Multiplayer Poker Online

You have lots of options if you want to play poker online. But those options start to dwindle when you start taking into account what kind of poker you want to play. For example, if you want to play poker for real money, and you live in the USA, you’re going to have trouble finding a site that will cater to you. Or suppose you want to play five card stud. Relatively few sites offer 5 card stud, because not very many people play it any more.

Legal issues prevent me from recommending someplace to play Texas holdem for real money, but I can recommend a great place to find free multiplayer poker–Zodiac Holdem. Lots of sites offer free poker games, but many of them aren’t offering multiplayer functionality. And to me, if you’re not playing with other people, well…you’re not really playing poker at all, are you?

The rules for playing multiplayer poker at Zodiac Holdem are the same as you’ll find elsewhere online. It’s a Texas holdem game, so each player gets two hole cards. The computer deals 3 cards face-up, the flop. Then there’s another card, the turn, and then another card, the river. Rounds of betting happen between each stage of the deal. But of course, since this is a free “for-fun” poker game, you don’t wager real chips, just play money chips. It’s a lot like playing Monopoly, only more fun.