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Safe Herbal Anti-Menopause Dietary Supplement: Estroven

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Estroven is different from the usual anti-menopause supplements since it contains a more comprehensive range of herbs aimed at promoting overall better female health apart from correcting menopause symptoms induced by menopause.

Estroven contains a potent herbal mixture that seeks to correct problems like mental fatigue, disturbed sleep, extreme mood swings, body pains and recurring fluctuations in body temperature. It is fortified with many rare minerals like Calcium and Boron. Calcium supplementation is vital for menopausal women since they have a disturbed calcium metabolism. Here, calcium isn’t fully absorbed that impairs proper bone regeneration, making the bones softer—a condition called Osteoporosis. Boron is required for ensuring comprehensive uptake of calcium. This herbal supplement is impressive since its soy extracts are aimed at stimulating the natural production of estrogen hormone in the female body, meaning the product doesn’t seek to induce dependency but promotes correction of disturbed hormonal balance in the body.

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January 14th, 2012 at 9:59 pm

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Why Estrogen dominance is essential to our body

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Our bodies are made of hormones which contribute to each aspect of our growth. The major common hormone is estrogen dominance which is found in men and women. This intriguing hormone plays different roles in the two genders. This hormone has been known to be more effective in women than in men. People develop various changes of body character at different stages, from a child to a teenager till one becomes an adult. Men and women differ in body character. Estrogen is high in density in women. It enhances the physical change of a woman from the bone structure to the whole figure. Furthermore, it also attributes to the development for sexual characteristics for women since it is the main sex drive hormone. This chemical reaction takes place in the body in different timings and differs in effect depending with one’s age. The efficiency could be high or low depending with the state of the woman.

Author recommends to check out more about estrogen levels and low estrogen symptoms.

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December 20th, 2011 at 6:38 am