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Mercenary Jobs in Military

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To have an idea about what a career in mercenary requires one needs to know what is the meaning of mercenary. The word is derived from merces in Latin which means fees or compensation. They are soldiers hired by an overseas or foreign country. They have played an important role since historic times and have been a part of the security forces since there have been wars. They are known by different synonyms such as overseas security consultants and they work for consultants. They may be rewarding financially and personally, but challenging physically and mentally. The job is not easy. The job involves concentration, dedication and persistence.

It is very easy to bag mercenary jobs. However there are some requirements one needs to fulfill certain paramenters. Some positions require a bachelor’s degree and experience with special military operations. The career path has a lot of potential but it is not advisable for people who want to earn material wealth. The training will be full of intense physical exertions, but that is just the tip of the iceberg. One of the mercenary jobs profile description requires a candidate, while in the army to make progress by working up the ranks or be offered a position on the special operation teams. If a candidate has doubts regarding the duration of his stint in army, three years should be more than enough. One thing the army man must remember is, if his career goals lies towards being a mercenary, he must be honourably discharged before moving ahead. The army only offers higher ranks, but it rarely offers a career path to being a mercenary.

There are other requirements too. One must not forget, he is still a part of the military. So, the requirements are pretty much the same. He needs to keep himself in shape both physically and mentally. Corporations will rarely spend time or show enthusiasm towards ill-kept candidates. The mental challenges are no less complicated than the physical ones.

Once the applicant is prepared, it is time to take the next step. In recent times, most mercenary corporations have had websites. The applicant can send in his application to the website of the company he wishes to work for. Just like every other job application, it is important to do one’s homework and research thoroughly.

There are pros and cons to every job and industry. The pros are, it usually pays very well and there are promotions too. And if the person is excellent in mercenary jobs, he may gain a solid reputation. The cons are very dangerous, at times they can be life threatening. Ultimately, he is a soldier for sale and this is what he needs to remember at all times. He should not let his personal ideals or beliefs obstruct him. He needs to let everything come in second to his country.And most of his work is primarily confidential, so secrecy is of top priority.

Last, but far from the least keeping a clean military record is a way one can be a success at mercenary jobs. The dedication and patriotism to one’s country will help a truly dedicated person to achieve his dream.

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January 20th, 2011 at 1:46 am

Army Tanks for Sale

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Before knowing where to buy military tanks for sale, it is important to unserstand, the history of the emergence of military tanks in the modern world. The earliest military tank was called the FT-17. These had turrets. Even in the present day world, many military tanks are built on the same French technology. Legend has it, that Leonardo da Vinci may have designed the first tentative tank, but it was not built, for some reason. The tanks used in World War I were far more bigger than the ones used in World War II. During the First World War, there were cannons that measured upto 37 mm. Also unlike World War I, the II war had more efficient communications. The invention of the radio took up the communication to a higher level.

Looking for military tanks is pretty easy to buy,. Fortunately, military tanks for sale is not a limited options. There are many types of military tanks, and they differ from each other based on their models and the country in which they were produced. There are different models and designs like Germany has the “Panzerkampfwagen” and America has tanks such as “Sherman tank” or “M4” tanks or M1 Abrams and so on. Then there are British tanks such as Mk V and some antique models right from the time of the First World War such as the “Chieftain” and the “Cromwell”.

The tanks are designed to offer armored protection for the infantry and they should also be able to make their way through different types of terrain and be able to shoot a huge amount of firepower against the adversary in a military conflict. The trench warfare used by countries, back in World War I was used to create a stalemate, so that neither enemy (or country) could gain an unfair upper hand.

Coming back to the present, there are few aspects to be kept in mind when looking for a military truck for sale? For instance, why would one want to buy a military truck to begin with? Well, for most people it may partly be because of some deep forgotten childhood fascination. Also used military trucks come very cheap. Most people may wonder what one purpose there may be behing buying a tank. It may be amusing to play mock war games on a holiday or during one’s free time.

Like there are certain rules to owning equipments that are “off-limits” to citizens, there are some for buying a military truck too. One need to go through several types of legal protocols. These protocols are applicable even if one is buying a replica and not the actual vehicle.

For civilans, who think, they are the only ones spending huge amounts on military vehicles, there are many people who actually do invest in not only buying military equipment but also setting clubs related to military tanks for sale. Of course, one needs to buy proper authorized parts while buying a tank or decent alternatives.

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January 19th, 2011 at 12:25 am

Employment – Mercenary Jobs

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Mercenary jobs are always available to persons with military experience.  These jobs are available through private military companies, which handle their own affairs without government input.     Many of these companies work closely with the army to assist in security and peacekeeping procedures.

Certain requirements are necessary for Mercenary jobs.  These include:


In order to get a Mercenary job you would have an advantage if you had gone to war before and learn about war or military works.  For those applicants who are without experience, there are courses which can be taken to enhance your chances.


It would be prudent to start exercising if you are interested in a job as a Mercenary.  This will prepare you for the difficult training which you will experience if you are accepted to be trained as a Mercenary.


Persons with military experience usually acquire a higher level of ability than those who do not.  When these persons enter into a career as a Mercenary, they have the option of going into executive protection such as a high-profile bodyguard for officials such as executives, politicians or celebrities.  They also have the competence to become tactical medics or disaster officers.  Persons applying also need to keep up with their competence in military skills and weapon system.  You would also increase your chances as a Mercenary if you learn as many foreign languages as possible.

Clean Military Record

If you are thinking about a career as a Mercenary you must have a clean military record.  This means that you should not have committed any crimes while in the military but instead it would be commendable if you have Military School Awards.

A Mercenary can be called a soldier who fights for a specific sector in exchange for money.  Mercenary jobs have become corporate and persons now see it as a meaningful career instead of a part-time job.  salary received from becoming a Mercenary has become quite good in recent years.

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December 18th, 2010 at 6:41 am