How to Pick a Cheap Electric Company in Texas


— In Houston you can sort the electric rates by fixed or variable rate and also with highest priced and lowest price. Texas Electricity can be cheaper for you than what you are paying right now.

— The electric company listing in Houston is very user friendly hence making it very easy to browse through and locate the energy company that is suited for your situation!

— In case you don’t want to shop around but wish to stick with a company that is known for constantly offering cheap electric rates then it is highly recommended to give Houston Electric Company a call.

Houston Electric Company is situated in Houston and offers inexpensive energy to both commercial customers as well as residential customers. The company is supported by Shell and has the capacity to perform large-scale wholesale commercial transactions.


— If you require someone to talk to this Houston electric provider in order to make the shopping experience much easier. There is energy consultant available to take you through the different electric rate plans and suggest what best fits your requirement.

— In case a consumer has a low risk acceptance level then they will choose to avoid getting on a variable electric rate. However, if you have a high-risk tolerance level you may well try out a variable rate, which has averaged a few cents cheaper then fixed electric rates in Houston over the last few years.

Most of the people in Houston live near counties in Texas that are not deregulated but in its place have a city owned municipality, which is a part of the South West Grid. Houston is basically on the ERCOT grid system that controls about 75% of the electricity market in Texas. There are some cities wherein the Southwest grid system is capable of offering considerably cheaper electric rates as they manage their grid a little different then ERCOT. This lower electric rate in the South West region is not always the case.


— Fuel prices changes can possibly cause unstable issues in the Texas energy market and may inflate electric rates in the Southwest grid area higher then they are in the ERCOT grid.– Inconsistent behavior with energy in Houston Texas is something the state doesn’t like too much, no doubt they have become used to it.

Houston Texas has the uppermost average electric prices in the state. This is mainly because the cities line congestion and losses. The demand on the grid causes ERCOT and the PUCT to price the city and surrounding area based upon their inadequacy and demand for electricity during the peak load times.

In order to assist with alleviating these elevated prices in Houston the ERCOT system will be implementing a nodal system, which will substitute the five pricing areas in Texas with a few thousand-node areas and all will be priced individually. This will basically reward in disciplining those areas in the state of Texas based on how energy is utilized.