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Information About CIA Jobs

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Getting into CIA is no ordinary cup of tea. No matter how addicted one is to James Bond movies, one must learn to differentiate between fantasy and reality. Although it is reputed to be one of the smartest organizations in the world, it still requires smart and talented employees to run its impenetrable fort. It requires people to accomplish missions which are intriguing, impossible and not to forget exotic. There is only one goal or mission once one becomes a part of the CIA and that is, to keep America safe under any circumstance. The CIA’s public website is the portal where one can look for opportunities. It includes jobs in the posts of Clandestine Service Officers who can be on the front line of human intelligence. Also, they are usually on the look-out for people who are skilled in engineering, science, technology, foreign languages, analysis and administration roles in the US and overseas.

However there are 5 CIA jobs which have vacancy and are looking for dynamic and talented people and be an asset to the organization. They are listed as below:

Analyst-The CIA is always in dire need of seeking analysts of every kind. Some of those exciting titles may include counterterrorism analysts, counterintelligence threat analysis, economic analysts, intelligence analysts, crime analysts and so on. They are usually very ept subject-matter experts who may study and evaluate information from alarge number of references.

Operations Officer- These officers are directly in the proverbial line of fire as they are the frontmen of the Agency. It requires professional dedication and special skills to establish human relations that result in valuable data from confidential sources. This person must be able to deal with ambiguous, un-structured and lawless situations. This requires great deal of physical strength and sound mental health, energy, intution and be able to cope with stress.

Core collector- This role has two-entry level programs for field-based core collectors that range in the pay-scale of $58, 511 to $81, 204 per annum. The Professional Trainee Program is for applicants who have a Bachelor’s Degree but may often lack military experience or enough substantiative work and are in the age group of 21 to 25. The 2nd training program is for applicants who have a Bachelor’s degree and have some experience of serving in the military. This training program is called Clandestine Service Program. The maximum age till which one may apply is 35.

Science, weapons and technology experts- The Directorate of Intelligence is currently looking for engineers and scientists who are looking for CIA jobs. They are needed to analyze national security issues such as weapons proliferation, information warfare, foreign weapons development and emerging technologies. They are highly respected and honoured officers since they offer the scientific edge to the organization and helps solve numerous scientific or mathematical puzzles.

Linguist- CIA jobs requires agents to travel from one country to another or interpret some code in a foreign language. Foreign media analysts are also called Open Source Officers, use area knowledge and foreign language to assess the foreign media sources and review them including newspapers, press agencies, Internet sites, radio and television and so on.

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January 21st, 2011 at 6:03 am

How to Find Your Overseas Job Faster And Easier

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When it comes to an individual’s career, very few people have the aptitude for the same kind of job. One needs to be able to excel at the career or occupation he/she takes up. Most people do not like working in their own country and hence look for jobs that will give them an opportunity to travel. One of the occupation that falls under this category is overseas contract jobs. This line of employment experienced a small backwardness, when the demand for this area was less, but now there are excellent opportunities for people in this field. As it is in any job, one must look for vacancies, so that one can apply for them. But before filing an application, must know or possess basic construction skills to truly make a mark.

Before getting into the industry, one must have an idea which country one wishes to apply for. Once the choice of a country has been made, one can start researching the situation of available construction jobs in that country. The extensive survey regarding the preferred country should be done in the levels of macro and micro. This helps candidates give a clearer picture of the company, one is applying for. One must also take into account the economic factors of the country and not forget to consider the economy as a whole. Apart from the economic factor remember to check the social factors too and if they are convergent with the prospective candidate’s ethics.

These days, with the recession on the rise, and even higher unemployment rates an increasing number of people are looking for options that will provide a strong backup. For most, the solution lies in overseas contract jobs, usually in the Middle East. While there is a lot of opportunities, the competition puts the determination of the candidate through a severe test. Due to this reason, people may take time to find a job to their liking. There are numerous benefits to working for overseas companies. For instance, for people who love travelling and discovering new cultures, finding jobs abroad can help one pursue their passions and make a decent living too.

The Middle East culture is rich in history and culture. There are more options in Middle East to work for, other than war-ravaged areas such as Iraq or Afghanistan. Most people land jobs in relatively safer countries such as Kuwait or Bahrain or Dubai.Money is also the main lure for people opting for work overseas. Jobs in the contracting industry can pay a whopping $80,000 to a $ 100,000 a year and the money is completely tax free. Adding to that, most companies usually pay for the food and lodging during the contract. The quality of one’s accomodation may vary, but at times, if one is fortunate enough, they may get to reside in a well-furnished apartment.

overseas contract jobs are not the only line of employment one works for. There are different job opportunities and different levels of position is available. For instance people can work in security, IT, transportation and so much more. It all bolis down to the career goals of a candidate and his determination to overcome obstacles. Then, like everything else, job-search will be a piece of cake.

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January 19th, 2011 at 12:46 am

How to Find the Best Evening Job

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In these turbulent financial times, such as the recession which has caused a lot of people to be “laid off”, evening jobs are turning out to be a sound alternative to full-time jobs. Since, jobs are getting so scarce, people are coming up with new techniques to support themslves and their near ones. This has resulted in people, who were earlier laid off, holding two-three jobs at a time. But what really comprises an evening job? And what does a person need to do, in order to bag one?

Mostly such jobs are those jobs which do not come under the typical 9-5 category. But on the other hand, jobs such as bartending, nursing, truck driving and so on can have the conventional working hours and also be classified as evening jobs. These jobs may include shorter working hours than day jobs and may pay more than their daylight counterparts. Nonetheless, it may be a little tough to bag such jobs and there are some guidelines which are listed as follows:

1)Making use of all the available resources. Along with the newspapers and the television, the Internet is the next best pool of information. The Net always has suitable openings for people all over the world.

2)Filing an application. Just looking for jobs, is not going to be instumental for bagging a decent job. If one is suitable for the kind of opening offered, he or she must write an application and forward it to the company’s e-mail i.d.

3)There are more listed perks to working in the evening. There is less traffic to navigate, fewer meetings and there is a higher scope for promotion, since fewer people work in that shift.

The graveyard shift is preferred by people who are planning to work part-time, whereas the full time job seekers prefer the day shift. The employment in this line may manifest itself in many forms. If he or she is not comfortable with the idea of returning home late, they may have the option of finishing projects from home. It may require a certain level of negotiation skills on the part of the job seeker. For instance, conventional evening jobs include tuitions or teaching at a night school/college are timeless. Some jobs like the BPO or adult education centers and other major outsourcing jobs are mostly have graveyard shifts. Some evening jobs that involve primarily working from home are: Child care/ Babysitting where the families pay a reasonable amount to the sitter to watch over their children. Parents usually prefer candidates who have prior experience with child care and basic CPR, medical transcription jobs where medical practitioners pay to have their surgeries, biopsies and lectures recorded for their references. This requires potential candidates to have a typing speed of minimum 60 WPM.

This type of job helps to supplement the family income. When there is a serious financial crunch, it helps to add to the resources. When the going gets tough, supporting a family on one person’s income may be a little hard. This enables the person working an evening job to juggle family life and help rock the boat!

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The Best Evening Jobs

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Evening Jobs
In these hard financial times when it is getting harder and harder to make ends meet and take care of the small things which come up every day. When jobs are becoming so scarce, people are seeking methods of supplementing their existing wages or trying to find alternate means of bringing in an income besides a 9-5 job.

As a result quite a few individuals now have 2, or even 3 jobs, or in the instance of individuals that were jobless, they obtain an evening job that allows them to have their days free and in a few situations to work from home. But what does an evening job involve and how does an individual go about finding one?

Well typically evening jobs will be similar to jobs which are done 9-5, nursing, bartending, truck driving, sales, stock trading, mail sorting. These are just some of the evening jobs that are available; evening jobs might include shorter hours than typical day jobs and have the added perk of paying as much as or more than a regular day job. However, it can be extremely hard to acquire an evening job and more so to discover one which pays good, so here are a few tips about evening jobs, the most beneficial ones and how to secure one.

The first step in securing a good evening job is to make use of the resource right at your fingertips – the worldwide web. There are several sites on the internet which will show you a listing of evening jobs. Where they are situated, the prerequisites for getting one and the salary that goes along with it so that interested people know everything that is involved and knows from the very beginning whether or not he/she is fit for a job and must apply for the vacancy.

If you do find a job online which you are qualified for and that you believe is what you are seeking for, you can go ahead and apply on the internet or physically turn in your application to the possible employer. Going in person does have some perks and your application will be more impressionable if your employer has a chance to see you. Still, this is not a must therefore if it is easier for you to apply online then you may.

Aside from the financial advantages of working in the evening there are other benefits including: decreased traffic to contend with, fewer meetings and a greater chance of being promoted since there are a smaller amount of workers on the evening shift. Obviously working evenings implies that a person works into the night and misses out on being home with his/her family.

Still it is achievable to have an evening job while still creating family time if one has one of quite a few home office jobs. With a home office job a person can be either self employed or working for a company without leaving the safety of his/her home. Internet marketing is a good example of a home office job that pays well while permitting staff to set their own hours and at the same time have a full-time job if they choose.

Although money is most likely the greatest reason when people set out to find an evening job, it is not the sole element to consider; if people are trying to locate an evening job while keeping a ordinary day job. It is advised to choose an evening job that is not so overly stressful that it keeps him/her from getting a high-quality, productive day job. Individuals want to ensure that you are not so drained by one job that you are not able to appropriately carry out the other, or cannot properly operate when you are busy in other activities.

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