Top 4 BiOrb Fish Tank Accessories

Ever since BiOrb fish tanks came out, fish lovers have been clamouring for the latest from the brand, seeking accessories and ornaments for enhancing their BiOrb tanks. BiOrb has in fact come out with various accessories ever since its inception, but some of these stand out above the rest for various reasons. Below are just some of the best accessories available from BiOrb or, at least, the ones that you should not have to think twice about getting.

1. BiOrb Digital Thermometer easily one of the more important items in the list, this thermometer is a must for those who take their fish tanks and fish breeding seriously. More seasoned aquariologists are aware that most fish have ideal temperatures for their habitats, and that these temperatures play a part in determining how healthy the fish are, how long they last, and how well they breed. With this thermometer, you can always keep an eye on the temperature of your fish tank and make sure it is at the right heat (or coolness) for your fish.

2. BiOrb Intelligent LED Light a mere 18mm thick and dependent on only 12 volts of power for operation, this intelligent light is a must-have for those who want to simulate more realistic settings for their fish by providing them with full light cycles. The LED light, once set, automatically goes through a cycle involving sunrise, day, sunset, and night stages. For those whose fish do not depend on only one stage of the typical light cycle in a day, this is an excellent accessory to the tank.

3. BiOrb Algae Cleaner touted by BiOrb as a cleaner you can use for all your small fish tanks, even the non-BiOrb ones, this cleaners blades make use of a unique design that mean it removes algae in sheets instead of in clouds, as is traditionally done by most algae cleaners. This can simplify aquarium maintenance quite impressively.

4. BiOrb Bubble Tube Guard a ridiculous product, some people might say, but long-time fish-keepers would know better. Fish tend to find their way into the strangest locations, including the bubble tubes in aquaria, so BiOrb has come out with a prevention for at least that possibility. With the BiOrb Bubble Tube Guard, you are assured that your fish shall not be sneaking into your bubble tube and sabotaging themselves, even while ensuring that your bubbles keep going.