Progesterone levels during Pregnancy

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When a woman is pregnant having enough progesterone in her body is important. It helps to transform the size of the uterus to accommodate a full size baby. Estrogen also plays an important role. Both hormones are crucial, so that, a woman can undergo a successful pregnancy.

Relieving hormonal imbalance to increase progesterone levels during pregnancy with exercise can be hard for a pregnant woman. After 6 months, the uterus has grown to accommodate the baby. Therefore women are a great risk should they perform vigorous exercise during pregnancy. A good balance of hormones is important to achieve a healthy and safe pregnancy. Eating well and checking with your doctor are things that a woman can do when she is no longer able to exercise. A doctor can recommend supplements to relieve low progesterone. Wild yam cream is one supplement that can help a woman increase progesterone production naturally and restore the body’s normal hormonal balance between progesterone and estrogen.

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