Recommended Games to Try

One of the best expenditures you can make in your entertainment budget is a high quality board game or card game. For the cost of a single trip to the movies, you can purchase a game that can provide dozens or even hundreds of hours of enjoyment. In this post, I’m going to suggest five board games that will please even the most finicky of game players.

1. Twilight Struggle – This one is a war game/power struggle game set during the Cuban Missile Crisis. The game takes about three hours to play, and it only supports two players. So if you’re looking for a game that the whole family can enjoy, look at one of the other suggestions. This one’s not good for younger kids either, but teenagers will love it.

2. Puerto Rico – This is my favorite game on the list. When I first heard about it, I thought it would be lame. You play a plantation owner in historical Puerto Rico, and you grow crops like coffee and sugar. But it’s incredibly engaging and fun. You can play this one with as many as five players, but it’s complex enough that it’s probably better for teens and adults than for young children.

3. Agricola – I haven’t tried this one yet, but the box and name remind me a little bit of Puerto Rico, so I’m considering investing in this game next. You play a farmer who has a shack and a wife and not much else. The actions that you can take on your turn are similar to the actions you would take if you owned a farm: building fences and things like that. You can play with up to five players, and like the other games on the list, it’s not for little kids.

4. Through the Ages: The Story of Civilization – This one is a civilization building game, and it’s pretty involved. It takes four hours to finish a game, and it’s best for teens and adults.

5. Power Grid – This one’s a strategy game for up to six players, each of whom is trying to run power plants and supply cities with power using a variety of means to generate electricity. Again, not a good one for little kids, but a fun and exciting game for older kids.

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