What Causes Headaches?

Headaches are any form of discomfort that can be found in the head and can be caused by a wide variety of things which serves as a warning sign that there is a malfunction at some location in the body or in the nervous system. Headaches affect everybody off all ages and can be felt on various levels, ranging from minor to very painful.

The most frequently reported type of headache is caused form tension in the body caused from tightness in the muscle in your neck, shoulders, jaw or scalp. Tension can be caused by symptoms like depression, stress, anxiety, overworking, lack of sleep, strain in the eye, using illegal drugs, eating on and off. Individuals who overwork themselves increase their chances of feeling stressed and can encounter problems when trying to rest. lack of sleep then causes depression. Both of these situations can cause severe headaches. Not working out can be associated with stress, depression and headaches. Physical activity has the ability to relax the muscles and promote good blood flow within the body which lessens the chance of a headache.

An individual who doesn’t take time out to eat on time risk suffering from headaches often. When we don’t eat on time, sometime gases build up in the body which sometimes go to the head and cause headaches. Not drinking enough fluids also causes loss of water in the body, the body needs fluid in order to work optimally. Taking illegal drugs can affect the nervous system and disrupt the circulatory system and cause severe headaches.There are certain foods can also cause headaches, especially if you have allergies towards them. These include dairy products like chocolate, cheese, foods high in refined sugars such as sodas, preservatives like nitrates and sulfites and flavor enhancers such as artificial sweeteners, MSG. All these substances contain amines which cause the blood vessels to tighten.

Substances found in your surroundings can cause headaches such as the carbom monoxide which exit a vehicle. If you work in a factory that emits certain substances this can have serious impact on your health and can. There are goods that are used at your home that contain substances can lead to complications and trigger headaches like bleach (that has chlorine), certain soaps, disinfectants (that have chemical cleaning agents) and others.

There are individuals who also suffer from chronic headaches which in most instances is more severe than a headache caused from tension. There are three types of chronic headaches; chronic tension-type headaches, chronic migraine, hemicranias continua and new daily persistent headache. Migraine headaches may also be due to similar symptoms like depression, high blood pressure, eye problems, and allergies and can cause nausea. There is also what is considered as cluster headaches caused from head trauma, brain tumors and seizures, strokes and inflamed arteries and other sicknesses. Shock experienced in the head from an accident can cause plenty long term problems to the head. The affected person over the course of time may endure a lot of severe headaches over time. This may increase or diminish over time.