Design Tips for Crochet Blankets

When making crochet blankets, typically, one comes up with a blanket that has somewhat like a lacey, old fashioned, or flowery design that feels good on the skin but does not necessarily look great for everybody.

So, what’s the work around? Sometimes, those who crochet simply go for the plain designs, just so they can satisfy the clientele’s dislike for things too “granny looking,” especially if the client is a man. And then, they make use of colors that have a warm, rich, or creamy tone to compensate. Want crochet blankets to have another design? Get into embroidery and embroider on names and other designs on the blanket.

Doing Business out of Crochet Blankets

So, is a business doing crochet blankets a promising venture? Answer is, it could be. It actually depends on the available market as well as the trading conditions in the area. But here is one top tip from those who have been in the business for quite some time already – start by making the crochet blankets and giving them away as gifts.

This will spread the word about the quality of the crochet blankets, and this will create a market for the product. It might also be a good idea to actually partner with a manufacturer that sells crocheted goods.