Forms of Testosterone Supplements for men

Testosterone supplements are an anti-aging therapy for men with deficient levels of the hormone. Testosterone supplements are generally available in three formats: pill, gel and booster. Testosterone injections are another kind of treatment which is the very fast acting. This is because the hormones are injected directly into the bloodstream and take effect within hours of the injection.

Natural testosterone boosters do not contain hormones. Instead they help to boost testosterone on the body. They work by suppressing production of estrogen or help to boost the production of the testosterones. Natural boosters may also contain plant sterols which increase the hormonal levels found in men. Natural boosters are found in plants, herbs, vitamins and minerals. Boosters are blended with different herbs and minerals and available in pill form.

Testosterone gel is another for a supplement that is fast acting. The gel is applied to the skin and quickly absorbed into the bloodstream.