up the shot correctly and make the shot.

6. Persons can also hit the cue ball from an angle where it can bounce from either end the pool table and hit another colored ball. You can also utilize the cue ball to strike another ball which then rebounds off the cushion and sink another ball. Use the pool stick and line up the shot with the side on the pool table to realize the best position to make a great shot.

7. In a pool game another effective method for dropping a ball is to strike the cue ball onto a colored ball so that it doesn’t hit dead center but rather intentionally off centre so it moves towards a pocket. Depending on where you need the colored ball to go will determine how far off centre you have to hit the ball. But don’t slice the ball excessively so that you may miss the pocket completely.

8. Another shot is known as Canon which is a useful shot if the ball you want to strike is obstructed by a couple billiard balls. First observe the balls in question, and calculate how you want to strike the first ball in order for it to sock the other ball at the right position, or probably even sock the third. Once you have decided this then hit it steadily, but not too hard to make the balls fly from around the pool table.

Tips and Warnings

*Prior to striking the cue ball, always ensure that the top of the cue stick is properly attached to the end section, sometimes the tip can work itself loose and even fall off and this may affect the users performance.

*Participating in pool requires the know how and skill, so once you continuously practice your techniques then your tactics and game play will gradually increase.

* When playing a pool match, persons should also use the proper stance, the left foot should be placed forward and the right foot behind approximately two feet and you must not be too near to the table.

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