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How to Throw a Cast Net?

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People throw cast nets as an efficient means to capture sea creatures like shrimps and bait fish. As effortless as this task sounds, throwing it calls for some amount of application and skill to be able to cast it out effectively. This writing will give you guideline procedure to understand how to toss your cast net efficiently. There are a couple methods that can be implemented, but some methods are more effective than others depending on how many persons are casting it and the range of the net.

How To Throw A Cast Net

Required Tools:

Slider ring

Required Materials:

Cast net

Lead line

Instructions are as follows:

1. First you have to connect the lead line around your left wrist and tie a circle in the last part of the line, and put the line into the loop to create another loop. Place your left hand in the second loop and pull the line to wrap it around your wrist.

2. Place the net and line at your feet and coil the line to about 6 to 8 inches in width in your left hand until you take away all the slack from the line to your left hand sustain it to about chest level.

3. Hold the slider ring on the lead line that is at the center of the net in your right hand and slide it up going up to your left hand. The net will then lengthen as the slider ring is moved along the lead line. When you are ready to lift the net from of the deck by the slider ring, the net should hang straight down with all the lead weights around the base skirt hanging at the same vertical length in a clump, if the weights are not hanging evenly then you will have to unravel the filament on the inside of the net before continuing.

4. Put the slider ring into your left hand and grasp the net about half of the way to the end with your right hand and move the gathered net within the right hand to your left without dropping the coil or the slider ring. If your left hand feels uneasy and full then you may grasp the net just beneath the slider ring instead of on the ring itself.

5. Grasp a part of the bottom skirt, in between the weights, and place this section into your teeth. Next hold the skirt at a point, counter-clockwise, arms-length from the part in our teeth. Turn to your left at the waist to twist up and throw the net by spinning to the right and letting go of all points at once and don’t forget to release with your teeth. Before throwing, turn your body away from the mark, and spin your body easily as you cast the net and release so the cast net hits in a circular form. Once it hits the intended target then pull the near to close the net.

7. If the net stretches out evenly and has a slight clockwise spin as it moves in the air then you will know that you are doing it correctly. Then give the net a couple moments to reach to the base and pull it in and as you proceed loop the lead line in your left hand.

8. As soon as the net reaches you, lift it onto the deck by the lead line and empty it by moving the slider ring up the lead line. If you are left handed just reverse the procedure.

Tips and Warnings

*If you are going to make a loop that is any larger than 6 to 8 inches in diameter then throwing it will require using your two hands.

*Before casting a net, always examine it to make sure that the loop is still secure placed on your wrist.

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June 7th, 2010 at 3:24 am