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How much google +1 will help local market traffic?

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Google +1 is known to help increase traffic and SEO. This is since Internet marketers are saying that the fastest and the most efficient way you can market your Internet marketing campaigns these days is through social media promotion. This means, you should also learn how you can increase your social media presence so that your advertising traffic and your profits will greatly increase.

Regardless if youre a small local business or you belong to Fortune 500 companies, you should not take the chance to market your products or services in a market that has a growing number of subscribers. By increasing your fans, you can increase your brand and have a greater web presence. This is the same if you will have more followers. You will be able to directly communicate with your target customers.

Views are also just as powerful. With more views or subscribers, you can also increase your marketing efforts. Last but not the least, since Google +1 is a part of the search ranking algorithm of Google, you can be sure your brandibility, your search engine ranking, your traffic and your profits will all greatly increase.

One frustration that online marketers have on Google +1 is that they required user profiles to be based on real names. Even so and amidst the fact that its just started operation recently, there have been healthy traffic generated over to business websites. One contributory factor would be the number of users in social networking site has – about more than 20 million and most of these are entrepreneurs. Its actually a big improvement from Twitter and Facebook which had to wait three years for them to hit such number. This alone has made Google +1 a significant source of  referral traffic for marketing user sites.

To take full advantage of Google +1 as a business owner or Internet marketer, you need to have a public profile by July 2011; otherwise, your profile will be deleted. As mentioned earlier, these public profiles should be associated with your real name. The thing is, Google themselves also find it too early to allow brands to have social media presence which is why they have something else instored for business owners and Internet marketers in a few months time – their Google +1 business offering with all its useful tools which you cannot find in Facebook now.

Nonetheless, even if Google +1 business profiles are still in the works, many are saying that this social networking site has great potential in referring online traffic. Later on, with the Google +1 business profile, Internet marketers and business owners can share options which are not found or available in their personal account. According to Google, these soon-to-be tools will definitely help entrepreneurs market their business more efficiently.

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5 Tips that Work for Off Page Optimization

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Off page optimization can involve a whole plethora of methods and tactics that all purport to do the same thing: increase your websites popularity with the search engines, as this shall mean increasing your websites popularity with Web users. Off page SEO is mainly about building a strong network of links that point to your site and enhance your rank in the page engines. Rank is so important because how high you list in search engine resultswhether you make it to the top 10 results or notmay well determine how much traffic you get. Most Internet users visit sites by search engine results, and often check only the first ten entries on the results page. Thus, you need to do everything you can to get in that elite tenand off page optimization is just one aspect of your strategy. Below are a few off page SEO tips you can use, even if you are still a beginner in Internet marketing.

1. Leverage web directories. Web directories are excellent resources for website owners hoping to build page rank, and may be either paid or free. You can start off with free directories so as to cut down costs and submit your site to them so that they can include it in the relevant category.

2. Participate in link exchange. The best simple example of how link exchanges work would be to look at blogging communities and subgroups. You shall notice that many bloggers exchange links to their sites with each other, posting each others links on their respective blogs. Many other sites practice link exchange. It also has the added benefit of enhancing the authority of a site if the other site in the exchange is a trusted or established one with a high page rank.

3. Put up a profile of your website with a link to it on a social networking website. These can really help you get word out about your site and also organise any loyal visitors you might already have.

4. Make use of social bookmarks. You have probably seen this on most of the sites you visit. This is generally advisable only if you are confident that you have excellent and unique content. Social bookmarking can bring great benefits to a site, but it can also bring problems if implemented incorrectly.

5. Submit articles to article websites. You can then link back to your site in the authors section, giving people who liked your submission a chance to read more from you.

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