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Tips in Designing a Designer Store

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If one would be interested in venturing and making it big in the fashion industry, it would definitely help if one would set up a designer store. Now, if it were really a designer store, of course, it has to, first and foremost, impart or exude the feeling of it being actually a designer thing. What do we mean? Well, a designer store isn’t simply meant to just sell out designer stuff, but to have a design that can be deemed designer as well. So, when one wants to set up a designer store, one really needs to plan well and ahead. And this plan should almost always include the design of the store.

Ideas for an Online Designer Store

Now, if it would be impossible, financially, for a designer to come up with a physical store that will sell his wares, he could opt for an online designer store instead. An online designer store is where one would be able to peddle his designer goods and stuff through the millions of people who surf on the Internet everyday. First, the designer would need to set up his website via an independent web hosting service. Or, he could opt to set up a network of business partners and clients through social networking sites and blogsites. Then, the designer could spread the word through his very own social networking account.

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The Types of High Heeled Shoes

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Platforms, stilletos – which is which? These days, high heeled shoes are more than just high heeled shoes – they now have categories, which one needs to know when she shops out for shoes that have heels in the market.Platforms are basically those shoes that have heels with a rather wide base.

Stilletos, on the other hand, are those shoes that have a very thin heel – they make walking extremely hard for many women, but the fact that they make a woman look sexy remains to be the reason why they are still very much preferred by many.

Pumps, on the other hand, look like stilletos but are a bit thicker and the heels are lower. The wedge, on the other hand, presents the heel in a somewhat curved angle.

Safety When Wearing High Heels

Wearing shoes with high heels sometimes pose risks to a woman, risks so great that it has actually killed some over the past few years. So, always be careful when wearing high heels. Avoid walking too fast or running on them.

If there need be, remove the high heels and slip on a heel-less pair wherever applicable. Better yet, opt for doll or ballerina shoes, which have just the same flair but are safer to wear.

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The Top Fashion Designer Stores

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Currently among the best fashion designers that are sure to cause a riot in fashion designer stores are Valentino Garavani, Donatella Versace, Alexander McQueen, Ralph Lauren, and Betsey Johnson.

Valentino Garavani is said to be famous for designing immaculate dresses that are sure to make any woman look elegant and goddess like. Versace, on the other hand, is popular for her sensual tastes on fashion that are worthy of following the footsteps of her late brother, Gianni. McQueen, meanwhile, is famous for his colorful designs. Ralph Lauren is known for his chic, preppy fashion designs.

And Betsey Johnson, the queen of edgy, funky, fun, and bold fashion designs.

Ideas for an Interior Design Store

An interior designer specializes in styling interiors. What better way to tell the message than by making sure that the interiors of his store are exquisitely and sleekly styled as well. Of course, an interior designer needs to walk the talk – who would not get the services of an interior designer whose store is just about what one would want to see in his own interiors as well?

Websites for Designer Stores

A popular trend among designers these days is to set up websites which double as online showrooms and stores where one could order or ask for the designer’s services. When designing a website for a designer, make sure this reflects the design sentiments of the designer as well.

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Vera Wang’s Knows Her Wedding Fashion

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Vera Wang is the name of an influential fashion designer, as well as the name of the company, which she started in 1990. An editor of Vogue magazine for many, many years Vera Wang knows her fashion, and it shows in her unique bridal gowns. From its humble beginnings as a simple bridal boutique in New York, located in the prestigious Carlyle Hotel on Madison Avenue, the Vera Wang Company has grown significantly. Not only has their product line expanded to cover ready-to-wear fashion clothing, fragrances and even home fashions, but the Vera Wang name has also grown in stature.

Today, Vera Wang is still well known for its bridal fashion. The Vera Wang wedding gowns offered by the company are some of the most unique and exciting that a bride-to-be will find anywhere. They represent the highest end of luxury bridal wear. The Vera Wang catalog also features bridal accessories, including veils and shoes. Vera Wang also offers several great options for bridesmaids, including cocktail and full length dresses in many different colors and styles.

There are some other items that you’ll find in the Vera Wang catalog. There are a number of fragrances for different occasions that are available from the company. For intimate evenings or simple bedroom dressing, consider the Vera Wang line of lingerie. You’ll also find simply exquisite shawls and wraps in the Vera Wang product line.

Most recently, Vera Wang branched out into the market of home fashions and tableware. First launched in 2002, these collections bring the same unique, elegant style that clothing in the Vera Wang line is known for. Her tableware collections include both fine and casual china, flatware, stemware (both glassware and crystal), barware including martini shakers and wine buckets, and giftware.

Her home fashions collection includes many items to add a hint of that signature Vera Wang style to your home. Fine linens, blankets and throw pillows and decorative pillows are some of the options available. Vera Wang has teamed up with Serta to produce a unique line of stylish mattresses, as well. You can also purchase designer accessories, such as coasters and vases to spice up a living or dining area.

I also recommend wholesale beads as a nice extra accessory to give this some style.

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