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Easy Ways to Convert WMV to AVI

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Before knowing how to convert WMV to AVI, it is essential to know what both these acronyms stand for. AVI stands for Audio Video Interleave is a multimedia format which is primarily introduced by Microsoft. This format was released way back in 1992, but it is an obsolete form of media now. This is the main reason why, most VCD players support this format and the newer DVD formats cannot play it. Most people prefer to use this format to upload videos on the Internet. This is also one of the reasons why one needs to know how to convert WMV to AVI.

WMV is Windows Media Video compressed and developed, also by Microsoft. The format was initially introduced to view videos on the Internet. Today WMV is also used for watching videos in Blu-Ray discs and HD DVD. It was primarily meant for Windows users so it can be played with VLC Media Player, RealPlayer and Windows Media Player. Nowadays even Macintosh users have QuickTime player to access WMV files on it.

These two formats were introduced in the in the 1990s. However WMV can be saved to a disk media or a hard drive for playback with WMP and other players such as DivX, Winamp and VLC. Knowing how to convert WMV to AVI is not too much of a challenge. It is easy and it does not require much of an infrastructure to do so. Listed below are some instructions to do so:


1)First one needs to install and launch conversion software on one’s computer to convert WMV or AVI file.

2)One needs to choose the kind of conversion, one wants to do.

3)Next, load the WMV source file that can be converted to AVI. Mostly, the software displays a prompt to browse and choose a file that needs to be converted. Most applications allow one to drag and drop the source files on the application window. Then the destination file has to be labeled and saved in a specific directory.

4)Once the previous steps are carried out, there are other features that one may choose. Most applications have their own features but before using the software on a regular basis,

5)Once the selections have been made one can begin the conversion process. The time taken usually ranges from a minute to an hour and it depends on the size of the file, the conversion specifics and the configuration of the computer.

6)Once the process is over, one will receive a notification through the application. If there is an error at any point, the message will be delivered immediately.

There are other ways if people want to know how to convert WMI to AVI. For instance, there is a software called the Daniusoft Video Converter. The best part about this software is, it can be downloaded for free and the files can be converted in the blink of an eye!

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Learn How to Convert WMV to AVI

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What is WMV?

Windows Media Video or WMV is the alias for a set of video codec technologies, shrinked video compression format for several proprietary codec advanced by Microsoft. This was initially invented for the internet running applications as a challenger. The first version, WMV 7, was introduced in 1999 and the consecutive expansion led to newer versions. It is based in ASF (Advanced Systems Format) that wraps a video bit stream. Products like the Microsoft Zune, Xbox 360 and Windows Powered devices back this codec and can be played by players such as MPlayers and Windows Media Player.

What is AVI?

Audio Video Interleave or AVI is a multimedia container format introduced by Microsoft in 1992. These files contain both audio and video reports in a file container that allows synchronous audio with playback. They support various running audio and video. DV AVI is the type of file where the video is reduced to adapt to DV standards. DV is the layout for storing and playing back digital video.

Below are the instructions to be followed before you prepare to convert WMV To AVI file format.


1.Download windows moviemaker.

2.Find the .wmv file that is to be converted

3.Open the file with Windows Movie Maker. The .wmv file may be needed to be imported rather than trying to open it with the movie maker.

4.Drag it to the timeline, which is a feature in the software.

5.On the left pane under “3. Finish Movie” select “Save to my computer.”

6.Click next after the dialogue box pops up.

7.In other settings choose DV-AVI.

8.Wait for Windows Movie Maker to finish changing file.

9.The file is now modify from .wmv to .avi.
There is also a software called Advanced X Video Converter that can be downloaded. Once this is done the source files should be added by clicking the “Add Task” button on the main menu. Click “All to AVI” on the task window. Then click the “Add File” button to add WMV files that you want to modify to AVI format. Choose the location that the files should be saved to and then click the start button to start modify.

Do’s and Don’t

1.Check you system before you download the Movie Maker software or any modify computer program to make sure that it is adaptable with you system.

2.The changed file may be a very large size, so you should download some video editing computer program and compressed it.

3.Make sure that your video file is not protect or encrypted.

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Learn How to Convert AVI to WMV

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In the 1990s, the AVI and WMV formats were introduced by Microsoft. Since then both formats have been staples for computer internationally. AVI which stands for Audio Video Interleave, was introduced in the year 1992 and is technically known as a container format. being a container format, AVI can include both video and audio while allowing synchronous playback. AVI files are found online as music videos, television programs, streaming videos and even full length films.

On the other hand, WMV stands for Windows Media Video and was developed by Microsoft specifically for streaming. However, WMV can also be saved to a hard drive or disk media for playback with Windows Media Player and other typed of players such as Winamp, DivX and VLC player.

The file formats are widely used for two reasons, first, they are easily played in media players like Windows Media Player, that come bundled with the Windows operating system. Secondly, they are easy to compress and can be uploaded, downloaded or streamed by way of the internet. The process of converting AVI file formats to WMV file formats is fairly easy and it only requires conversion software.

Things you will need

Conversion Software

How to convert AVI to WMV – Instructions

Install and Open conversion software on your computer to convert either an AVI or WMV file.

Choose the type of conversion that you want to take place.

Load the AVI source file that you would like to convert to WMV. Usually the software will display a prompt to browse of quickly select the file from a folder on your computer. A lot of applications will also allow you to drag and drop source files into the application window.

Name the destination file and make certain that it is saved into a specific directory.

Once you’ve finished steps 1 through four, you may choose between additional features. Each application will have its own features, so before using the software, scan the bells and whistles that the software offers.

Once you have made all your selections, you may start the conversion process. The process should take between a minute to over an hour depending on the file size, the conversion specifics and the computer configuration.

once the conversion process is completed the application will notify you. You will get an error message at the moment the error took place if a problem occurs. Open the media player of your choice and confirm that the file has been converted correctly.


Be careful to choose the correct audio and video codecs; WMA for audio and WMV8/9 for a video are the best choice.

Be careful to choose the correct video size; usually the original size.

Also, ensure you choose the relevant bit rate; for decent quality, use at least 128 kbit/s for audio and 768 kbit/s for video.

Keep the frames per second the same as the source file.

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