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1950s Halloween Costume Ideas

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As many rebels and rock and roll icons as there were in the 50s, there were plenty of stuffed-shirt nerds and geeks as well. The “nerdy 50s guy” costume is a classic, and is easy to reproduce at home.

For a nerdy 50s guy, you’ll need to pick up the thickest, ugliest pair of glasses you can find. The stronger the “coke bottle lens” effect on your eyes, the better, and you should put a piece of tape on the bridge of the glasses. His hair would be slicked down rather than back, with a piece of hair sticking up on top or a cowlick on the side. Throw on an ugly bow tie, a pair of plaid pants belted way above the waist, and a too-tight button-down shirt and your 50s nerd costume is complete.

For a nerdy 50s girl, take the Poodle Skirt look to its most innocent extreme. Wear a plain Poodle Skirt hemmed well below the knee, a plain white top, nerdy girl glasses, hair in big ugly braids, and the clunkiest saddle shoes you can find.

Not everybody was cool in the 50s. Dressing up as a 50s nerd is much less predictable than the cool 50s leather guy. You can find more information about 50s costumes here and also here: 1950s costumes.

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June 14th, 2011 at 11:51 am

New Movies on DVD

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There are new motion pictures on DVD popping up all the time, but sometimes it can be difficult to keep up with all the alternatives on hand. This post is intended to help, as it lists some of the most enjoyable motion pictures that are newly accessible on DVD. I hope this article helps next time you are at BlockBuster searching for something to rent.

Shrek Forever After – This one has got Shrek versus Rumpelstiltskin. Donkey, Princess Fiona, Puss in Boots, Queen Lillian, and King Harold all are back for this last Shrek film.

Letters to God – An 8 year old boy with cancer writes letters to God. His sincere correspondence is read by an alcoholic postal worker, and the gentle contents within slowly inspire him to clean up his life. Containing a strong Christian message, this film is perfect for religious families.

Soul Kitchen – A German comedy film about the happenings around and in a broken-down eatery in a proletarian vicinity of Hamburg. Filled with unconventional and sympathetic characters, the movie should tickle your funny bone regardless of your nationality. One of the more intriguing of the new movies on DVD.

Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole – A computer-animated movie based on the books by Kathryn Lasky, Legend of the Guardians follows the adventures of a barn owl named Soren (voiced by Jim Sturgess) as he endeavours to rescue the owl realm with assistance from a famous order of winged protectors. Zack Snyder directs.

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse – The 3rd episode of The Twilight Saga series sees vampire Victoria (Bryce Dallas Howard) attempting vengeance against gloomy teenage heroine Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) by producing an army of zombies. Even though werewolves and vampires are traditionally foes, they must set aside their differences to combat the larger threat. A great movie for teenage girls.

I hope you have enjoyed this list of brand-new motion pictures on DVD. These suggestions represent my picks for the best movies currently accessible for home video fans. Enjoy.

For more suggestions, see New Movies on DVD.

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December 21st, 2010 at 10:23 am

What’s New with Lego Toys?

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Lego toys, we believe, have always been around, and they have been proven to make architects, engineers, and designers out of those once kids who have once played with them. This is the reason why, up to this date, many parents are still largely in favor of Lego toys as their kids’ toys and yes, as gifts for their kids come Christmas time. To this date, many parents still think that Legos are the best learning toys for their kids. And the children could not agree any better.

The Scoop on: Harry Potter and Hogwarts Legos

Now, Lego toys take a step that is a notch higher by featuring designs that are derived from popular children’s stories and icons of today. One of these is the Harry Potter and Hogwarts Legos. The most common of these is the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in brick form, which the child is supposedly meant to build, piece by piece together, to be able to form one complete whole. Legos in Harry Potter and Hogwarts designs are available any where quality children’s goods are sold as well as in online auction shops such as eBay and Amazon. Also available are Harry Potter legos featuring the quidditch field, the infamous hut of Hagrid, and variations of the castle of Hogwarts.

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December 3rd, 2010 at 4:54 am

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What is John Lewis?

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John Lewis is a British chain of retail big box stores headquartered in London. John Lewis was founded in the 19th century by a man named John Lewis, surprise surprise.

John Lewis began as a single store on Oxford Street in 1864. John Lewis still operates a huge retail store at that location.

John Lewis grew from that one spot to its current holdings–thirty-two stores in England, Scotland, and Wales with two more in the works as of this writing. Since 1925, the company’s slogan has been “Never Knowingly Undersold,” reflecting their position as a discount retailer, similar to Target stores in America.

John Lewis and the Royal Family

John Lewis is a major provider of goods to the Queen (as part of an old Royal Warrant)–the stores are also renowned for their “fair business practices”, like giving all full-time employees some part ownership in the company. Another example–John Lewis was the only large retail store that closed its doors on Mondays back when the UK had laws against operating on Sundays—giving their employees a full two-day weekend. John Lewis is a much loved and employee-friendly retailer with a long history and a bright future.

What Does John Lewis Sell?

John Lewis is called “Britain’s favorite retailer.” John Lewis stores sell a huge array of products, comparable to kind of things you might buy at big American retailers like Target or Wal-Mart. Just like its American counterparts, John Lewis forms partnerships with well-known brands (like Penguin Clothing or Greenapple Electronics) along with selling their own line, known just as “John Lewis.”

What big box retailers did for shopping in America–combining many different retail shopping opportunities into one-—John Lewis is doing for the UK. Rather than shopping at an electronics store, having lunch at a restaurant, and buying a new outfit for work at a clothes shop, you can do all three in a John Lewis store. A quick rundown of the categories of products sold by John Lewis retail stores goes something like this–Toys, Kitchen, Holiday, Electronics, and Sport and Leisure.

John Lewis is constantly making changes to move customers through the checkout process faster. This new idea in customer service has another huge benefit for John Lewis stores. As Wal-Mart first did in American, John Lewis employees and executives can monitor sales in real time from a centralized location and make instant changes to their store setup, prices, and promotions. John Lewis is doing extremely well in the UK in what is still a tough economic climate.

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November 27th, 2010 at 7:27 am

On Do-it-Yourself Favour Box Kits

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Want a favour box design that can be customized to fit one’s specifications? One could opt for “do it yourself” favour box kits available on local crafts stores as well as on specialty marketplaces over the Internet.

Aside from favour boxes, these sites also almost always offer “do it yourself” kits for those who would want to make their own table decor, accessories, and invitations, all for a particular party event such as weddings, birthday parties, and the like. Many favour box kits these days no longer require gluing; all that needs to be done is a simple step of folding and attaching the pieces. Shopping around will enable one to find designs that suit even the male guests.

Tips When Making Favour Boxes for Weddings

Weddings, of course, will never be complete without favours. But because of the great expenses associated with wedding occasions, chances are, the couple would decide to scrimp on the costs for their favours as well as the boxes that go with them. But this need not make them sad. That’s because cheap wedding favours do not exactly equate to cheap looking favours. Cute looking favour boxes can now be had at only a dollar each or even less. At this price, one could already get favour boxes that have a Chinese theme, or favour boxes that look like crates. There are even favour boxes of this price that resemble heart shapes made of satin as well as those with quilt on them.

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October 27th, 2010 at 9:20 pm

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Wholesale Craft Supplies

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Arts and Crafts incorporate several hobbies and activities which normally involve the production of unique hand-made items. People of all ages enjoy arts and crafts because it is fun and also a wonderful way to learn new skills and techniques to exhibit creativity. There are instances where it becomes necessary to buy large quantities of craft supplies. It is more likely for crafts supplies to be bought in bulk by schools, camps and some non-profit organizations. However, supplies may also be purchased in generous quantities by a single individual. The great thing about craft supplies is that they retain the ability to be stored for very long periods until you are ready to use them. There are many websites devoted to the sale of craft supplies a few of these sites will be listed below with a brief overview of what each site has to offer.

Websites that Specialize in the Sale of Wholesale Craft Supplies


They provide competitive prices because all their stock comes directly from manufacturers and large scale importers of craft supplies.

They ship chiefly to customers in the United States, but have extended shipping to other international locations. If an order is placed by noon it will be shipped on the same day.

They have a prominent supply of 1000 different unfinished cast resign figures, large collections of Rusty tin products and unfinished paper mache figures an objects.

Other craft supplies include adhesives, craft paints and mediums, Hardware, Decorative Rings , Musical Movements, Slate, Stencils, Craft Wire, Decorative Wire, Wood Products, Primitive/Country Craft supplies, and many more other useful items.

Craft site directory

This is an online Directory for craft supply wholesalers. It contains a lot links to several different websites that cater to all your craft supply needs.

It displays a comprehensive list of all of these locations along with a short summary of what each has to offer.


As their slogan suggests “Save with Wholesale Beads, Findings & Jewellery Making Supplies Direct From The Factory” this site is dedicated to the sale of some craft supplies specifically those needed to make jewellery. It will fulfil a part of your craft supply needs. However for a greater variety of tools other wholesalers should be visited.


This site is an online directory of several different types of wholesalers there are a few Craft supply wholesalers listed within this category. However, you will need to search the list properly as there are a vast number of other suppliers that do not sell art supplies listed. Therefore it is possible to overlook the craft wholesale suppliers that are displayed.

Craft Hobby Wholesale

This site specializes in the sale of a wide range of arts and crafts supplies including beads, buttons, stickers, craft kits, paint, feathers, googly eyes, foam shapes, and many more suitable items.

If you purchase over $100 worth of items you will not pay any shipping fees. The minimum amount that must be spent is $20.


It is vital that you shop around to get the best values available.

It is possible to visit a wholesale site that does not offer particularly competitive prices.

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Going Out of Business Sales – Best Deals

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When an individual sees the sign or an advertisement that claims “Going out of Business Sale” suddenly he or she will think, “yes, I can get the best deals there”. In theory these sales should in fact save you the most money possible, based simply on the principal idea that the store will no longer be operational when the sale has ended. However this is not always the case and it therefore requires some vigilance on the part of any customer who is quickly moved to spend money at these sales. There are a couple factors to think about that can make these prices less likely to be worth it. Also in current times there has been an upsurge in the number of “going out of business sales” because of the recession that has not been kind to many stores that have lost their edge. Luckily there has been some media coverage on this issue which has helped to uncover some of the less than scrupulous activities that have occured during these sales.

Factors that May Affect Liquidation Sales

The greatest factor that leads to less substantial benefits from these types of sales are as a result of the use of liquidators who normally manage these sales. Most large chains will hire liquidation companies to carry out these sales. Once a liquidator is involved they will try to obtain the greatest profit on behalf of their company. They do not operate at a loss nor do they discount the items in favour of the customers. It has been suggested that liquidators often raise the prices at the start of the sale and progressively lower these prices during the period in which the sale will be carried out.

Liquidators are not above misleading customers into believing that the products are substantially discounted and are possibly the lowest prices they will encounter during that period. The liquidators as said before function purely to make a profit. They will not end the sale with a loss. It is even said that these liquidators will sell any excess merchandise to overseas locations that are more willing to buy merchandise at any cost in lieu of lowering the price below a profitable margin.

Another factor that may affect going out of business sales may be because of illegal activities. This simply refers to those sales that are truly not going out of business sales. In situations like these a sign that indicates a closing down sale will be put up, however there will be no actual reduction in the prices. In certain states laws are put in place to reduce the numbers of scams that occur. However, they still materialize occasionally and are most apparent when the store is located within an individual’s area.

How to Find Going out of Business Sales

If the company is a large enough company these sales will be widely advertised on the television. You may see these advertisements on normal network channels quite often.

Another great place to check is your local newspaper or other newspapers that should also advertise these sales periodically.

The internet is also another search tool that will provide you with sufficient information on these types of sales.

If you are an avid radio listener you will also have the privilege of using this source to detect any “going out of business sales”.

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March 4th, 2010 at 10:00 pm

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Wholesale Closeout

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With the current economic climate being what it is everyone is desperate to discover the best alternatives to stop excessive spending. An easy way to do this is to buy products that are normally inexpensive. To accomplish this you will need to source great bargains and use affordable retailers and wholesalers. An excellent choice will be a close out wholesaler.

You may wonder if these items are high in quality. And quite honestly they are. Many of these products are from stores that sell high quality designer clothes, like brand name outlets.

A store may need to be liquidated for a number of reasons. In some cases a store may be moving and cannot take their entire inventory if the new location is much smaller. Other times, particular items may not move quickly enough therefore instead of making a total loss on these products stores may sell them at discounted prices. In some instances it may be as a result of a stores bad debts that most be cleared by selling the remaining stock.

However, there are stores that specialize in the sale of close out products. To do this they buy products from wholesalers and retailers in bulk and sell them at reduced prices. You can save loads of money using these types of stores. They sell all types of items including cars, electronics, clothes, household items, jewellery and even food. You can find many of these stores online. This means you can shop from anywhere that has internet access.

You have a myriad of choices when shopping for wholesale close out items. However, when making your decision you should make certain that you are buying from a reputable supplier. Depending on your needs you may prefer to visit a close-out retailer who will be able to give you products at an affordable prices but without needing to purchase in bulk. You will need to be careful when purchasing goods from any of these suppliers as they may not necessarily offer competitive prices but simply use “close-out” to get more prospective customers. For this reason it is essential to comparison shop to get the best deals there are. You may be surprised to see affordable prices at a retailer who is offering discount prices during sale periods.

You do not have to shop at an online close-out wholesaler especially if you would like to avoid waiting on a shipment. However, online prices are generally cheaper because this means the wholesaler does not spend additional money establishing a store front.

If you choose to use a close-out wholesaler it is perhaps best to do it with a few friends to make buying items more affordable. Buying in bulk will definitely increase the discounts offered. For example you may choose to purchase a few kids clothing for your child. Ask friends if they would also be interested in purchasing a few items to lessen the individual amount spend.

Shopping at a close out wholesale store is a great way to save money, once you make certain you are using a reputable wholesaler.

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