What is

It is common knowledge that an IP address is an important series of numbers assigned to a device to help in the identification of the computer in the network. The number also comes in handy for servers to know which computer is making what request. These days, the addresses are stored under the IPv4, earlier addresses were stored under Ipv3. The IP seies of IPv5 and Ipv6 are being worked upon. Just like 192.168.1 and, the IP address is a private address, meaning it is generally used by private network such as residential addresses.

There are two kinds of networks- the public network which allows the big and the small networks to interact through websites, e-mails and forms of e-commerce and so on. The private network allows the interactions between the devices of that particular network. The large network is usually present in organizations and institutions of academy. The private networks are common amongst residential purposes or small businesses. The IP address can be given to any device or a computer, but has one special quality that sets it apart: it is used for residential broadband routers. The uiqueness of this IP address is, it is usually used by many home networks.

The IP address is in the range of private 1Pv4 addresses with the first two octets as 192.168. Any brand of network router or any computer on a local network can be used to set to use Some routers such as Belkin and SMC may have this particular address as their typical IP address. The purpose of  this IP address may be to change username and passwords. One can just go to the home page and enter the password. After entering the old password and username, they can be reset accordingly.

It is possible to set any network to the IP address. However, to avoid, cyber-legal mashes, it is better to change one’s default IP ( to a customized IP. It is also very easy to change through the network’s router admin console. IP addresses can be used over and over again, but the usability must be excercised by caution. They can be used on different networks. If, they exist on the same network, they can slow down the working of the Internet. In some rare cases, the default IP address may be used in large organizations.

At times, one must maintain two IP addresses at a minimum. There are number of reasons for this. Firstly, the private network needs to be separated from the public network for security purposes. This also helps to keep computers within a network, safe from crackers and hackers. It is also getting more and more difficult to assign unique IP addresses. So, in case eah device is assigned a public IP, the availability of addresses run out.

Knowing about the IP address, will aid the user to solve any issue with troubleshooting that may occur with networks and connections.