How to Make a Pinata?

A pinata is a formation of wet glue paper which is used to cover over the body of the pinata. It is usually made with bright colours and used during the time of a Mexican fete, as an important part of the country’s culture and public festivity. It is said that pinatas originally came from China and was taken to the western world by Marco Polo. Traditionally Pinatas were made in the form of a six-pointed star filled with fruits, confectionery, and miniature toys but presently they are created in a variety of types, shapes and sizes, including animals, plants, and flowers. At the festivals, the pinatas are placed in the ceiling and kids who have their eyes covered, take turns to swing at the pinatas. When the pinata is slapped hard enough, then it finally splits and discard the candy and toys that it contained. By reading this piece you can really understand how to make your own pinata at home.

How to Make a Pinata

Things you will need:

A pot

2 cups of flour

1 balloon

3 cups of butter


Markers, crayons or paint


Colored crepe paper

Instructions are as follows:

1. First you need to inflate the large balloon and tie the ends with a string. The balloon will outline the cimple body of the pinata.

2. Create a paste for the papier-mâché with the flour and water collectively into a container, until it forms a smooth texture. You can cook up the flour and water to get a more efficient paste.

3. Take the scissors and cut the newspaper into a set of long 1 inch thick strips and put it into the paste mixture. Then cautiously put the strips onto the balloon until it is covered, leaving a opening at the top. Now put it away and let the balloon to dry.

4. Then take some extra newspaper dipped in the paste and place another layer of newspaper over the balloon and let dry.

5. Then repeat this process with one more coating, and leave a hole at the top. When the paste is dry, pop it and take out the balloon.

6. Now you can paint and beautify your pinata with different designs and colors. You can also hang colored crepe paper on each side and base area.

7. Punch two small gap into the top close to the hole and use a large length of string to put inside each hole and fill the pinata (through the hole you left at the top) with candy, toys, or any other fun treats. You can also load it with strips of newspaper so the treats are not all in one area.

8. Once it is completed, join your pinata in the ceiling with the string and now you can start to hit the pinata.

Tips and Warnings

* When you are making a pinata, use your imagination and try to be as innovative as you possibly can. Design your pinata into any shape you desire like an animal, flower, etc. You can also use thick colored paper filled with crushed up newspaper and paste or tape it to apply any details to your simple pinata frame.

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