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Micro Stakes Poker Tips

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Micro stakes poker is poker played for very small stakes, usually online. If you’re playing social poker at the kitchen table, like penny ante poker with family members, then you’re probably more concerned with having fun and enjoying yourself than you are with winning strategy. And nothing’s wrong with that. But this post is aimed at people who are considering playing online poker for very low stakes in order to build up their bankroll and maybe move into professional poker play at some point.

The first tip I offer to an aspiring micro stakes poker player is to learn how to focus on taking the correct actions in the short term regardless of the results. It’s almost always correct to raise with pocket aces, for example. If you’re at a micro stakes table where everyone is going to call, which gives you a greater than average chance of losing to a suckout, you should still make the appropriate play. In the long run, you’ll make money making the correct moves.

Since more people are going to be involved in hands at the micro stakes level, some of the drawing hands you get preflop will be more valuable, because you’ll be getting pot odds to play them. 10J suited becomes a much better hand with 5 other players in the pot, because you’re more likely to get a big payoff if the right flop hits.

On the other hand, some plays that work well at higher limits don’t work well at micro stake levels. For example, bluffing in a micro stakes game is almost never the right play to make. Most micro stakes poker players are risking so little money with a call that they’ll call even when they shouldn’t. That makes bluffing a negative expectation move.

The semi-bluff doesn’t work as well at micro stakes poker either. A semi-bluff is when you bet or raise with a hand that probably isn’t the best hand right now, but might be if you hit a good flop. For example, if you have four cards to a straight, you have 8 cards which might improve your hand. You get two ways to win–if everyone folds, you win the pot. And if you hit your outs, then you also win. But in micro stakes poker, the chances of winning a pot uncontested is almost nonexistent.

The key to doing well in micro stakes poker is patience. Wait until you have good cards, and when you get them, bet for value. That’s the winning formula at this level.

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March 2nd, 2011 at 3:34 pm

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Recommended Games to Try

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One of the best expenditures you can make in your entertainment budget is a high quality board game or card game. For the cost of a single trip to the movies, you can purchase a game that can provide dozens or even hundreds of hours of enjoyment. In this post, I’m going to suggest five board games that will please even the most finicky of game players.

1. Twilight Struggle – This one is a war game/power struggle game set during the Cuban Missile Crisis. The game takes about three hours to play, and it only supports two players. So if you’re looking for a game that the whole family can enjoy, look at one of the other suggestions. This one’s not good for younger kids either, but teenagers will love it.

2. Puerto Rico – This is my favorite game on the list. When I first heard about it, I thought it would be lame. You play a plantation owner in historical Puerto Rico, and you grow crops like coffee and sugar. But it’s incredibly engaging and fun. You can play this one with as many as five players, but it’s complex enough that it’s probably better for teens and adults than for young children.

3. Agricola – I haven’t tried this one yet, but the box and name remind me a little bit of Puerto Rico, so I’m considering investing in this game next. You play a farmer who has a shack and a wife and not much else. The actions that you can take on your turn are similar to the actions you would take if you owned a farm: building fences and things like that. You can play with up to five players, and like the other games on the list, it’s not for little kids.

4. Through the Ages: The Story of Civilization – This one is a civilization building game, and it’s pretty involved. It takes four hours to finish a game, and it’s best for teens and adults.

5. Power Grid – This one’s a strategy game for up to six players, each of whom is trying to run power plants and supply cities with power using a variety of means to generate electricity. Again, not a good one for little kids, but a fun and exciting game for older kids.

For more suggestions, see this list of popular card games and this list of popular board games.

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The Best Scrabble Strategy

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Scrabble Strategy Tips

If you are searching for Scrabble tactics, pointers, and secrets, then you likely desire to win more often at Scrabble. We offer a few winning Scrabble hints here, and we are mostly certain that they’ll help you win at Scrabble more often. Even implementing just one or 2 of the strategies on this page will help you win more often.

Memorize Two Tile Words

If you will take the time to learn the 124 two letter words that are acceptable moves in Scrabble, then you will have a large edge over any other opponent who doesn’t know these words. 2 letter words don’t appear important, because they are not ordinarily worth a lot of points, but you can use them to play when the game board seems blocked. You can also earn startling numbers of points by making parallel plays. An online Scrabble dictionary can be a useful too.

Know When to Make a Lower Score on a Move

Frequently the best scoring word you can play is the appropriate move, but not always. One thing to consider when deciding what play to make is which letters will be left in your rack afterwards. If a word would wipe out all of the vowel tiles and only leave you with consonants, then that’s not a optimal move, because it will hamstring your next move. A mnemonic trick to help you remember letters which would be worthwhile to keep in your rack at all times is the word RETAINS. It features all the most crucial pieces, and you should attempt to keep at least some of those letters in your rack at all times.

Triple Word Scores

When you make a play that leaves your adversary the chance to utilize a triple word score space, you’re giving up a lot. Don’t forget this while you are playing, but do not disregard potentially great plays just because they open up a triple word score for your opponent.

Realize What Hooks Are

A hook is any letter of the alphabet that can be located at the beginning or end of a word in order to make a longer word. For instance, you could add the tile S to the word PLATE to make PLATES. Or you can add a S to the end of RELATE to make the word RELATES.

Skipping Your Move

Some Scrabble players waste turns by skipping their turn so they can draw a new rack of letters. This is ordinarily a good way to waste your turn without getting much of an advantage. But sometimes skipping your turn and getting a new rack is a good move. You ought to be scoring more than 10 points per play if you have a respectable rack of letters. If you’re not scoring much, then it might be time to trade out your tiles for some new pieces.

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December 6th, 2010 at 5:11 pm