Tao Fellowship – High Ideals

Tao Fellowship formed in 1998 is an organisation that has been majorly driven by really high principles over the past few years.

Tao Fellowship is an idea majorly based on the grounds that we should see the earth and us as one entity. Humans are a part of earth, or you could say an extension.

Tao Fellowship believers stronly believe that if everybody understood the above said concept that then we could actually achieve the elusive destination of true peace.

It is very hard for people to achieve this state of mind. This is really because people are forever surrounded by material prospects. It is hard for you to focus on just one real aspect.

What can they can gain from peace? That is the mindset they really have.

Tao Fellowship tries to change that mentality. They try to make people know the value of earth and nature. This can be done only very slowly, and then hopefully they will achieve this.