How to Paint a Car

If you notice that the color of your car is starting to become a little dull and dirty looking or you just decide you want a new look. The first thought in your head is possibly locating a professional to give your car a new paint job. However, painting a car is not a job that may only be done by professionals, as a matter of fact you can get the job done on your own with just a few guidelines and a little enthusiasm.

So here are a couple directions to help you achieve a quality finish right in your own yard, without paying for someone else to do it and without spending an arm and leg to purchase the necessary things.

How To Paint A Car

Required Tools


Paint sprayer

Putty knife (optional)

Required Materials

Painter’s/Masking tape


Car washing detergent and brush

Putty (optional)

Wet Sandpaper (fine and thick grit)

Rustoleum high gloss paint

Odorless mineral spirits


4″ High density foam brushes

Paint trays

Clear coat

Power spin buffer


Firstly you need to find a large location that is dust and dirt free because dust may be extremely unfavorable to a good paint job. If you have a garage with sufficient space this would most likely be the best location to do your painting.

Once you select a area use the car washing detergent and brush to remove any dirt and dust from the car. Use newspaper and tape and thoroughly go around the car and carefully cover any place you do not desire to be painted such as the windows and headlights. You should take off the bumpers as well and spray them separately to guarantee they are done well.

Start with the thick grit sandpaper (600 grit) and then go over the car again using finer grades. A sander will really assist with this step therefore it is recommended that you obtain one. The car ought to be wet sanded therefore use sandpaper made for wet purposes.

If there are any dents in the car, use the putty to knife to fill and smooth them with putty. Let the putty to dry fully before troubling it. If the base metal of the car is exposed in any areas, paint them with a coat of the primer to ensure that you achieve a even finish.

Now it is time to begin painting; you can use a paint sprayer to apply the paint faster or you can use a paint tray and a 4” foam brush. Apply the primer firstly to set a good foundation for any color you intend to put on the car afterwards. When the primer dries sand it down to get rid of any bumps or paint marks. You should spray the car around 3 times to ensure you have a good foundation to work on.

Now you move move on to the colored coats; mix 50% paint to 50% mineral spirits to get the required consistency and paint on no less than 2 coats, or as many as you require to get the color you desire. Then put on around 3 tiers of the clear coat to lock in your paint job; and your paint job is done. Allow it to dry for no less than 24 hours before washing or otherwise troubling the paint job.

Use a spin buffer about 2 days after to really get the paint job to glisten.


To lessen the volume of tape and newspaper work you need to perform, remove as many parts as possible that you do not desire to be painted like the head and tail lights.

Permit each coat to dry for a few hours prior to applying another coat on top.

As you can see, learning how to paint a car is a simple task!