Understanding And Using 19216801

19216801 is an IP address that is used by most network device manufacturers to set as default Internet Protocol address for home broadband users. The easiest way of setting up the router is to turn on the router and the computer and to connect it to the computer’s network. If one does not have the required network, the router is directly connected to the computer through the provided cables. Next, the browser needs to be opened and this string of numbers (19216801) is used to launch the router’s home page.

As in everything else, to set up a router, one requires a user name and a password to identify the user. For appropriate configuration and for the sake of convenience, every manufacturer provides a unique name and password to access the setup. As per the requirement on a regular basis, one may or may not change the user name or passowrd. The router setup does not come under the category of everyday computer activity. However, if one does change the password, it is advisable to write down the password somewhere secure for the purpose of safekeeping. If all the resorts to regain the lost password fails, the last resort is to reset the router. A button is usually, located, at the back of the router, specifically for this purpose. By applying pressure on it for a recommended amount of time, it helps to reset all the settings, including the password.

Just knowing about IP addresses and setting up a router is not sufficient to learn about computer networking. There are many other aspects that one needs to know about too, to understand the concept. These IP addresses are divided into numerous categories. The previous version was Ipv3, but now the latest one is IPv4 and Ipv5 are still in the pipeline. These IP addresses are classified as private network. A private network is implies that it belongs to a private company.

There are certain terms one needs to familiarize himself such as High Speed Router, Gateway, Caveat and so on. The terms are explained as below:

1)High Speed Router-DSL routers are frequently exploited by the PC networks. More specifically, the PCs running a LAN have a control over this. These routers are used by home users too. They help to set up fast, effective, online connections. The components are also used in online multiplayer gaming too, apart from setting up a network.

2)Gateway- The IP address, 19216801, also functions as gateways. These usually allow a subnet to send data to any other subnet. Gatewaty is where the data is processed.

Other Functions:

The address does not assist in the information travel. It also helps in streamlining network and setting up procedures. It nullifies the need to attach or introduce switches of Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol. Though at times, it is usually the default page, it may be modified as per needs of the router. In the case of networks, the capacity is meant for computer administrators. These features make the aforementioned address so popular for connecting PC s throughout numerous LANs.